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Friday, June 21, 2013


LivingArchive  all the way,baby! A sweet rhythmic short subject program of Pragmatische Poetik des Archivs by personable academe Senta Siewert in conversation with Simona Monizza of Eye Film Institute Netherlands  who started her career at George Eastman House in Rochester the last home of Louise Brooks, and our lovely Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus.  So wonderous seeinig two films by Bruce Conner-Looking For Mushrooms USA 1961 and Mongoloid 1976 featuring the music of my old pal Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo, that Crowleyan legend Kenneth Anger and his 1965 lovesexy krotchworth Kustom Kar Kommandos , Marie Menken’s Lights 1965 and Arabesque for Kenneth Anger 1961, Her Mona, Klaus Telscher 1992, and My Name is Oona, Gunver Nelson 1969. In the steel foyer at the CHEAP Gossip Studio Bar manned by CHEAP school grad Salome Gersche who leaves Berlin for six months to work with a feminist collective in Bolivia.  Spirited conversations abound with celebutants in attendance and filmic royalty in the person of the magnificent  Heide Schlupmann and Carolla Graumann of Frankfurt’s Kino Tech Asta Nielsen, singer Cecile McLawrence Sevant whose new album Woman Child is causing quite a stir in the modern jazz world.  Film historian Marc Siegel, Susanne Sachsse, kJohnny Blue and his hot new ragazza, plus the juicy Markus Ruff and Uli Ziemons.
Took a nice summer respite with the handsome and very hard working Mr. Ziemons in the Tiergarten at the upper Gay Cancer Shelf for an olde fashion picnic in the park.  Lots of gorgons in speedos showing off, a few sex lizard nudists,  and even a bevy of voluptuous young girl supermodels sunning across from us.  Had to leave the park somewhat early in time to be back at Arsenal in Potsdamer Platz and go through security check as US President Barack Obama was spending the night at the Ritz Carleton which is right next door to the Sony Filmhaus which houses Arsenal.  Very weird being surrounded by soldiers with automatic weapons. Barely arrived on time for the second part of South Afrikan mulatto sex champion Darryl Els’ Shifting Grounds: Reflections on National Identity in the Archive. The muscle bound, hairy chested Mr. Els is a he-man of a sensitive curator as topographic hunter/gatherer. A sublime choice of short subjects:  Canadian Pacific, Canada 1974 by David Rimmer, Images of Asian Music:A Diary of Life USA Peter Hutton 1973-74, Girl From Moush, Canada 1993 and Was bleibt? Clarissa Thieme Bosnian and Herzegowina 2009 and the 1989 Bolivian feature film La Nacion Clandestina by Jorge Sanjines, which like the other films gleam with vistas, landscape and treacherous terrain.  La Nacion Clandestina featuring the high glam of the Indigenous Aymara Tribe in the Altiplano high above La Paz who not only wear stunning almost couture like clothing but even their livestock is festooned with Ziegfeldesque headdresses and sparkly accessories.With insightful programming like this its easy to see why M. Els’s  star is rising internationally.
Representing the Darryl Els fanclub: Shai Heredia Arsenal guest curator,Manuel Schubert of Film Highlights Internet Radio Magazine,Annette Schoenholzer ,Art Basel director, Gabrielle Giattini art dealer extroidinaire, artist Yngve Holen, ballet dancer Benjamin Millepied aka: Mr. Natalie Portman and Kristy Faccer the delightful Canuckian significant other of La Els.