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Sunday, November 11, 2012

So sorry its taken me such a long time to write something on the old blogina, but I have been extremely busy with putting up my HAG exhibit, keeping late nite installing hours that have left me physically drained.  Add to that creepy diarrhea and you have the perfect recipe for a protracted Vagimule doll.
Fridays opening at Participant Inc. was a smash success with SRO crowds gathering in the darkened environs to see HAG-small, contemporary, haggard which was bathed in a Josephine Baker style pink light.  My bread sculptures Dirty Mariah and Three Pronged Ryan Gossling were hung just before the doors opened and were greatly appreciated by the throng who could still smell their whyte dough aroma.  A calvalcade of shtars filled out every surface with a receiving line in the back for la Diva who was holding court.  Those able to eek out an audience with her most deludedness Vaginal Davis, Prinzessin von Ho!Henzollern  ----the dynamically handsome Michael Stipe of REM wearing a No Drama Obama chapeau with his high fashion French posse, filmmaker Tessa Freeland Hughes, bon vivante Maynard Monroe, writer Bruce Benderson, artists Slava Mogutin, Brian Kenny, Gio Black Peter with lover, Billy Miller of Straight to Hell Magazine, entrepreneur Mark Morgan Perez back in New York from Argentina,  Downtown Royals Ela Troyano & Uzi Parnes, the effervescent Miss Joan Moossy with legends legend Penny Arcade and the dazzling Agosto Machado in yummy boy drag who gifted the lady with a diadem ring she made herself, culture writer Glenn Belverio, sexpert Patty Powers, Serbian jeweler and lesbian goddess Jelena Behrend and her lovely Lithuanian lawyer wife Ruta, humpy architect Carlos Huber, dorky theatre actor Ari Brand, Narcissister with NYU dance professor Barbara Browning, the amazing Dynasty Handbag, Justin Bond looking very Joan Hackett, Kenny Mellman of Julie Ruin Band, the stylish and chic Michelle Handleman, handsome Raj Roy of MoMa,  yummy David Everitt Howe, lovesexxxy cartoonist Anonymous Boy with juicy husband Ron, the divine Bibbe Hanson with her main squeeze Sean Carrillo, Adam Baran of Butt Magazine, well hung novelist Christopher Stoddard, burlesque queen and showboater Miss Angel Eyedealism of the East Village, my former LA Weekly Arts Editor Tom Christie with posse, genius experimental film duo Sherrie Milner & Ernie Larsen, Mauritzio Catalan with Miss Cecelia the Highline curator and Mousse Magazine  editor, Michael of Vidal Sassoon, Risa & Benjamin of Invisible Exports Gallery, Tavia Nyongo of NYU Performance Studies with his southern beau and his entire Black Performance Theory Class, Dr. Jose Munoz, Adrianne Edwards & Marc Arthur of Performa, Josh Lubin Levy, Leon Hilton with new Mexican lover Yvonne, and The Big Dipper the gay bear Jewish rap star of Chicago, artist F.P. Boue and Matthew Lyons the curator of the Kitchen, Scandanavian artist Borre Saethre with partner James Hoff of Primary Colors, Elizabeth Subrin, Jenny Schlenska Performance Curator with PS1, Charles Atlas, Alex Jovanovich, Ellen Cantor, Scott Ewalt, David Colman of the New York Times, dapper dandy Theodor Sheldon Berger of the Joan Mitchell Foundation who use to be the head of the New York Foundation of the Arts with his handsome son Jonathan,  pretty video artist Jean Y. Kim, Alexander Casso, Mr. Uncertain, Claudia Gonson of the Magnetic Fields, Jack Waters & Peter, Travis Boyer, the macho  Dr. Ricardo Montez of The New School, Nurse Pain-Lauren Pine, Doug McClemont of Saatchi Gallery who use to be the mortician to the stars, Ed Halter of Light Industry, Alec Hollenbach, Nick Vogelson of Document Journal, Beautiful Bassera Khan and her delicious lifepartner Jason Thomas Fox.
This morning at 9am was taken to breakfast  at Veselkas by Mark Morgan Perez where we were joined by Patty Powers and Glenn Belverio.  After breaky we all sat in the sun  at Gramercy Park to gossip and chittle chat.  The night before Tavia Nyongo treated the doll to din din at Hecho in Dumbo at 354 Bowery.  The contemporary Mexican food was delicious, and the service and atmosphere top notch.  The weather is warm again and boys are back in tank tops, shorts and flip flops.  Just the other day when I did the sculpting at the GranDaisy Bakery the weather was ice cold and slushy.  I had no energy when I did a presentation for the young art students at the Barney Art Building of NYU.  Afterward Jons Berger took me to eat at Westville East on Avenue A @11th Street where I had a most scrumpy clam chowder and lamb burger.  There was one Mexican bus boy who was beyond major Ms. Gorgeous.
When Love Camel was in town staying at the Thompson Hotel Lower East Side saw a celebrity sighting in the lobby of Filipino pop star Bruno Mars.  That wonderful Camel also took me to see the movie The Perks of Being a Wallflower starring Emma Watson and Ezra Miller who is quite lovely, but I liked the young star Logan Lerman the best.  He has quite a tight body.
Haven’t been able to see everyone that I wanted to because of illness and a very tight schedule here in New York.  Special shoutouts to Leon Hilton, Camel and Dr. Munoz who all took me out for wonderful bruncheons.

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