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Saturday, April 03, 2004


When i saw those images in the newspaper, i thought it was some charcoaled pinata that those men were beating with a shoe. Then i read the article attached. Horrific. The countdown to Armegeddon is just beginning. Mind you the other night i received a vision about a giant earthquake that will happen in Los Angeles in the next month. There isn't going to be any way you can prepare for this one.

Books I must read: ""Too Much Flesh and Jabez", "White on Black on White" and
"A Starbright Lie" all by Coleman Dowell.

Went to see "The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind". Best performances by Jim Carrey ever. I usually hate him and his mugging, that is in the Robin Williams school of needing too much attention, but this time out, he was really subdued, and he reminded me of the same Jim Carrey I use to know back in the 80s when he went out with my friend Kelly Stallings, and was shy and retiring. Kate Winslet is super amazing in the film and Mark Ruffalo just makes me want to scream and bite him, he’s so damn sexy with those lips and that thick full hair, plus he has a bubble butt and may I say that Kirsten Dunst is a very good young actress, but she sure is haggy for such a young girl. By the time she’s 30 she will look 50, which only adds to her charm.

Oh I forgot to relay that I saw Lypsinka at the Stammer Buffet. I guess she was trying to work a butch look. I hope it paid off for her.

Monday, March 29, 2004


Hosted Far Fetched event for the Foundation for Art Resources (Far) Saturday. The event took place at this 1920s warehouse space that is below the 4100 Bar (formerly the Detour) The first time I performed at this space was almost 20 years ago for this party put on by Mickey Petralia and the Power Tools gang. My performance group The Afro Sisters were the headliners and opening up for us was Jane’s Addiction. It was the second time they opened for me. One of their first gigs was at a Theoretical Party at the Park Plaza Hotel in MacArthur Park, and I was the headliner for that too. The sound was really murky. My Bricktops performance wasn’t really suited to the space. The FAR gang did a good job cleaning the place up. The building is used for rock video and movie filming and is owned by the same people who rent out the Antonio Moreno Silverlake mansion.

Mr. Uncertain wasn’t featuring the whole thing. He’s such a snob. Well to be honest, I felt like I was turning into that drag queen hostess Momma, with doing a raffle. What next bingo?

Drank way too much. Got home and hurled up all over myself before making it to the toilet. Disgusting.

The next day i felt miserable. Ate at the Last Cap b4 the 101. Unseasonably warm, hate it. Slept all day till early evening, then went to Mrs. Stammer for the sunday buffet. Lots of fugmos. Played it aloof and one Garden Grover asked if he could give me a massage. He said the magick word, and proceeded to get the Dolls proverbial gnut. Took Metro back to Hollywood, ate some pizza and called it a night. Too bad i have to wake up early.