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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Had a wonderful brunch with Daniel Hendrickson the Jewish Muslim who is on his way to Damascus, Syria for a two week Arab language emersion holiday. Joining us were his celebrity houseguests the gifted artists Hans Scheirl and Jakob Lena Knebl from Austria who were in a group exhibition that opened in Berlin on Thursday. We ate at the gorgeous Rix Cafe on Karl Marx Srassse in Neu Koelln and had an amazing time. The two dapper artists told me about their run in with a pair of disruptive art provacateur's one from Russia and his companion who is Austrian who i actually met at the Steiriecsher Herbst Festival in Graz in 2006. This pair go to art openings and events and cause a rukus. The man usually has a pocketful of excrement on hand that he winds up smearing and throwing all over the place in the style of GG Allin, and the woman acts as his cheerleader. They have been staging these disruptive interventions in Berlin, Vienna, London and New York for the past 10 years,and have published books about these actions.
Later novelist/poet and Art Forum writer Travis Jeppeson came by the Cheese Endique Trifecta for drinks and snacks and brought with him the sweet German artist Christian Schoeler. We had a nice time chewing the fat and catching up on each others adventures.
I forgot to tell my guests the gossip about Dolce & Gabbana owing back taxes in the staggering amount of 900 million euros and that the homo fashion icons will be walking down a new catwalk in the form of prison. Whats is happening in the fashion world? Fugly John Galliano loses it bigtime, and the latest is that Balmain's Christophe Decamin just had a nervous breakdown and is in a mental hospital. What's next Anna Wintour bludgening all her senior editors? Actually that is not too far fetched.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

I may not be roaming Berlin with a briefcase full of cocaine like the dearly misunderstood Carlos Estevez Sheen, but I have other distractions besides gold, toupees and bingo.
When i knew Charlie Sheen in the late 80s he was quite a goodlooking young tight bodied lad. I will never forget him in Penelope Spheeris's film The Boys Next Door where he and Maxwell Caulfield play gorgeous murdering hustlers.
Feeling very sad and contemplative over the death of my nephew Mark Taylor. We were only 9 months apart in age so his recent passing has hit me hard. Poor Marky never got a break as his father Willy Ray Taylor was a bookie and numbers runner, having never worked an honest job in his life. Willy died last year, and Mark’s mother my oldest sister Gracie Lee Taylor is still battling stage four cancer. Things really took a dive for Mark when his second wife inherited over half a million dollars in cash and property from her mother in Vallejo, California. They got nigger riche and spent all of the money and or lost the properties with very bad decisions. As is the case with lottery winners, the poor rarely are able to handle receiving large amounts of money all at once. Of course their financial turmoil left Mark having several heart attacks and strokes until the final heart attack sealed the hoery nails into his coffin. We were quite close as children, but after his first marriage at 20 and then him becoming a normal breeder popping out a bunch of kids and what not we naturally drifted apart. But I am saddened at his death and find myself suddenly bursting into uncontrollable tears for fears. My nephew was really a very sweet child and I would like to remember him from that period of our lives together.
The Kingdom of Death also claimed Betty Garrett the ex MGM cutup from the late 1940s and early 1950s who starred in such films as Take Me Out To the Ball Game with Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra where she sings “Its Fate Baby, Its Fate” On the Town with Kelly, Sinatra, Jules Munschin, Ann Miller and Vera-Ellen.
Neptune’s Daughter starring Esther Williams, Ricardo Montalban & Red Skelton where she sings “Baby Its Cold Outside” and My Sister Eileen with Janet Leigh and Jack Lemmon. Betty Garrett was a regular on the later version of the TV series All in the Family and LaVerne and Shirley.
Also buxom star Jane Russell died age 89. Best known as the ingénue of Howard Hughes and for co-starring with Marilyn in Gentleman Prefer Blondes. My favorite moment from that film is when she is in the luxury liner gym trying to entice a platoon of muscular gay men for sex by singing, “Isn’t Anyone Here For Love?” The answer is yes, but not with you dearie.
O and I was told by Daniel Hendrickson about a German scandal involving that icky Thilo Serrazin who wrote a vile book about immigrants that became a best seller. Well the uber wealthy Herr Serrazin was exposed for having a 30 year old son collecting welfare benefits which are called Hartz4 in Deutschland.
Saturday was my first evening not feeling flu-ish so I went to see the rare screening of Bob Mizer’s films at Exile Gallery as part of Billy Miller’s Bob Mizer Exhibition. My escorts for the evening: Daniel Hendrickson the Jewish Muslim and his hot ItaloGerman lover Piero Bellomo. The new Exile Gallery is fantastic located in an offstrip of Mitte near Heine Heinrich Str. The Mizer photographs are all in color and feature examples of his work that is quite unexpected including photos of women and his travels abroad in the late 40s and 1950s. My favorite is a pick from the 1970s of governator Arnold Shwarzenegger and his young, underage male lover who resembles his teenage son Patrick. The exhibit is a huge hit and is almost sold out. The films screened were hilarious, and brought back many memories I have of the famous AMG compound that was on 11th Street in the Pico Union District of LA. My best friend from Junior High School lived just a few blocks away from Bob Mizer across the street from a hippy commune. The LA performance artist Luis Alfaro also lived in the neighborhood on Toberman Avenue. The Mizer compound was known in the hood as the Homo House for all the men that were seen going in and out, but it didn’t cause any scandals and people seemed to live and let live being that the residents were mostly poor Latinos and blacks. My junior high school Berendo was about half a mile west of AMG Studios. And in the 1970s I lived near Pico and Western with my mother and sisters. A black faggot friend of my oldest sister named Jimmy Morrison was a friend and ex lover of Bob Mizer. Jimmy lived on Mariposa and helped Bob procure models. I never liked Jimmy and he never liked me. He looked like James Baldwin with thyroid eyes and big flapping liver lips. He would pick up trade at the Pike in Long Beach. Jimmy knew how to manipulate young goodlooking blokes because growing up I remember him having some of the hottest hustlery boyfriends, black,white and latinos with huge muscles.Jimmy also use to eat raw hamburger meat.
At the screening I ran into Baby Diaper Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras and his boyfriend Enrico Dallman, Ginger T. who use to be in the New York band Men who is in Berlin filming a new Pauline Beaudry/Renate Lorenz film, DJ Snax, writer Travis Jeppeson and film historian Marc Siegel who will be curating a new festival at HAU next year called Camp/Anti-Camp. After the screening we grabbed some grub as I was starving. Monday I got to have some intimate time with Billy Miller at my Cheese Endique Trifecta which was a lot of fun just hanging out and shooting the proverbial breeze with sexy Mr. Miller who told me about his big peniled Arab fuck buddy who he has been seeing for over 15 years in New York. They just get together ever so often at the train station and retire to one of their flats for serious excrement stabbing as this Arab man is packing the pudd. In fact Billy has several such arrangements with men scattered in the tri-state area, and because of health reasons he has given up drugs he still has one hell of a libido and is one of the most beautiful men I have ever met, and he will turn 54 years old this year. Now that’s longevity. A lot of these artsy kids these days will never stay a desired beauty for that long and still also be an interesting person. Billy Miller I adore you!
Yesterday I did my taxes at Frau Mansfield’s, who has been my preparer for the last 5 years of living in Berlin. She is nice though at first I thought she was a bit of a Brunehilde and was scared of her. A lot of German’s can appear gruff and authoritarian at first, but then they warm up and are quite nice and helpful. After getting my taxes done I grabbed a bite to eat with film historian Marc Siegel and then he took me to the American independent bookstore St. George on Woerther Str in Prenzlauer Berg. This bookstore has both new and used books and you can sell them your books and get either cash or credit. Love it!
Please mark in your calendars these upcoming events in Berlin: March 17th 7pm actress and photographer Margarita Broich has a solo show called Wenn Dervohang Faellt at Martin Gropius Bau Niederkirchnerstrasse 7. I first Margarita back in 1999 when she was in the Berliner Ensemble when they performed at UCLA. I also met Susanne Sachsse,and Margarita’s famous husband Martin Wuettke who was in the Quentin Tarrentino film Unglorious Bastards. Margarita was in the Kate Winslet film The Reader and her poetic portrait of Kate will most likely be in this photo show as well as a giant pic she took of me after one of my Rising Star, Falling Stars evenings. Can’t wait.
And also the Bruce La Bruce/Susanne Sachsse collaboration of Pierrot Lunaire that premieres Sunday at HAU I. The piece features the costumes of Zaldy who made outfits for Rupaul and Michael Jackson’s illfated last performances that never happened. Read the CHEAP mailing list entry below by Marc Siegel for more info.

Liebe CHEAP Freunde,

Endlich kommt Pierrot Lunaire, eine sexy melodramatische männlich-weibliche

atonale Innovation von Arnold Schönberg! Ein Traum Musik Stück für alle

Liebenden von Gotteslästerung, Perversion, Drogenabhängigkeit und Dandytum,

d.h. perfekt für die CHEAP Gegenöffentlichkeit! Erlebt Susanne Sachsse als

Pierrot in einer Inszinierung von Bruce LaBruce. Hör die verrückte Musik des

kleinen Orchester unter der Leitung des verführerischen bessessenen

Dirigents Premil Petrovic. Premierenkarten gehen schon schnell! Kommt aber

auch zu einer der anderen drei Berliner Vorstellungen! Ein not-to-be missed

Event! (siehe unten für Auflistung aller glamorösen Beteiligten)

Premiere: Sonntag, 6. März, 19:30 Uhr, HAU 1, Stresemannstr. 29

Premierenparty: danach im WAU, Hallesches Ufer 32

Weitere Vorstellungen:

Dienstag, 8.März, 19:30 Uhr

Mittowch, 9. März, 19:30 Uhr

Donnerstag, 10. März 19:30 Uhr


TÄGLICH 12.00 ¬ 19.00 UHR

TELEFON 030 259004 27



10963 BERLIN


Online karten:


Für mehr Information:

See you there!




Dear CHEAP Friends,

PIERROT LUNAIRE has finally arrived! A sexy, melodramatic,

masculine-feminine atonal innovation from Arnold Schoenberg! A dream music

piece for all lovers of blasphemy, perversion, drug addiction and dandyness!

That spells pleasure for the CHEAP counterpublic! Experience Susanne Sachsse

as Pierrot in Bruce LaBruce's staging! Listen to the crazy music played by

the small orchestra lead by the seductive and obsessive conductor Premil

Petrovic! Tickets for the premiere are already going quickly. Think about

trying out one of the three other Berlin performances in the glorious old

theater, HAU 1! Definitely, a not to be missed event! (See below for a list

of all the glamorous participants!)

Premiere: Sunday, March 6, 7:30 pm, HAU 1, Stresemannstr. 29

Premiere Party: afterwards in WAU, Hallesches Ufer 32

Other Perfs:

Tuesday, March 8, 7:30 pm

Mittowch, March 9, 7:30 pm

Donnerstag, March 10, 7:30 pm


Daily 12.00 ¬ 19.00 UHR

TELEFON 030 259004 27



10963 BERLIN


Online Tickets:


For more Information:

See you there!



PIERROT LUNAIRE von Arnold Schönberg

Texte von Albert Giraud


Musikalische Leitung: Premil Petrovic

Inszenierung: Bruce LaBruce

Art Director: item idem

Kostüm: Zaldy

Video Animation: Marius Roth

Licht: Hans Leser

Dramaturgie: Laura Berman

Make Up Design: Tan Binh Nguyen

Hair Stylist: Michael Forrey

Produktionsleitung: Anna Mülter

Regieassistent: Rogier Hardeman

Mit Susanne Sachsse und Luizo Vega,

sowie Maria Ivanenko, Boris Lisowski und Krishna Kumar Krishnan.

Und: Adrian Pavlov (Klavier), Emmanuelle Bernard (Violine), Miguel Pérez

Iñesta (Klarinette), Chloé L'Abbé (Flöte), Andreas Voss (Violoncello)