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Friday, October 22, 2010

I love when Marc Siegel sends a post out on the CHEAP mailing list. They are always clever with just a bit of bitchy venon thrown in to the mix. Below is his latest for my 3 year anniversary presentation of Rising Stars, Falling Stars and a program he is curating at HAU. Enjoy.

Dear CHEAP friends,

It has been a while since I informed you of something worth doing but now
that Vaginal Davis is back from her triumphant return to Los Angeles, we
should all show up at the Arsenal (Potsdamerstr. 2) Friday night, 22.Okt, to
give her a proper greeting in her chosen home of Berlina!

Yes, tomorrow night, at 8:30 pm, Miss Davis and her audience will celebrate
3 years of the series that has returned silent films to jovial sex-starved
spectators! Miss Davis's introductions­sometimes brilliant, sometimes phoned
in­never cease to engage, enrage and set the stage for the sexpressive
silent shadows on the silver screen. Eunice Martins piano accompnaiment adds
a level of class, confidence and composure to the otherwise unpredictable
festivities. This year's jubilaum will feature LOUISE BROOKS in GW Pabst's
classic, PANDORA'S BOX (1929). As always, Miss Davis will host an erotic
cocktail hour after the film in the red foyer. Lulus, Alwas and Lesbian
Countess's will get their drinks first!

Check out Miss Davis's interview (complete with reading from Louise Brooks's
diary) at:


November Temptations!

*HAU goes Vietnam: I put together a small film/video program of experimental
Viet-US works by Trinh T. Minh-ha, Tran T. Kim-Trang, and Nguyen Tan Hoang.
All artists will present their works in person!!! Trinh Minh-ha's first
Berlin appearance in over a decade!!! November 25 & 27, 2010, HAU/ Hebbel am
Ufer Theater

Did i ever mention that Tony Curtis died? Well he did and one of the things i like about golden era stars like Ms. Curtis is that he wasn't afraid to tell the truth about himself, freely admitting that when he came to Hollywoodland back in the late forties he stuck his giant penis into men, women and animals with abandon. These dull new male stars should study the lesson plans from his LaLa pages.
Also Ari Up of the Slits died. The Slits were one of my alltime fav protopunk bands who never failed to inspire my art music projects like my latest outpouring called Tenderloin with Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras, Felix Knoke and Jan Klesse.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Received this little sweet emug from one of my randy New York students.

Dear Ms. Davis,
As I write to you now, my body is drenched in cum,I've dried off the lube, spit and ass juices that were on my my hands and between my fingers with a towel so that I can write to you with the immediacy of this moment.I should say that previous to last night, I'd been quite sex deprived; my boyfriend has been gone for a week and I've spent what feels like years wondering about the body, it's sexuality, it's beauty, it's death. I was beginning to think I had changed, or moulted, that I was no longer the lascivious feral creature you have known me as.

I went to see the opening of a new Laurie Anderson piece with my friend. It was the most underwhelming and self indulgent thing I have seen.Her monologue sounded like bad adolescent poetry and visuals were derivative.Worst of all she was so deeply stuck in the 80's with tacky bright colors and a live saxophone.Maybe she was cool then but now it's just pathetic.Anyways,I went to a nearby restaurant to have drinks afterwards.As we were about to leave I caught the glance of a group of guys at a near by table.One of them walked over and with a thick french accent asked if we were gay, if we knew any gay clubs in the area. The problem he said was that he was only 18.
It's funny you mention DeRohan, because he reminded me a lot of him. He had his figure and complexion but not nearly as crazy and wacko. He was unharmed by gay society still, hopefully, his sweet blue eyes longing for a coming of age experience. We were about to provide him with it.
We invited Hugo and his two friends to sit with us.Eric, his older boyfriend and Norman, a sympathetic looking french hipster.Eric was an architect who likes to spend time in the alps.Norman hails from the Techtonik culture of Paris where he says he's got "the most popular moves".We sat and drank, discussed differences and similarities of cultures, spoke of Berlin and Budapest, Marina Abramovic and reality TV for hours.All of a sudden we realized the whole place had been shut down, the chairs were all up on the tables, the lights mostly out and the staff standing around glaring at us.In an instant, Hugo turned to me and made out with me.It was a long kiss, a passionate kiss, the kind of kiss that leaves you wanting more.Milo was making out with Eric and we soon learned that they were in an open relationship. Immediately we were in a cab heading back to my house.Beer was spilling all over my bed, we drew art on my walls with our piss, the neighbors downstairs couldn't sleep. My roomate and his friend, were intrigued by all the noise emanating from my room. They peeked in and soon there was a full blown orgy of six.Some french cock is massive.Eric's cock was curved to the side but so incredibly thick I could barely fit it around my mouth. Normans was even bigger, like 12 inches and so thick, there was no way this was getting in my mouth. But i tried and ended up slobbering and coughing a lot. Most of the time my cock was in Hugo's mouth. He just couldn't get enough, he was sucking on it like a baby sucks on a bottle. Hugo's cock was a nice size and stood straight up in the air. It was like a spring. So as I sucked his cock all night I would also flick it back and fourth like a mouse trap.At one point every one as in a big circle all giving each other head, then we would split up into groups.
It was so intense that we had to take breaks. We would sit around and drink and talk more and then go back to jacking each other off and sucking. My room stunk of man and beer and sweat and we all fed off this until it was a steaming stew of pheromones. Eventually it became clear that my roomates and Milo were mostly interested in Norman, they went into their bedroom and I was left with Hugo and his Boyfriend. Hugo's asshole was was gorgeous. It was tight and smooth, soft, supple like a firm apricot. Eric spent a lot of time eating it out and this brought Hugo to some crazy heights of pleasure. Soon Hugo was begging me to fuck him. And I did. Hard and fast. Frenchies are used to slow sensual fucking. But I was like a machine gun. I was going to fuck hugo like an American, haha. I forgot how intense moaning is when it's not false, when it comes out of true pleasure. Like DeRohans, the kind of moaning that has never known moaning. Hugo was screaming, but all he wanted was more. Before I knew it Erics cock was also in his ass with mine. It felt amazing, like I was getting jerked off and fucking at the same time. Hugo could barely take it. He was foaming at the mouth. The sun was rising. As sunlight peirced the apartment, we came all over Hugo, like vampires finally getting our drink of blood after a long night of hunting. we passed out momentarily, like when you pass out off drugs. Then just they left. they had to catch a flight back to france in a few hours. ,
How I miss DeRohan, I can't wait to hear all about how he has changed, or not. And if he's embraced his desire for man meat yet or is still in denial. What fun you two will have! I'm jealous. New York is great though. The changing from fall to summer has been magical. A theater in the Lower East side is producing one of my plays in February. I'm so excited. Right now I'm in the thick of casting. How is LA, any cute ucla guys? You should meet my friend Job, he's an adorable asian art student there.