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Friday, July 09, 2004


Went to the opening party of Outfest at the Orpheum. My was i surprised by how organized it was. There was plenty of food, easy to get to, and the bar wasn't a mess either, no long tedious lines. I was able to righteously get my drink on. They really got their act together, i was expecting the jagerworst.

The opening nite movie D.E.B.S. was cute and fluffy with lots of attractive kids in it. I especially love that model Devon Aoki, she was so bad in her acting that she came across as good. Miss Kirsten, the head programmer looked amazing in her debutante ball gown. I sat with Crepe Suzette, Cynthia and her friends in the box seats in the balcony. Had a nice drunken time, almost connected with a juicy ginger. Too bad I'm not a sexual predator.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Marlon Brando died age 80. Boy was he able to fill out a toga in Julius Ceasar(1953)and a torn T-shirt, Streetcar Named Desire (1951) I even liked his singing and dancing in Guys&Dolls(1955) His best movies are One Eyed Jacks,(1961) and Burn (1969). And yes he was amazing in that Johnny Depp film the name of which i can't remember, something with DeMarco in the title, oh and he seemed to be having a good time in The Score with that tired, hauty Edward Norton.

Went to see the musical "DeLovely" about Cole Porter. The 1940s biopic starring Cary Grant as Porter is better, not much better but still. . . A more fitting name for this picture is "DeLame" Hollywood just can't make musicals anymore. And don't tell me about Chicago. It was cute, but not that good. Poor Ashley Judd, braving through it the best she can. The 40s version of the Porter tale was gayer then this sad flick. I was laughing out loud at Kevin Kline and his ballet dancer Russian lover and that gay bar was more like the current location of Numbers.


My hunky latin lover Cesar brought me a wonderful storage unit on wheels and some office chairs for my studio. I feel all shiny and new, thank you darling Cesar.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004


Wednesday Hector and Erikla cooked a fantasticle din din then took me to the Last Remaining Seats/Cinematheqa screening of Delores Del Rio in "La Otra" at the downtown movie palace, The Orpheum. Some dullard politicos made some speeches, but a highlight of the eve was a performance by Mulholland Drive diva Rebekeh Del Rio, stunning in white summer fox fur.

Friday at Bricktops the rampage was on with a delightful performance by Mark Simon and his Boyfriend troupe. They completely dazzled via the Carl Van Vechten buffet flat theme. Mike Bolger of Los Super Elegantes fame accompanied them on accordian and baby tuba.

It was wonderous seeing Heather and the Toxic Titties Collective en masse, plus Jean Spinosa, William Blakish poet Remy Matin and his wilde charleston strutting filmmaker bud Zebediah, who i've been mistakenly naming Jedediah, Dr. Larin, the handsome proper butch who was flirting away in the DJ booth with Bernice Bobs-Her-Hair,cute baby dyke Madeline, visiting filmmaking royal Olivier Hascout, actor Paddy Considine (In America) and Boyd Rice and his Death in June brigade.

Hung out the other day with Glen Meadmore. He took me to see the film "Father and Son" by Russian director Alexander Sokurov who also made the film "Russian Ark" which i loved. This pic tells the story of a hot father and son incestous couple played by Andrey Schetinin and Aleskey Neymyshev. The movie is one of the most romantic films i've ever seen. When this juicy pair aren't plowing, they stare intensely into each others eyes picking at their sex laden molecules. When the blondine son joins the army his buddies even want to get in on the action that he's receiving from dad. His jealous best friend and next door neighbor wants to move in for a buttery threegy with triple dicking---Who can blame him?


Qtrpounder Christine Pelisek of the LA Weekly, took me to a power bitch lunch at the Hollywood Roosevelt. They've redone the place and made it all piss eleganza.

Bricktops was a Cecil B. DeMille Extravaganza with Abby Travis performing accompanied by Kristian Hoffman. Abby looked divine as "Madame Satan". She always puts on a masterful show. The Abby Travis fanclub included french actors Je're'mie Elkaim(La' Cause d'un garcon)with Arielle Dombasle the wife of philosopher king Bernard-Henry Levy. Is Arielle having an affair with young Mr. Elkaim? Hmmmmm. Designer Michael Schmidt who made Abby's jeweled mask, Don Spiro and Augusta, Miss Morgan Olsen,celebrity photographer Kevin Abosch, lean sex machine Mario Diaz, the gay club kingpin and goth legendina David J.

Also in attendance Mr. Bruce "Judy" LaBruce who was on a stopover heading to Australia to show "Raspberry Reich" he'll be back in Los Ang for the movie's premire at Outfest, and the after party will be at Bricky's on July 16th. Judy was holding court with Javier Peres of the smoldering Peres Projects Gallery, dj Glen Masculine with beau St'Eve "Harrington" Hall. Dykon Gwen Turner with new black lady love Yolanda Lawrence of TV's "Line of Fire" I was involved with a little bit of smooching in the DJ booth with that fine English actor Ioan Gruffudd who is in that lame new Jerry Brockheimer playstation retelling of "King Arthur" I'm such the anglophile.

earlier in the week Daddy Athey cooked a feast for me and Judy LaBruce at his silverlake compound. I love it when Papa makes me a meal.

Saturday i escaped for a holiday retreat to Laguna Beach with one of my sweet young admirers, Jason North. Had a wondeful time. It felt incredible to get away from it all and do nothing during the holiday weekend. Ran into a former date of mine who now works up North for George Lucas.


Hosted the UnHappy Hour with a fine array of readers that included Keith Niles( Sierra Sky of the zine Constallation, Brenda Martinez (Toe Dancing and Frenzied Circles) The featured readers were Alvin Orloff from San Francisco, who founded the art collective The PopStitutes and has two fantastic books out "Gutterboy" and "I Married an Earthling" and spoken word diva Jennifer Blowdryer of the White Trash Debutantes and Persiflage literary journal. Jennifer and Alvin are old pros, who really know how to command the stage. I'll never forget Alvin's giant penis one night at Tehoma sex club back in the early 90s. I was wanking him and didn't realize i was committing incest with a good girlfriend. Lady Bunny was also there that night, thank god i didn't accidentally doodle with her, too.
Jennifer performed as part of the Six Sex Weeks in Hamburg, Germany in 1996, with her Smut Fest show. I had a week run during that festival with my "intimacy and Tommorrow, subtitle: stupidity, today" piece.

That Ms. Blowdryer is the only one who can get away with picking a thread on stage for a good 5 minutes or spreading lip stick on a microphone then applying it to her lips, when she belts out a song in the grand tradition. Wowzina!

earlier in the day had a power bitch lunch with Cesar Vega. I just may do this short film called "Beyond Lovely" written by Cesar's friend Hilary Goldberg. I hate film scripts, but this one had me laughing out loud.