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Saturday, April 26, 2003

oh my hot buttered peninas, what a night i had last night at my jazz age cafe society soiree Bricktops. The humpy musical review Leave It To Jane, from Hamburg, Germany directed by Mark Si-Mon performed, and were just beyond magnificent. Those boys can sure fill out a cod piece. Yowzina!!!!
My wayward grandson Mr. Uncertain was also in top form, though he can sometimes be a little rebellious and i have to pull on his hem'roids with the one tooth i have left. Lots of star power in the audience with one of my favorite writers Gary Indiana. I love my literary celebs. Also spoken word goddess Nicole Blackman who will be performing her Courtesan Tales in England with me and Ron as part of Visions of Excess at the Fierce Festival. Nicole is so gorgeous. Her posse last night included costume designer Suzette Mathelson who just finished the movie Honey which is la oose remake of the 80s hit Flashdance this time starring the bratty Jessica Alba in the Jennifer Beals role. Missy Elliot is also in the film and the dinge delight Genuine. Suzette is responsible for the surfer girl look that is all the rage right now thanks to her costumes for the flick Blue Crush that was directed by John Stockwell, who i use to hang out with in New York and LA back in the 80s when he was a hot young male ingenue. The boy back in those days was surely the "worlds type". He hasn't aged well---poor sod.
i overheard the best story about this guy whose bisexual girlfriend had a lesbian lover and after a virulent love making sesh with her man she went over and bumped raw bush with her gal pal and got her preggers. Talk about an immaculate conception. The dagger sued her girly lovers beau for child support and got it when it was proven he was the father, now here comes the twist. The lesbian and the father of the baby wind up hooking up and becoming a couple. They both wound up ditching the girl they shared. Ha har!
Just heard from my friend Gazulie that the TV show Touched by an Angel is being cancelled. I don't have a televison set but whenever I'd be at someones house and it was on i had to watch it. Call it a guilty pleasure, shucks i don't feel guilty about it----i loved Roma Downey and the great Della Reese. The show was so much better then Michael Landon's overwrought Highway to Heaven from the 80s.
Oh i almost forgot to mention that St. Morrisey of the Smiths fame and his boyfriend came to Bricktops last night. He thanked me for a good show as he was leaving. I said to myself, oh he looks familiar but without my glasses i never recognize anyone unless they are on top of me---literally. One straight handsome Chicano boy with his girlfriend next to him was so thrilled in seeing Missy Morr that he came up to me and gave me a big fat kiss on the puncher. What is it with latin guys all hornpiggy for Mrs Queen is Dead. I don't get it. I like him but he's not worship material in the slightest and he does look a bit long on the tooth. Oh i better stop being so mean, I opened up for the Smiths ages ago when i was in the Afro Sisters. It was the first time i ever performed at the Hollywood Paladium. The second time was when i opened up for the Happy Mondays----that show was awful a suburban KROQ crowd of icky clueless weenagers.

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

oh my heavenly little four foot three word I'm blogging. I had no idea such advanced technology existed. Thanks to Larry Bob-Goblin for introducing it to me, without him i would be trapped in the middle of the road ages in a century i don't even want to think about.
I'm really excited about the upcoming LA Times piece on me. The writer is this young Danish girl named Louise Roug. We really hit it off. She likes to drink and thinks a lot of stuff out there at the moment is tired so we're certainly reading from the same chapter in life. She wanted to interview my family and i gave her their telephone numbers but they are so insane who knows if she was able to track them down. Before i went to Europe and the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Louise spent a couple of days following me around and it didn't feel wierd in the slightest.
Jason North the sweet Minneapolis boy i tricked with while on tour with Margaret Cho came to visit me. He's a rare gem. Very bright and quite the conneuisser of experimental and underground films. He even brought me vintage porn to show at Bricktops which i can't wait to unleash. Last week David Van Norman came through town. I also met David during the Cho tour. He is such an uninhibited kid. I appreciate young white boys from the upper middle classes who are free with showing their large genitalia. Some of these urbanites could take a lesson from Kentucky David, he is certainly much more advanced than many of these so called sophisticates who call themselves artist in this dreary provential town. Next week Ms. Linda Simpson of Time Out NY and Paper Magazine fame will be visiting, i'm sure i'll have a high ole time with her.