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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Work on Cheap Blacky is progressing nicely. Besides Fassbinder´s films Whitey and Beware the Holy Whore as inspiration, Judy LaBruce has added Passolini´s Teorema, Reflections of a Golden Eye and Joseph Losey´s Boom starring Liz Taylor and Richard Burton. We´re also going to use some real life maids and servants in the production---its going to be a hoot!
Had a date with a wealthy Belgium man, thanks to matchmaker Hugo. The dude was pretty sexy, with a nice muscular body--incredible broad shoulders, pretty eyes, large nose, lots of things i like in a man child. When he started to mack on me, it was passionate fruitas and babytenderlove. He even knew how to suck titty properly, which is a major plus, as i have ultra sensitive nips. The only thing i didnt like was his pencil dick. It was uber long, but not very thick, and this girl likes thickness in the mitigated area of the thrombone. But i shouldnt be so picky as he eagerly and greedily chowed down on my nasty nappy dugout for hours that seemed like days, so when a man takes care of your garden salad like that, you shouldn´t easily negate him. But lets face it Vaginal Davis is a selfish bitch, and she never gets enough attention from men. I am like a baby bird, always wanting MORE! MORE! MORE!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Love sexy allyoucaneat bruncheon mit fearless leader of Cheap kollective, Susie Su and Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras at Frida Kahlo Bistro in the land of the monster truck SUV babystrollers. Talk about a glam meeting of the minds! We decided that a collaborative project is a future must. The other evening Joel showed me his collaboration with a Toronto modern dance company. I liked the choreography that Joel did much better then the dance troupes choreographer which was cliche barefoot modern dance moves and very bland white peopleish
My old pal from a million years ago Hugo, who use to work closely with 80s designer Claude Montana owns a most unusual gay matchmaking service that specializes in hookups for dinge queens looking for that perfect piece of jubas jubilee. Hugo charges astronomical fees, and both the snow and dinge must be professionals, to exclude gold diggers and the shiftless. Sweet Hugo let me join the roster for free, and has packaged me as a famous international black artist, newly based in Berlin. Well my profile appeal went skyrocketing through the roof, and now I am getting requests for dates from all over the world by some men who look really sexy in their computer profiles. Who knows how they will appear when in person. Will keep you posted on the results. At worse the men will all be psychos, and at best this will turn out to be a phun experiment that will provide me with plenty of fodder to write about.
Ingmar Bergman died today. The 7th Seal, Wild Strawberries, Cries and Whispers, Fanny and Alexander, were just a few of my favorites. Tell me yours.
Cheap Blacky inspiration night with our director Judy LaBruce, set designer Christophe Chermin, production coordinator Anna and the rest of the Cheap gang. We watched for herspiration the 1967 John Huston film Reflections of a Golden Eye starring a mumbling Marlon Brando, Liz Taylor, Brian Keith, Julie Harris, a young humpy Robert Foster, as the object of homosexy desire, and a demented filipino queen named Anacleto who reminded me of the flip gay comic actor and histrionic showboater Alex Mapa.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Got word from Los Angeles that Mark Haggard died of an overdose of drugs. Not a surprise there. Last time i saw Mark he was all strung out in MacArthur Park, had lost tons of weight and was carrying a large duffel bag, so i guess he was also homeless. He had been an on-off drug addict for years. More on then off. When he was sober he was a nice guy. The love of his life was a queercore performer named Travis, who wasn´t much known outside of LA punk rock circles. Travis died years ago, and Mark never really recovered from that. He had met a boring wealthy fag from Palm Springs who was very much in to him, taking him on expensive vacations and whatnot, but Mark managed to ruin even that relationship. LA is one lady of a city that destroys people. Thats one of the many reasons i had to get out of Dodge!
Was sent a link to an academic journal from England with an essay called Queercore-The Distinct Identities of Subculture, that came out in Feb 1997 by Michael Du Plessis and Kathleen Chapman. The article is one of the best things written about me by an academic. Why did it take ten years before i found out about it?
Spent a long lovely day with the baby diaper Joel Gibb of The Hidden Cameras. He is back in Berlin after months of touring. He told me some hot gossip about some new pop star i have never heard of named Lilly Allen, who was coming into his dressing room to do lines of cocaine, and that Jake Shears of the Scissor Sisters wanted Joel as a guest star in his bedroom, joining him and his lover. Joel is a sexy young man, who is desired by many. We went to some squatter party on Casting Couch Allee to see Malte´s drag band play, but i came down with diarrea and we had to suddenly leave and find me a toilet to splodge in. It took me forever to recover, so when i was feeling better we headed to Maria to see Noblesse Oblige perform. Maria is a tired club with awful techno music playing. Thank god for Val and her hot boyfriend who put on a wonderous little performance, showing everyone how its properly done. There´s nothing like london moxie, hurray!!!!
Got an emug from Bill Silva of Silva Productions, Mgmt and Brand Entitlement Corporation. Bill produced the Margaret Cho Tour i was on years ago and also now manages Margaret and Jason Mraz. Jason is a cute kid, but i find his music dull, which means its perfect for the mainstream, and that is why he is so successful,that and the hard work of having someone like Bill Silva behind you. Looked at Bill´s website and i noticed he is still managing John Hogan, but not Bruce Daniels the black queen who now opens for Margarets tour. Hmmmmm . . .interesting. Margaret Cho´s former manager Karen is suing both Margaret and Bill. She even sent me an email with copies of the court papers, knowing that i am a big gossip queen and that of course i would report it on my blog, which is better then putting it on a billboard. I never liked Karen, but i´ve always liked Bill who is a silver haired fox. Bill should manage Joel Gibb and the Hidden Cameras, they would be the perfect prestige artist on his roster.

Have a brunch date with a big dick Belgium man, so i will continue this later.