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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Co-hosted with Marcu Siegel the closing night party of the Poker in Osten Festival. Huge success! Tons of people clamoring to see the spectacle that has become the Cheap collektive and pals. Andreas Bernhardt the famed make-up artist for the Paris collections and Thierry Mugler, once again beat on some fine faces. Susanne done as a flawed beauty, with one side of her face burned and melting and the other gorgeous perfection. Serbian thrombone Dragan was the dapper wolf boy, Tim Blue, the man without a face, Daniela aka DJ Nancy was a Kiss Star Eye and Marcu wearing Andreas' Gaultier newsprint suit with matching newsprint headress was the tabloid kingpin. La duchess was the personification of the Whoracle et Delphi, with eyes covering my concubine face. I also wore the couture gown that Belgian Designer Koen Claerhout made for me. Some of the tired actors who performed in the plays in the festival that were not very well attended gave us all attitude at the party. Don't blame us that no one wanted to see your theatre piece. Berlin, like any other major city has its score of jealous, hating biatches. The crowd was mesmerized by my pretty black widow daughter Michelle Carr of the Velvet Hammer and Kitty Diggens, who brilliantly combined Miss Amerikkka and Carrie's Blood prom. Met and flirted with the sexaline Israeli dancer Assaf Hockman, who performs in Catherine Sullivan's avant grade theatre pieces. The Peres Projects gang including owner Javiar, Asiatic Punk Boy, Andrea, Sarah, Melena of Los Super Elegantes and poor ecstacy overdosee Dean Shashima, who is too cute, young and talented to always be such a messy mess. A word to the wise: just buy a hot hustler, and get your girlish gnut---you can afford it.

Was bumped up to business class on the grueling flight back home. Thank god. Missed the apocalyptic forest fires, but not the oppressive heat, so wound up in a daze for the last three days seeing movies like Capote, Garcon Stupide and Everything is Illuminated directed by that big dick arroganca jewish boy Lieb Schrieber, shrilling for an oscar nomination, which he won't get anytime soon, though his debut directorial effort isn't half bad. I loved his choice of casting that ill Russian bootie pie. Capote features a spot on impersonation by Phil Seymour Hoffman, and the beauty of a young juicemonger actor playing the cute killer. Garcon Stupide is only good for its well hung and uncut lead actor and a sizzling mulatto futballer, who for some reason reminded me of a masculine version of Malik from My Barbarian.
Professor Doyle took me out for comfort din din at the Kitchen, we caught up on lots of our traveling adventures, and ladylikeness. Thank god for the Doyle.
In Berlin the magazine Spex did an interview an also a TV thing filmed by Jurgen Bruning, Bruce La Bruce's producer. Had a nice time with Jurgen, who is a dollface. We gossiped about Rick Castro playing all hollywood upon their first meeting, using Marcus Basticda as bad lawyer cop asking Jurgen whose name would go first in the credits and how big they would be, as the initial meeting for Hustler White. Can't wait to hear what Rick Owens has to say about bad Ricky staying with him and Michele Lamy in Paris, i'll also get the scoop from Rebecca of Zoo Magazine who is meeting with him too. Quelle Frommage!