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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Went bar hopping the other evening with teen lovers Travis Jeppeson and Mario who were giving the royal treatment to visiting dignitaries Simon "Six" Barker and Derek Dunbar, formerly of the UK 80s band Jimmy The Hoover. My cousin Karla Maddog Duplantier was the bands drummer, and she is still the wife of Derek, who use to be a top male model besides being a rock star. Malcolm McClaren use to be the manager of Jimmy the Hoover, whose hit record was produced by Steve Levine of Culture Club fame. Jimmy the Hoover scored one mega UK hit, their way ahead of its time sound was ripped off by Tears for Fears. My creole cousin Karla was also a LA punk pioneer in the band The Controllers, and even did a stint in my group Cholita, the female Menudo. Karla is one of the most underrated talents of the punk era.
Simon and Derek have been lovers for 32 years, and now live in Prague where Simon works as a top fashion photog. It was great hanging with them and visiting the Berlin hustler bars Tobascos and Blue Boy, where we saw the same Romanian concubine who latched himself to Judy LaBruce a few days earlier.
Last night the director of the HAU theatre, Mattius Lienthal, generously took all of the Cheapies to a wonderful expensive Austrian dinner and drinks in Kreuzberg. A delightful time was had by one and all.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Had a nice little meeting with cute Balkan arts programmer/curator Zvonomir and his producing partner. We settled everything for my coming to Zagreb soon to present one of my infamous living installation closing night parties for their latest arts festival. Also got to meet Zvonimir´s incredibly beautiful Brazilian beau.
Check out the latest issue of Butt Magazine from Holland. The lady Ms. Davis is interviewed and photographed by Judy Labruce and its a riot. Went to Gayhane, the salon oriental with Travis Jeppeson and Mario. I´ve never seen so many ill queens or bad fashion outfits. Very entertaining evening. Had a flirtation with a muscular big dicked Columbian and he sniffed at my hole----yummy.