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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

One of my most creative and lovely Bricktop kids Christiane Cegavske has a collection of poetry and art available called A RAVEN IN THE LOOKING GLASS. The work in this collection, much of it rescued from tattered notebooks and sketchbooks, spans about 12 years in Christiane´s illustrious, fascinating life beginning in her early twenties. This revealing work by the creator of the animated film Blood Tea and Red String opens a window into the development of her films and paintings.
124 pages loaded with beautiful full-color art reproductions and poetry!
Buy it now at CreateSpace for $29.99


sample pages:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Last night my young, handsome date was none other then Jan Klesser (roomate of Spiegel Online writer Felix Knoke)Jan plays in Glen Meadmore´s Hot, Horny & Born Again pick-up band whenever the Canadian guitar goddess tours Europa. We went to see The Raspberry Reich, (2004) starring CHEAP kollective´s fearless leader Susanne Sachsse. The movie was being shown as part of the Bruce LaBruce Retrospectacle at Arsenal Institute für film und video kunst.
BLAB´s latest movie LA Zombie starring tiny French porn puppy Francoise Sagat was just banned from the Melbourne, Australia Film Festival, after it was accepted which is such a weird kind of censorship.
Its been years since I´ve seen Raspberry Reich and I think its BLAB´s best film. Its more current now then when it was first released, and Strand Releasing if they were smart, which they are not, should re-release it as its never had a theatrical run. It has the makings of a midnight movie cult creama. Susanne is extroidinary in the lead, and I´d love to see her star in a movie directed by Bruce that is a modern day version of a classix woman´s picture in the vein of 30s flicks starring Irene Dunne or Barbara Stanwyck. This screening was packed to the rafters, I even saw German actress Alexandra Maria Lara and her British beau Sam Riley who played Ian Curtis in the biopic of the musician in the audience. I´ve gone to a few of the BLAB retrospectacle screenings and it was a hoot to see young audiences never exposed to La Bruce discovering the joys of the films Super 8 ½ (1994) Hustler White (1996) and Skin Flick (1999). And all of these movies aren´t dated at all. Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus needs to be applauded for putting on this retrospective.
I made the mistake of taking my Swedish journalist date who works for the German newsmagazine Der Stern to Skin Flick. He bailed on me before the credits were up.
Had a glorious luncheon with film historian Marc Siegel on Saturday at the Kreuzberg Mexican cantina Santa Maria. After downing many margaritas we checked out the Goodbye London-Radical Art and Politics in the Seventies show at the NGBK Gallery. Loved the old posters on display, but this exhibit didn´t exactly thrill me. Later we met up with German filmmaker Oliver Husain who now lives in Toronto. Joined by Daniel Hendrickson, Susanne Sachsse, Anna Muelter and their girlish posse to catch a screening on Unter Der Linden of The Exile (1947) directed by Max Ophuls starring the inegmatic Maria Montez with Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Afterwards we had coffee at the Opera Haus cafe where Mr. Husain revealed to me that he is editing a documentary on the hot dyke Canuck punk band Fifth Column that features the legendary G.B. Jones and Carolyn Azar.
Marcu Siegel also told me sad news that the infamous PowerWalker of Silverlake: Dr. Abbrams died in his jacuzi at the age of 58. Dr. Abbrams was an East Hollywood fixture. For many years hipsters would exchange sitings of the middle aged man who would walk briskly, shirtless through the Silverlake Hills north of Sunset Blvd. He seemed like he was in excellent cardio vascular shape.
Also Love Camel of London sent me news that actress Vonette McGee died age 65. She was a beautiful black actress who was in many blaxploitation films like Blacula and Shaft in Afrika but gained mainstream attention as Clint Eastwood´s color blind love interest in the 1975 film The Eiger Sanction. Many people got her mixed up with another light skinned black actress named Lonette McKee who starred in the films Sparkle (1975) and Cotton Club (1983).
I recently received a bunch of emails from fans of this very blog wondering what happened to my flirtation with the Crown Prince of Dabai. Well the young, sexy hot royal who is around 28 years old was fascinated by the doll, but i turned him off when i told him he shouldnt have gotten a nose job. I like men with big honkers!
Just got this email from one of my regular contributors who loves telling me the deep dish on his incredible love life, enjoy:

Dear Ms. Davis,  I feel like a horny stray dog in this hot humid hellish sticky new york summer, my cock is reptilian zombie and every time I go out, even the fugliest guys make me rage because my dick has nothing better to do than swell up and bulge to near explosion in this concrete sauna.  As you know I'm not much of a dinge queen, but I'm currently living in a predominantly Jamaican neighborhood where the men's pheromones are so intoxicating that when one just walks by, I faint in the presence of his Caribbean sex odors.  

So I was walking home one day in thin white short shorts when I notice this guy approaching me from pretty far away.  He is built like a pro weight lifter, sweat drenches his body so I can see clearly his rock hard nipples, his skin is as smooth and black as freshly poured asphalt and he has deep crazy entrancing eyes.  I pretty much just want to drop to my knees and open my mouth right there and slurp down his juices, or just bend over right there on the side walk and wait for him to get closer and see what he does.  I actually have no idea what's going on because I am so hot and so horny that by the time he's in front of me he is just standing there staring down...  at what?  I have a huge rock hard boner, basically popping out of my shorts.  For a second I get nervous, think he might kick my ass or something, but then he says 'lookin for some ganja?' which comes out like 'lookin to get fucked?'  I eagerly say yes and follow him home. 

Before I know it I'm in some random apartment with the biggest cock I've ever seen in my life rock hard in front of my face.  He's taunting me, slapping my face with his (no joke) 11inch cock.  Then he shoves it in quickly.   I can his taste the pre-cum on the back of my throat and I moan.   I try to swallow but just can't do it without suffocating.  he pulls it out and pushes it in my mouth again, this time it goes deeper but I'm still not even close to getting it even half way in my mouth. 

did I mention his apartment is not air conditioned?  His shirt is completely soaking wet now. The carnal and spicy smell of his pits drenches the air.  He takes it off, holds open my mouth and rings it out all over my face and in my mouth.  I feel like I'm drinking the elixir of life, the matmos, that juice of Hercules.  It tastes like rum, copper, lemon, arsenic and mole, he might as well have been feeding me a hallucinogenic drug.  All I want now is to feel his huge meat inside me. 

He tears off my shorts, bends me over and spits on my ass hole.  Then he slowly starts to ease he cock in.  He's stretching my hole so wide that I am screaming in pain.  As he pushes it in deeper I become paralysid and all I can do is let him use me like his fuck toy.  He throws me into all sorts of positions and with each one pushes his cock deeper and harder into my hole.  Now I'm completely boiling in his jerk stew, my muscles limber and my cock on fire.  I can't control myself and start to shoot my load all over the place, then he pulls out his meat and shoves it in my mouth as he cums bucket loads of cum down my throat. 
Had a lovely breakfast with Ulrich Ziemons the sexiest boy in all of Europe if not the world, and his sweet,cute friend with very pretty eyes Ede. We ate at the Turkish cafe Avallon,which is one of my favorites in the Kreuzeberg areaa off Mehrindamn at Bergman Str.
Forgot to give a report on who came to the blockbuster double feature Exile Gallery sommer camp exhibition curated by Billy Miller of STH. Two shows for the price of one-- Lost Horizon which features work by Kathe Burkhart Dean Sameshima and Janine Gordon and Head Shop with juicy pieces by Brian Kenny, Genesis P. Orridge & Lady Jaye all lovingly executed by one of the most amazing men in the world namely William P. Miller, Esquire. Among the gallery goers Wolfgang Tillmans who has a show opening at the trendy London gallery Serpentine, Marc Siegel & Susanne Sachsse, Michael Stipe of REM with his cute French beau, Klaus Biesenbach of MoMA, Eli Sudbrack(AVAF) and underground film director Lothar Lambert.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Last nights Rising Stars,Falling Stars at Arsenal Institute für film und video kunst was jam packed with lots of summer visitors to Berlin. Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus didn´t know most of those in attendance which is a good sign that new people are flocking to The Arsenal. Of course a screening of any film by German ganymede director F.W. Murnau is going to attract the continentally curious. The 1926 film version of Moliere´s Tartuffe starring Emil Jannings in the title role had the SRO crowd gasping in delight at the sheer beauty of this film. Also the compelling experimental live musical accompaniment by the Brothers Blue: Tim & kJohnny further propelled the filmgoing experience.
Seen sipping sect and chittle chatting: British singer Corinne Bailey Rae with rap/pop ingenue Nicki Minaj, New York model and love sexy bon vivante Winston who will be in Berlin for three months, author Wendy Moffat whose new book on Bloomsbury Press A Great UnRecorded History—A New Life of E.M. Forster is the tome i can´t wait to read. Lars Denicke who runs Pictoplasma, the festival for character animations, and his documentary filmmaker ladyfriend were in an annimated discussion with actress Nadine of Neu Kölln and KreuzKölln habitue Antoinette. Daniel Hendrickson, the translator to the shtars was being very flirtatious with Ullrich Ziemons, Berlin „It“ boy and George Kuchar curator for a special program at Arsenal on August 1st that is a must see. Mr. Ziemons who is known as the most desireable man in all of Europe was hosting his Kasiqstan friend Ede who was sharing laughs with beautiful Brazillian filmmaker Melissa Dullius whose humpy boyfriend Gustavo Jahn is back in their native land working on a new semi secret cine project. Dreamy musician Jan Klesser who plays guitar for the Glen Meadmore Kuntry Band whenever they tour europe was charming both the women and then men.