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Saturday, October 12, 2013


Sorry dear followers for not having posted anything in ages. After coming back from my little holiday in Bristol England I fell into a deep Autumnal funk over the recent stroke and seizure of my dear old pal and fellow Watts black diaspora ghetto comrade Mrs. Michael Glass. Mrs. Glass was one of the main geniuses behind the famous Amok Books and their celebrated Dispatch Series. Mrs. Glass also edited an amazing tome on Gilles de Rais and is an extroidinary art photographer, installation artist, musicologist and film expert. She also managed the bookstore and was a curator at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions during its heyday in the industrial section of Los Angeles proper in the 1980s. Before I left Los Angeles for Berlin Mrs. Glass fell into hard times winding up homeless sleeping on the metro rail lines and suffering several strokes and heart attacks. Thank god for Jeffrey Hilbert who along with Gary Stella got Mrs.Glass into a nursing care facility in Silverlake and continued to shower him with love and affection. A lot of Mrs. Glass´s fair weather friends that he hung out with during his time as a DJ at Akbar in Silverlake turned their back on him, but Jeffrey and Gary stayed devoted. The prognosis for Mrs. Glass doesn´t look good. The last thing I heard from Jeffreyland is that Mrs. Glass hasn´t gotten worse but he isn´t any better and is bedridden and comatose.
Other sad, sad news is the sudden death of the first Warhol drag superstar Mario Montez. Mario had been enjoying quite a renewal of his career thankx to the Jack Smith-Live Film´Five Flaming Days in a Rented World Festival curated by Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Susanne Sachsse and Marc Siegel in 2009 that brought Mario out of retirement from the dulldroms of Florida. Mario was a true sweatheart, and though I didn´t know him that well I felt an instant rapport upon meeting him and his longtime companion Dave back in 2009 and subsequent other times we all hung out. Mario Montez was grace and dignity personified, and will be greatly missed.

Got an email sent to my assistant Glee Brevard from some young British pop star named Jake Bugg who wants to do a musical collaboration with me.  Hmmmm.  Been getting quite a bit of emugs regarding my last two performances in Vienna at the Thýssen´Bornemitza Art Contemporary and my performance at the MMK Museum in Frankfurt where I did this intervention as part of the Helio Oiticica Exhibit at the Palmengarten.

Want to give another shout out of warm thankx to some of the lovely individuals involved with making my performance piece Lesbi Tropicalia-Tea & Sympathy such a knockout/sluggo:

Tea Service Collaborateurs: Alexander Bacon, Johanna Raoust and Sonja Kleinod. The junior curatorial staff of love sexy girls in demand headed by the super talented Ms. Miriam Bettin, Marenka Krasomil,Clare Molloy,Marie Beckmann,Nadine Droste,Désirée Hailzl,Yanna Varbanova, Professor Dr. Stefanie Heraeus,Head Curator at MMK Bernd Reiss,Technical support:Filip Caranica , and the gracious Palmengarten crew: Frau Wittstock and Julia Reiter. I will be back in Frankfurt in January for a workshop at the Goethr Universität and later in 2014 I will teach a block seminar at the University at Geisen which is close to Frankfurt which is becoming my second Deutsch home.

Was taken to dinner by Film Historian Marc Siegel and Skandinavian Muzlim warrior Daniel Hendrickson to this amazing Korean restaurant in Mitte called YamYam at Alte Schönehauser Str 6. The food was beyond divine and we later went next door to a little cute café for coffee and cake and our waiter was a pretty little pud of a British boy. Zufukar the juicy Sheik of Araby scholar and politikal acktivist joined us and a delightful time was had by one and all.