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Friday, February 12, 2021

Twink Nerd saugt weißen Müll Teen

Working remotely on an installation is so odd. For the 13th Gwangju Biennale my exhibition consists of a recreation of my Hag Gallery from 2012 that served as my first solo visual art show at Participant Inc. in New York City. I also do a version of Club Sucker at the Garage the punk rock beer bust and performance space that I did with Frank Rodriguez and Dale Johnson for about five years in the 1990's. Club Sucker was founded by Frank, Paul Rossi of the hardcore band Wasted Youth, Jeffreyland Hilbert & Enrique Ongpin of the dance club Hai Karate. Because of the Rona Barrett pandemic I won't be traveling to South Korea but the curators Defne and Natasha and pavillion designer Davide Quadrio are there now in quarentine. The last part of the exhibition is a semi recreation of my Cheese Endique Trifecta, the nutty name I have given all my atelier's since living in Los Angeles. Frank, Dale and Jeffrey have contributed a playlist that will be the soundtrack for the installation in Koreatown. The opening was supposed to be February 26th but that has been pushed back to April.

Was thinking about the beautiful boxer turned actor Ken Norton. He was such a super hunk. In the 1976 film Mandigo he played the title character who is lusted after by his white antebellum slave master played by blonde juicemonger Perry King. I would have paid good $money to see Ken fudgepack Perry. Oh I got a fan letter from this young, beautiful actress named Zendaya. I don't really know anything about her other then she was in an American cable TV series called Euphoria which i did see and I thought she was good in but the show was very typical of modern cable TV trying too hard to be transgressive.

Oh here is the latest from la familia Bortolozzi:


Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi


An Interview between Seth Price and Emmanuel Olunkwa
for Pioneer Works, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Now online


My dearest big muscle daddy Ron Athey is in New York City at the moment where his big retrospectacle exhibition will open soon at Participant Inc. It promises to be the event of the new 2021 season. The events will include performances with Hermes Pitakkos and the black Jerry Lewis Elliot Reed.

Queer Communion: Ron Athey Curated by Amelia Jones Feb 14 – April 4, 2021 Wednesday–Sunday, noon–7pm Appointments are required Ron Athey, Performance at Participant in 3 Acts, with Hermes Pitakkos, Mecca, and Elliot Reed I. Opening solo word action by Elliot Reed; II. Pistol Poem: Brion Gysin’s 5 x 5 1960 sound piece choreographed for 4; III. Printing Press (1994 brought back for Biosphere 2 performance, cutting the Horns of Consecration) Tues, Feb 16, 8pm EST Queer Communion: Ron Athey, curated by art historian and performance studies scholar Amelia Jones, offers the first retrospective of the work of Los Angeles-based performance artist Ron Athey. The exhibition and related publication explore Athey’s practice as paradigmatic of a radically alternative mode of art-making as queer communion — the generous extension of self into the world through a mode of open embodiment that enacts creativity in the social sphere through collective engagement as art. Athey, through his significant and generative work as a performance artist, is a singular example of a lived creativity that is at complete odds with the art worlds and marketplaces that have increasingly dominated contemporary art over his largely undervalued career. Having been the focus of a homophobic, AIDS-phobic, and sensationalized political attack during the U.S. culture wars of the 1990s, in which a conservative leader denounced a partially government funded Athey troupe performance as depraved, Athey’s practice remains a challenge to the politics of today’s renewed culture wars. Athey’s work is organized in relation to thematic intensities and overlapping communities spanning religion, queer subcultures, music, literature, performance, film, and theater, and displayed via photographic, archival, and video documentation as well as artworks and props from the original performances and Athey’s personal collection. The exhibition will travel to ICA Los Angeles in summer 2021. Queer Communion presents Athey’s career and lifework through the lens of these communities that Athey has engaged and helped form throughout his career: each section (Religion/Family, Music/Clubs, Literature/Tattoo/BDSM, Art/Performance/ Politics, New Work/Community) is laid out with a range of artifacts, props, costumes, photographs, video, audio, writings, and sketches relating to his creative work, artistic development, and engagement of friends and colleagues across queer networks. The zones move forward in a roughly chronological but recursive and overlapping way, transporting the visitor from the 1970s to the present, laying out the interrelations among the communities and actively purveying a sense of each community’s mood, political energies, and creative ethos in relation to Athey’s practice. Visitors will ideally gain an active sense of what it was/is like participating in these communities rather than simply a sense of viewing relics from the past, while also gaining a strong understanding of the aesthetic and political trajectories within Athey’s own work. A catalogue is available which accompanies the exhibition and includes extensive original never-beforepublished writings by Athey as well as an illustrated checklist and essays by a range of contributors on Athey’s work and impact. Queer Communion: Ron Athey (Intellect Press, 2020), is co-edited by Amelia Jones and Andy Campbell; the catalogue was listed among “Best Art Books 2020” in the New York Times.


If you are in the Pacific Northwest flock to my west coast gallery Adams & Ollman:

Vince Skelly: New Works
Feb 12-March 13, 2021

Mariel Capanna: Overlook
Feb 12-March 13, 2021

Adams & Ollman
418 NW 8th Avenue
Portland, OR

Tuesday, February 09, 2021

sexuelle Pflege für Dummies

So sad to relay the recent death of Goddess Bunny to the Rona Barrett contagion. Goddess was one unique individual, both saint and sinner. She never let anything get her down and was certainly the only real glamorous star left in Hollywood who understood glamour in all its many forms and manifestations. Her most acclaimed roles were in Penelope Spheeris' Hollywood Vice (1985) John Aes Nihil's The Drift (1999) a remake of the Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone where she played La Contessa and that films companion piece the over-to-top romp Goddess Bunny Channeling Shakespeare also by Aes Nihil (1999) Goddess was also the star of an underground blue movie called Taking It (1983) Directed by Rafael Santaraella and like the title says she takes it from both ends by two young virile hustlers plucked off the mean streets of Santa Monica Blvd. I have so many Goddess memories and stories that I could tell but I have to save them for my book. She will be missed. Here is her obit in the New York Times.


My lovely and super smart daughter Michelle Juliette Carr the founder of The Velvet Hammer Heritage Burlesque Review is back producing an extravaganza for Valentines Day. If you are in the LA area check it out:
your baby grrrl is producing a new show called THE WRINKLE ROOM! We premiere it next Sunday in a Zoom lounge. This is something that was well on its way to being on stage in a lounge in Palm Springs but the world had other plans, haaa! So we decided to launch our lounge in an abbreviated pandemia fashion just for fun! The line up is solid and I'm excited! It is a matinee show so if you are up late and would like to see some old friends I would love to see you in cyberspace! I'll include all the info. for your entertainment and delight. It feels so good to flex me old razz ma tazz muscle again!


LOS ANGELES - THE WRINKLE ROOM is a virtual event which will present works by Los Angeles artists, writers, creators, musicians and noisemakers. Developed by art and culture veterans Michelle Juliette Carr, Marcus Kuiland-Nazario and Liz Garo, THE WRINKLE ROOM exclusively presents works by artists 50 years of age and older; but everyone is welcomed!

THE WRINKLE ROOM premier broadcast will be Sunday, February 14, 2021 at 3pm via Zoom using both pre-recorded clips and live performances. The project will include short films from performance art icon Nao Bustamante and award winning magician Rob Zabrecky w/ comic Neil Hamburger, an interview with photographer Reynaldo Rivera discussing his documentation of late 20th Century East Side underground culture with Semiotex(e)'s Hedi el Kholti, musical guests The Great Sadness, filmmaker Tyler Hubby, “The Phantom Movie House'' show with film reviews from film composer, The Millionaire, plus DJ Senor Amore. Hosting this cavalcade of stars will be the one and only Andrew Ableson (aka Sir Dandy-Luxe exiled Crown Prince of Kaftanistan)

THE WRINKLE ROOM will have Dick Cavett intellect with Laugh In irreverence and Midnight Special style, with a dash of Dangerous Minds cooler-than-thou attitude (and if you don’t know those references, you're too young for THE WRINKLE ROOM!)

Attendees are encouraged to dress for the occasion which will have a 30 minute meet & greet in our virtual cocktail lounge before our host hits the screen. In addition to the ZOOM viewing, THE WRINKLE ROOM will have an active chat, merchandise for sale in our boutique and tip jars for the artists.

We hope to see you at THE WRINKLE ROOM - the place for sophisticates of a certain age and those who admire them.


The late, Brad Davis just because he is so damn sexy and I was thinking about him.