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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hot German actor making the salty dog rounds in Hollywood, Thomas Kretschmann joined Joel Gibb and I for Easter Leather Daddy Bruncheon. Herr Kretschmann has really big feet, and quite the package protruding from o sooo tight Costume National jeans.
Fearless leader Suzi Su and Marcu brought gifts of the spirit to the doll for her new spacious flat. That Suzi always knows what i need even before i do. Daniela and Piero of the Piero Collezione also contributed to the lets get Ms. Davis situated cause.
Had a post leather easter coffee and dainty´s with DJ Jazzy Snax in his home hood of Fredrickshaim. Snax gave me a copy of his Love Pollution CD which has risen to the top of my personal lady day soundtrack pile.
Back on the 10am-2pm. break then 6pm-10pfm Max und Moritz rehearsal schedule. The premiera is april 19th, so rush out and get your tickets kids. just be prepared that this debut is 10am in the morning. The Parkaue is a Children´s Theatre. Suits my time needs perfectly.