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Monday, October 01, 2007

Artist dinner at The Rodeo Club in tired Mitte Friday for the Blame Canada Terence Koh/Judy LaBruce installation at Peres Projects. I ordered a plump steak, that was delish, but the dessert was lame, though i could have munched royally on the rump of the hot french waiter serving us. Javier Peres has most of his dinners at Rodeo Club, not for the food but because he likes the decor.
Adore the cute Peres Projects Gallery staff of young gals and guys, that included my precious big dicked Belgian humpster Michel Belague and Polish country boy Marcian, who now both work doing films for Terence Koh. Cheap gave Michel his first job here in Berlina documenting the revolutionary horror ride "It Happened to Me".


Saturday is the day of the performance, and i get stuck with pretty Aude at the Japanese hair salon and makeup studio because of the Berlin Marathon. We can´t get a taxi and i have to ride the S and U-bahn in full JewLee Cruz high drag. I barely make it to the gallery in time. The installation is a re-creation of the bar scene in David Lynch´s Fire Walk With Me, complete with a floor and ceiling glory hole. Bruce borrows some porn stars from the Wurst Film Stable. After i´ve been singing a while i get the audience worked up and i art direct a whorgy where one well endowed young German boy starts performing fellatio on one of the living pieces of sculpture and gets so excited that he ejaculates with a geyser like intensity all over juicy artist Dean Samashima, Diane Von Furstenberg and Mike Kelley, who left his own opening to attend this one, and i don´t think he appreciated getting sperm all over his clothing. I didnt have my glasses on, so the only people i saw first hand were Susanne Sach├če, Marc Siegel, Daniel Hendrickson of Cheap, Douglas Gordon, Anna of The Hebbel Theatre, Assaf Hochman of the Catherine Sullivan Company, DJ Snax, scribe Travis Jeppeson, Italian art collector and shoe designer Ernesto Esposito, gallery owner Javier Perez with his ginger Danish beau, Christophe Chemin, and Agatha Snow whose first Berlin solo show Eskimo Pussy is Mighty Cold was in the downstairs Peres Projects Gallery. The LaBruce/Koh installation served as also the opening party space for both shows. The beauty boys of Basso ran the living bar.
The next day i totally crashed, but was treated to a nice luncheon by Bay Area treasure Miss Jaina of Flatter Magazine with her earthy Israeli husband.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Invited to a fab feasty by Jamaican caterer to the Berlin shtars Troy Perez. Accompanied by the Blue Bros, Tim & Kjohnny and Tim´s new guypal David, who is also from Jamaica and is a concert pianist.
Costume fitting with young, pretty French designer Aude, who is making my gown for the Judy LaBruce/Terence Koh installation at Peres Projects called Blame Canada. Love sweet Aude´s cute young talented friends. Yes Immelda there are still some interesting youngsters out there. Gotta meet my luncheon date so i must end abruptly.