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Friday, March 25, 2005

Saw a very compeling Portuguese film, "The Talking Picture" by a 90-something year old director. The movie stars Catherine Denueve, Irene Papas and John Malkovich and although i missed the beginning because i was sitting in the wrong theatre for 20 minutes----gawd i hate that the Fairfax Theatre was turned into a cineplex. The entire premise of the film was intriguing and provacative, sort of like a an intellectual travelogue. The Talking Picture is an adequate title, because there is a lot of dialogue and very little action----being a wordsmythe that is my favorite type of motionpicture. Loved how the leads speak in French, Greek, Portuguese and Italian.

Also saw the new Woody Allen flick, "Melinda et Melinda" that stars Chloe Sivigny, that cute and cuddly British stud Jonny Lee Miller(doing a great American accent), Radha Mitchell, and comedian Will Farrell nicely substituting for Allen himself. Certainly one of the Wooders best in a string of very bad pics he's done lately. Its always an event seeing a Woody Allen moving picture, so i really can't fault him in any way, other then bedding his step daughter Soon Yi Previn, and hurting ex-girliefriend Mia Farrow.

He's still presenting an imaginary New York, bathed in a lovely Vilmos Zsigmund glow---of course Woody Allen's Man!hattan has absolutely no relavance to the modern world, but i kind of like that. He has his formula and he sticks right to it,to the bitter end, no matter what. You gotta give it to him for that.

Had high tea at movement artist and actress Jean Spinosa's Russian Quarter compound. Jean is a recent San Francisco transplant and a member of the Moveable Feast. What a sweet, delightful girl. We had a wonderous time together, and i sometimes forget how important it is to just socialize, i need to allow more time for that. Now that I'm being courted by a lot of European performance art festivals to create pieces, I've just been so careerist dyke oriented, which is unlike me. Its important to re-arrange my schedule to spend quality moments with young, creative artists like Jean who are so inspirational.