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Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Aztec Warrior who occasionally sends me emugs from the outpost of his sexual life is a bonafide phenomena on the Speaking From the Diaphragm blog. I´ve already encouraged him to start his own blogina—yes an old fashion spin-off like how The Jeffersons, and Maude were a spinoff of All in the Family. Staying true to form Azteca as I like to call him, sent me this little Burning Man addendum missive:
Oh Fechesita,
The festival was 6 days long for me, it's all a blur! At first i was a little uncomfortable about going by myself, even though i'd have friends at camp, last year i was with drew. so this year it is was great being on my own, with my own schedule and interests. I met this one cool dude who was from hollywood, tall skinny guy with long hair and at least a 10inch uncut white dick. we were talking about our tattoos, and the regular things, where are you from, etc. Once I said i lived in silverlake he was all cool since he lived in Hollywood. He was wearing a very short Sarong around his waist showing off his very lean body. So he had mentioned that some of the events reminded him of an art exhibit he had seen in Hollywood, i asked was it Vaginal Davis´ Platinum Oasis, he said, Yeah. So we had a cool talk about Platinum Oasis, we hung out for a couple of hours, he had pot, i smoked a bit, maybe 3 puffs, and then of course things turned very horny. I was very impressed with his penis, wow it was beautiful, so was his ass and he was cool and handsome, just a regular guy. so that was fun.
oh this was cool---my lesbian friend and i met two young cute french boys. we were doing this organized pub crawl. so the lesbian asked if they were together, they laughed and said no, were buds. oh, ok, cool. so as the pub crawl progressed and the booze flowed, these two boys were getting a little bit more and more daring. somehow, i became their big brother/sister and they stayed very close to me and my friend. a few people were asking if they could photograph the two boys, the boys would look at me as if waiting for my approval. they had fun getting pics taken, being flirted with and chatting with everyone. by the last bar, the lesbian tells me, check out the frenchies, well they were at the bar towards the end of all the craziness and the red head frenchie pie was on his knees sucking his little french buddies dick! it was hot, they switched back and forth a few times. when they saw us, they smiled and the lesbian asked the boys, wow that was sexy! the red head smiles and says, i think he's my boyfriend! she hugged them, they hugged us both while looking very nervous. i put my hand on both of their hearts and they both had pounding hearts. i told them that would be fine and that they needed to find a private place to get off otherwise they'd be uncomfortable. they were so cute the both turned beat red! One was 19 and the other was 20. I took a pic of them, they were not beauties, they were just nice cute young boys with natural hair, no shaved or plucked body parts
Just received this sweet invite from lovely art photog Elly Clarke who has her own gallery that reminds me of my own Hag Gallery-small, contemporary, haggard that I ran out of my apartment back in the mid 1980s. I won´t be able to go to her opening as i will be in the editing booth working on my Jack Smith-Live Film movie Memory Island.

You are invited to the Opening and Exhibition of SPLASHBACK. This is Clarke Gallery's first group show, celebrating nearly 12 months of exhibitions in the space. The artists are, in order of their appearance over the past year, CHRISTIAN SIEVERS, ELLY CLARKE, VICKY LUCAS, ALEXANDER HEATON, NATASHA WHEAT and LIZ FLETCHER. Work spans the mediums of painting, sculpture, artist books, sound art, print work, photography and video and will be shown throughout the gallery - in the kitchen, hall, bathroom and living room. Where else can you watch video art sitting on Elly's Granny's sofa?All work is also for sale at a very reasonable price.
Please join us for the opening night reception or during the following week, for a quieter interaction with the work. For further info please visit our website:
Opening Night: Saturday 26th September 19.00h-22.00h
and then open daily 28th September - 3rd October 17.00h-19.00h or by appointment.
Clarke Gallery
Friedelstrasse 52
12047 Berlin
Hinterhaus, 4. Stock. Bei Clarke Klingeln.

Friday, September 18, 2009

For those of you who enjoy reading the sex stories of some of my pals. Here is the latest hornirific tale from a Chicano lust bucket of the ages. Enjoy and tell me what you think.
My Dear Pinche Mayata Feya!
I have been thinking of my little Crenshaw Rose these past few days, I hope you and your stinky hole are well and in good spirits.
I have been busy and awkwardly unmotivated since my return to L.A. from Espana and then Burning Man. My one and only Mexican Republican friend tells me I’m off kilter because Mercury is in Retrograde. Hmmm, so we will blame it on Mercury and not the alcohol.
Burning Man was really a great time this year despite your opinions of the event. This years festivities had 53 thousand folks in the desert. I had a blast, as my young associates in the office would say. The eye candy was a bit overwhelming, after the 3rd day it becomes bothersome to see another beautiful young fit blond beauty walking around naked with his amazing golden ass on display and his big floppy penis bouncing in the air. I never thought a site of beauty would be so tiresome.
The gay activity was very hardcore this year or maybe I just didn’t see it last year. The vision that has been ingrained in my head is the following:
There was a really ripped hot shaved head blond guy about 28yrs old with a big and super thick dick on his knees sucking on 3 dudes standing in front of him. The three guys were regular guys, none of them were as hot as the cocksucker and none of them had big/huge cocks. All four guys are naked, the cocksucker was sucking all three cocks equally and hungrily. He’d go from one to the next and then maybe two at a time while the other was being rubbed in his face. It was a hot scene, but what followed just blew my mind. The cocksucker starts to feel his way around whoever is watching trying to unzip pants, underwear etc… I was watching and he was working his way trying to pull my underwear down and started to jack me to get me hard. At this point this Manly dude walks up to the scene, he’s about 6’4, built and in great shape, hot masculine face. He pulls down his pants and unleashes the biggest dick I have ever seen. The 3 guys getting sucked just stood there and the cocksucker looked at this Dick Monster with glazed eyes! He began sucking and everyone moved to make room and watch. The cocksucker could not handle the guys cock, it was clear to the crowd that the big dick dude was not getting satisfied with the skill of the cocksucker. The cocksucker was gagging and slobbering and trying to down this cock as the guy stood there getting a bit frustrated or bored. So the big dude moves the cocksucker, turns him around and spits in his hand, rubs his cock and starts to fuck the boy. It was practically a prison rape scene because the cocksucker arched his ass to take it, but I don’t think he was expecting how big the cock was, and how forceful of a top the guy was going to be. The big dick dude rammed the fuck out of the boy’s ass, the boy was almost screaming and then moaning and the crowd was frozen as our eyes were glued to what was happening. The dude was fucking the holy crap out of that cocksucker, he stopped, pulled out that huge Dick and turned the boy around, in the meantime we all see this huge dick covered in greenish looking shit! The dude then shoves that dirty dick into the cocksucker’s mouth! At this point I think we all learned the true definition of a Skull Fuck! The cocksucker was gagging, snot was running down his face, he was slobbering with tons of saliva and dookie, and chocking! The big dick dude put his fingers in the boy’s mouth to open it up wider, and gave him several really forceful throat slams until he unloaded in the cocksucker’s mouth. The dude stood there holding the guys head as his cock was rammed deep in his mouth and then the cocksucker started chocking as cum, saliva, and green shit were all coming out of the boy’s mouth. The entire crowd at this point is just standing and looking like: FUCK did we witness a crime--- what the fuck! He finally pulls his dick out and then pulls the cocksucker up to his feet, at that point we or I was surprised to see that the cocksucker was a big guy as well, lean and muscular with a hot ass and at least 6’2. The cocksucker’s eyes are red and teary, the big dick dude gives him a big deep kiss and then he leaves. The cocksucker wiped his face, asked for water, somebody gave him some water, he looked around and wiped his face again and then went to a corner and kneeled down again with a sad hungry puppy dog look. This dude walked up to the cocksucker and pulled out his dick and the cocksucker started sucking again, but this time the cocksucker was back in control. The crowd dispersed and the cocksucker continued sucking with some sort of biblical hunger.
It was fucken crazy!
So my own experiences were lame after this! On the 4th night I joined the group I was with in their Acid trip. So I took my first acid trip at Burning Man.. It was fun, I think my adrenaline prevented the acid from really taking affect. I felt odd, I felt really horny, but I can’t say I’d do acid again.
I met this hot married Jewish guy from London, he had this lean thuggish look, kind of like the Beastie Boy’s when they were young. This guy had a smoking slightly hairy ass! We had a Burning Man Bromance for 4 days, the guy loved uncut dick, so I’m down with that. I also met this really really good looking white boy at one of the gay clubs. He was all Koo Koo for Uncut Cocoa cock. This guy was from SFran, I saw his hot ass but paid little attention to him as I knew he was way out of my league. Well, he starts to talk to me and in a few minutes we are on a mattress getting all primal with our unwashed bodies, it’s unreal how hot we smell! So I look at the guy, my guess is he is about 22 yrs old, and I slap him on his face and tell him, Fuck you are beautiful. Well, that gave him a big fucken hard on and he tells me with a serious look on his face, „You are the guy I am looking for to spend the rest of my life with!“ I look at him and laugh. He tells me, nobody has ever done that to me. Well, the guy starts to suck on my chorizo, he is smelling my pitts, licking my body, I can’t do much because he is all over me. He pulls out a condom, and now I’m fucking him in public with folks watching and trying to touch us, well that doesn’t work for me. Some old guy was trying to finger fuck my ass while I was fucking the guy. I ask the touchy looky-lous to get away. Well, for some reason I am unable to cum and the guy has already shot his load, but I still keep fucking him, I pin him down and I’m now all aggressive and nasty trying to get my nut. He finally gets back into it and we are fucking again. . I pull out and he starts to suck on me again and I’m getting close. So I unload and I’m ready to make my way to my camp. This was day 4 around 5 pm or so, and my hot little Jewish thug had been showing up at my camp around dinner time, so I was was ready to split! This dude was a total revenge fuck for all the hot white dudes who just make me want to do some sort of Columbine number on them. Well, he thought we were going to be in some sort of Burning Man matrimonial bliss. He tells me let’s hold each other for a while. I’m all hey buddy, I have to make my way to camp to have dinner with my camp mates. He wanted my camp address, my real home addy, email and phone number. He thought we could hang when I was back in SFran and he was sharing with me how often he makes it to LA. Blah blah blah. This crazy fuck was serious about how destiny put us in the same place to fuck in a dusty tent and how I should consider the universe, and how it works and what are time meant together. I sat there naked with a limp dick sweaty and thought of my Grandma from Mexico. She used to say, „La Suerte de la Feya, Los Deseos de la Guapa!“ The luck of the ugly, the wishes of the beauty. Somehow her little saying came to my mind. In the meantime I’m ready to hang out with the hot Jewish thug with his hot ass and his pretty penis. You would have loved this Jewish guy, he was hot, a little nasty and rough, ---what a chunk of flesh--- just hot nasty sex crazy. On the last night after hanging out a few days, and after several long suck sessions and ass eating marathons, I finally got to fuck him. That was the hottest thing ever.

The stories could go on and on. I was a mess with alcohol, some pot, poppers-I get poppers now! I also ran into a work client, I knew he was a hot man, so it was fun to see a work client wearing a loin cloth and being himself. He was looking good for a 50 yr old man.
Oh my I forgot about this. I was at one of the gay dance clubs with the Jewish guy, we were dancing and someone gave us something to drink. We both took the drink and started to drink. On my second drink the Jewish guy tells me, Stop drinking, it’s spiked with something. So I immediately stopped and we emptied out our cups. We both drank some water and rinsed our mouths. I was unable to taste or detect anything, but he said the drink had the Date Rape drug. It was not more then an hour or so that the club slowly turned into this huge orgy. Fuglys were even in the action! It was like a scene from Caligula, it was hot! There were also a few straight couples getting all nasty. The sex took over the entire tent where the club was held, all you could see was dust circling, bodies all over each other, cocksucker’s sucking, hung dudes were fucking, bottom’s getting their fill, it was nasty. The Jewish guy and I ended up in some really long three-some with an Argentinean guy that I had met a day or so earlier as I helped him decipher the map in Spanish, I thought he was straight, but he was down with dick. It was intense, I was so fucken horny, I was able to fuck both of them, the scene made everyone crazy horny.
So there is my little experience with Burning Man. I met some really cool folks from Berlin, a young married straight couple, he had a nice ass! I also met a cool gay couple from Australia, one of the guys knew you from a New York drag show he participated in with you and a bunch of NY drag queens, he is no longer a drag queen but had very fond memories to share. He was a really cool guy with a young hot lover.
So Miss Thang, I think you need to make your way to Burning Man. If you can’t get any dick at Burning Man, well then you just need to shoot yourself and put yourself out of your Dickery.
Love and Kisses
Azteca Warrior

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The tourista season in Berlin is coming to an official close, but it seems like even more people flock to Berlina in the fall then in the Spring and Summer months. Those of you who are here in beautiful, but bleak Berlin and want some place to venture to here are a few suggestions: The brilliant art photog Annette Frick with her sexy boyfriend, the experimental film guru of Germany, Wilhelm Hein host a salon that features some of the more interesting people in the city.
LETZTER AUFRUF ! Am Sonntag den 20.9.2009 erinnern wir an Kurt Kren er wäre an diesem Tag 80 geworden. Wir zeigen original Arbeiten: Gemälde, Zeichnungen, Siebdrucke, Fotos von ihm und geben aus diesem Anlass Box 6 aus dem Nachlass heraus. Seine Filme sind ebenfalls zu sehen. Es erscheint: JENSEITS DER TRAMPELPFADE Heft 9 Kurt Kren gewidmet. Es beginnt schon um 16 Uhr wegen unerwartetem Besuch zu sehen: Kenneth Anger: DVD : ICH WILL Gerda Gritzka: DVD „Shit 2008“ Kurt Kren 16 mm Filme u.A. 20. September Evi Rüsseler/ Vaginal Davis: DVD Hipponarcissus , Annette Frick : Fotos, Len Lye :DVD Free Radicals, Wilhelm Hein: DVD?Warum nicht ? John Blue: Musik Lili Mühl: 3 Bücher: Penthi die Tänzerin, die Vampirziege, die Flugsaurier, Mad Angus: Musik, Tim Blue neue DVD, Ludwig Schönherr, neue DVD, Sissi Tax: Geld oder nicht Geld_Lesung, Gary Goldberg: DVD Plates mit Bill Rice und Taylormead, Hermoine Zittlau liest Juwelia Soraya und ZsaZsa Puppengesicht und Überraschungsgäste
U6 bis Seestr.
Renown British exPat Richard Hancock and his art partner Traci Kelly are getting their act together and taking it on the high road. . . . But me and my true love will never meet again on the bonnie bonnie banks of Loch Lomond.
A seven-day workshop with Richard Hancock & Traci Kelly, exploring issues of collaboration and risk (September 16-22, 2009), and a live performance of Iconographia (September 24, 2009) as part of Escrita na Paisagem in Evora, Portugal.
(see for details)
A live performance of Traci Kelly's In Season, the second of Hancock & Kelly's Lone Duets as part of EPAF 09 in Warsaw, Poland - October 16-18, 2009.
(see for details)
NOW AVAILABLE-ENCOUNTERS: Performance, Photography, Collaboration - MANUEL VASON
Encounters is a new and extensive collection of Manuel Vason's photographic collaborations with artists working in performance. Published by Arnolfini to accompany the first major exhibition of Vason's work in the UK, and edited by Dominic Johnson, Encounters brings together exciting new critical essays on Vason's collaborative images.
(see for details)
Had a lovely time filming a short flicker for French/German(new)-new wave director Rad Minet and the Chocolate Grinder Film kollective which includes LovesexyTasty Tim, Little Alex of Macedonia, Morning Becomes Electra! I Love Louisa la Gamine Brooks and cute cuddly curly haired Tenacious Tillman. The Chocalate Grinder crew are the most talked about young filmmakers in all of Europe. Remember you first heard about them hear at the number one Tussi blog Speaking from the Diaphragm.

Monday, September 14, 2009

The return of Rising Stars, Falling Stars at Arsenal Institute für Film und Videokunst; after a sommer pause was spectacular with an SRO screening of Eisensteins The Strike from 1924. The Blue Brothers Tim & kJohnny were creatively mischieveous with their live film score using a varied array of subjective components that added a new layer to the filmic proceedings. I decided to add a new addendum to Eisensteins 1923 manifesto The Montage of Attractions by stating that a film isn´t a film unless it features the bare buttocks of a cute Mexican boy.
After the screeningliving it up in high style in the Rote Foyer Proletkult, Arsenal Empress Ms. Stefanie Schulte Strathaus who will be heading off to the Toronto Film Festival where she will be staying with Canadian Film legend John Greyson who has caused quite an international uproar this year. I´m sure if you google the filmmakers name and or Brand Israel you can retrieve all the info from the WWW. Gorgeous scholar Nicole Wolf on sabbatical from her teaching post in London was her usual delightful self along with Scandanavian video artist Gunsi Holstrom who is always a vivacious presence. Wonderful also seeing handsome Irish experimental film god Paul Rowley chit chatting with Wilhelm Hein and his art photog gal pal Annette Frick who gave La Davis a wonderful gift of a portable typewriter. Does anyone remember those quaint items from the last century? Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras and his hunky beau Enrico Dallman were turning lots of heads. Joel is off for his big tour of North America to support his new LP Origin:Orphan. There were so many celebs i don`t know where to begin in naming them all so I will just give you an olde school listy: Tavia Nyongo, the Kenyan NYU scholar who is related to President Barach Obama with his very pretty sister,Sasha of bbooks with husband, The Chocolate Grinder Film Kollective of Little Alex of Macedonia, Tasty Tim, Rad Minet, Morning Becomes Elektra!, with posse, LA fashion designer Cornel Collins, artists Maggie Schneider, Isabelle Spengler, Richard Hancock & Marc Arthur fresh from his Hamburg visual art success, new Berliner of just five days Toru Hayashi, hip hop singer Speech DeBelle, handsome raven haired art schtar Mark Boal, writer Kaylie Jones with Constand d'Aubigne`, director R.J.Cutler of the new documentary film The September Issue which features one of my best girlfriends Anna Wintour of Vogue.
To all of you out there who emailed me wanting to know more about my job interview at Lund Universities Malmo Art Akademy, sorry I am not purposely trying to be mysterious, its just that it was such a bizarre experience I am still finding it difficult to process. A formal rejection letter would have been nice, but i really don´t even expect that from them. My Scandanavian academic confidantes told me that the cattle call approach to hiring is typical in Sweden, and that this particular school has been going through major upheaval of the Nordic Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev variety.