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Thursday, July 13, 2006

My other Rice cousin Connie Rice, just published the controversial Rampart Report about the LA Police Department's relationship with the minority community, and in it she makes the same prediction that I've constantly warned---Namely that something big is about to burst that will make the LA Riots of '65 and '92 look like an English country garden party. Yes, when civil war in the USA happens, like every other trend, it will begin in Los Angeles. Beware and take heed.
On a sad note another pal of mine died recently. Tracy Thielan of Action Box Records and the quirky band Tracy and the Hindenburg Ground Crew. Tracy was 43 and overdosed. His band use to perform regularly at my old Club Sucker in Silverlake, Tracy's famous friends Viggo Mortensen and Quentin Tarantino would always come to support him. Tracy was a loveable burly queen with an eye for a young boy with a pretty face and plump package. He even got to suck off Viggo once.
Was at a mainstream bookstore the other day and started reading Scar Tissue, by Anthony Kiedes of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I'm the same age as Anthony and Flea, and we ran in the same circles so a lot of their memories of the 80s and 90's are also my memories. Fertile La Toyah Jackson even went to Fairyfax High School with them along with Timothy Hutten, Michele Green of LA Law fame and Bryon Allen (nee Foulks) I was surprised that while Anthony mentions Gary Allen in the book, he doesn't go into any of he and Flea's homo escapades, which were as numerous as their hetero adventures. Gary Allen for those of you who don't remember or weren't born yet, was this big, black faggot singer who was vaguely R&B new wave---very pleated pants/shoulder pads, and more or less was the sugar daddy and pimp of Flea who did a little bit of hustling in his youth. Flea has a notoriously large schlong that many a mansis coveted. Gary was featured in the same special issue of Interview Magazine that highlighted me and my Afro Sisters in the mid 1980s. The issue with Cindy Lauper on the cover, and the last one actually supervised by Andy Warhol himself.
i was recently clocked for my love affair with musician John Dragonetti of the band The Submarines. Why does everyone get into my sex business? If you all must know the details, let me set the record straight. Our thingy was more a slight fling, and now John is happy to be back with his true lady love Blake Hazard who incidentally is the great grandaughter of F. Scott Fitzgerald.
Yes, yes and more yes. I still occasionally hook up with the basketball player Vladimir Radmanovic. I call him my tall baby vampire. He looks a lot younger then his 25 years. Go ahead say it, I'm robbing the cradle AGAIN. The poor kid looked disapointed when i didn't get excited about his new contract with The Lakers, but what do i care about Sports.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


One of my favorite golden era Hollywood stars died, June Allyson. She had one of the brightest, warmest smiles in tinseltown and a sexy husky voice. She wasn’t the best singer or dancer, but made up for it with that MGM charm. I loved her in the 1947 musical Good News opposite Peter Lawford, and Best Foot Forward(1943) with Lucille Ball, Nancy Walker and Gloria deHaven who she also starred with in Two Girls and a Sailor (1944) that featured sloppy holed faggots Van Johnson and Tom Drake. She was also known for being the remake queen of the mid 50s starring in remakes of It Happened One Night and The Women. One of her best dramatic films was a little known flicker called The Shrike (1955) co-starring Jose Ferrer, which I remember seeing on TV late at night in the mid 1970s. Ms. Allyson went against type and portrayed a harpy’s harpy. She was marvelous.