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Friday, May 06, 2022

mechanisiertes haariges Stampfen

 mechanisiertes haariges Stampfen

saddened beyond belief at the recent death of the great Howie Pyro of D Generation and Danzig fame. Howie was one of those all things punk and obscure musicale expertines. Plus he was also a very cherished, sweet and lovely human being, who like Tomata du Plenty, Craig Lee, and that genius Kari Krome was always so very supportive of all my crazed music and artsy fartsy ideas and pretentious productions.

Like so many others in the punk and post punk cosmos I will miss and never forget him in front of or behind the Green Door.

Alice Bag and Howie Pyro 1978.

Tuesday, May 03, 2022


Anna Lucast has had it with Angelo & Maxxie`s.

Ignoring all the red and vermillion flags at full and half mast she pressed on because she thought that maybe this time she got lucky, maybe this time he´ll stay.

Maybe this time, for the first time love won´t hurry away. She was holding fast.

She is home at last.

Not a loser any more, like the last time and the time before.

Everybody loves a winner so nobody loved her of course. 

 Lady Peaceful, Lady Happy thats what she longed to be.

When all the odds aren´t in her favour. Somethings bound to begin. Its gotta happen.

Happen sometime. 

Maybe this time she´ll win.