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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Everyone's favorite ex-Runaway Ms. Kari Krome always sends me the best emugs. Her last one caused a riotous response with my getting notes from all over the world about it. I've known Kari for way over 20 years now. She created and wrote songs for the infamous all-girl group The Runaways, with her then lover Joan Jett, now she lives in New York City, and i adore hearing her latest exploits. You will too:

the dolls were amazing, david johansen really funny,doing his amos and andy routine, i must say for an oldcoot, he wwas kinda fine. i was surprised. and thenthe stooges were amazing, iggy was screaming atsecurity, "let those people up here, let em up here,come up here and dance, take over, take over, fuckthese motherfuckers, come on up!" mind you this was an event with thousands of people outdoors, and the stage was flooded with peopledancing and hanging onto iggy, and he was passing them the mike, and all these kids were screaming and singing into it, and iggy had the whole place singing the words to the songs back to him. everyone was all around him and behind him shaking thier fists and screaming and going ballistic like RAAARRR, were iggysgang. it was so cool. that dude is in his 50's, and he was whip shit in shape and dancing and mugging and flinging himself around like a 20 year old. truly the most exciting performer ive ever seen. just an amazing set. i was like holy shit,only he could incite a riot, and not let it get itoutta hand. he had the crowd eating outta his hands.

he tried to get into the audience, but security keep yanking him back. i mean ha ha, iggys up there screeeching:
i stick it-deep inside, i stick it-deep inside, andthe audience roars back, CAUSE IM LOOSE!woooooo! a great time was had by all.
ps- i called you so you could hear Nancy Sinatra, theDolls, and iggy on my fowley was MCing the event, and i was mortified, I spend the whole day ducking him, and he was still wearing that 25 year old yellow pimp suit. the dolls sang "you cant put your arms around a memory" and dedicated it to johhny, and i actually got chocked up and started to cry, and left and went around to the back of the stage so no one would see me cry.

Was hired to DJ this GenArt Prohibition style party at the Henry Fonda/Music Box Theatre on Hollywood Blvd. Limo picks me up at 4:30 from my MacArthur Park studio. The driver is a crusty looking thing----yuk! The dressing rooms are nice, luckily Michele Carr my drag daughter and directrice of the Velvet Hammer Heritage Burlesque Review got some stage hands to turn on the air. The event turned out swell, i was the early evening DJ during the VIP shenanigans. I'm always been offered gigs like this and I usually turn them down, but for whatever reason i said yes to this and I'm glad i did, as they treated me really well. I didn't know anything about this organization, but Michele said that they are friends with Laurie Pike of Glue Magazine fame, so my instincts about participating were right on the mark. My only complaint and it is minor, was that there was no food for the artists, and no one to attend to our libation needs. I must admit I've been spoiled by doing parties in New York and Europe where everything is catered royally, and they usually assign several very cute boys to just stand around making sure that I'm entertained, and stuffed with food and drink. One of the interns did bring me some candy and cookies, but i was starving, and needed some real food. Its my own fault in that i didn't have my assistant Gleeson stress that this diva is HIGH maintenance and, like a train must be fed. Wish i could have stayed to see the Velvet Hammer perform, but i had to be up early for a power breakfast meeting.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Heather "Wiener Dog" Matarazzo and her lesbian girlfriend came by Bricky's on friday. I would have never thought that the star of "Welcome to the Doll House" was a daughter of Bilitis. Go fig. Also P.J. Harvey came by and kept a very low profile. I took a picture with her and a friend and she wanted a picture of me on her camera. The Fishnet Floozys--Anna Bells and Nickie Novak put on a rousing show as part of our salute to Baby Frances Gumm. Lots of very kute young kids in the audience, nice intimate gathering.
Met a sweet young Chilean boy named Jose Promis who i may try and groom into the next Mr. Uncertain. He's a sweet kid with a nice singing voice. We'll see what develops
Sunday it was the reading of BlueBeard by Charles Ludlam at Stephen's silverlake compound. Mark Simon is directing and i have the role of Lamia the Leopard woman, that was originally played by Mario Montez. Had a lot of phun the the boys from The Boyfriend and later we all splashed about in the pool.
Daddy Athey had me bartending at his preview for "The Judas Cradle". This a opera that he wrote with Julianna Snapper and Sean Griffith. My papa Athey can really sing. Wow!!! everyone was so surprised. He has put so much work in this new piece, its a guaranteed hit. Quite beautiful. Julianna is so amazing, and the hot cello player really got my gonads going. lots of hot stars in the audience like Kembra of Karen Black, the great Johanna Went, Cadillac Joe Donnelly, Divinity Fudge, osseas labyrinth, Shari Frilot looking sexy with a new gal pal and Cathy Opie.