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Monday, October 27, 2008

Met with Ruth, the sweet young lesbian film editor of my Berlin Stories and Cheap Rumourville series. We hung out at the Cheese Endique Trifecta snacking, drinking vino and planning our next film shoot Valse Brilliant.
Handsome, studly baby diaper Joel Gibb joined us for a bit then i accompanied Mr. Diaper to the Schwuz Club at Mehringdamn where he was Djing along with Noblesse Oblige´s Val and Sebastiane. Had a great time, and actually danced a bit with a muscular German named Enrico who is friends with Sebastiane of Cheap Jewelry. When a man can dance you know he is great in the proverbial sack. Also danced and flirted with tall swarthy juicemonger Mattias who is pals with Laila, the pretty Iranian girl who brought me out to McGill University in Montreal last year. Bumped bush with this young fabulously fit Kraut comedian. He´s a humpy dork, but super sexy and pals with the famous Teutonic blondine comic Oliver Poocher. I also flit & floated with Yussi from Basso, Christian Siekmieir of Exile Gallery and Travis Jeppeson. Speaking of lovesexy Travis , i´ve been writing some new songs and may be joining Mr. Jeppeson and DJ Snax aka Paul Bonomo in a new music project called Tenderloin. Invited to participate in a group museum show at the Arco Madrid Internacional de Arte Contemporaneo by guest curator Dr. Jose Munoz of NYU. The theme is sexual failure, something i hate to admit I am an expert in.
The Manhattan Review of Unnatural Acts. The American Journal of Cocksucking and Current Affairs. The Saturday Evening Ass Licker. Sperm Illustrated. The Rimmer´s Digest.
Went to the Billy Miller STH-In Cock We Trust/Al Baltrop Pier Photographs exhibition at the new Exile Gallery at Alexandrinenstrasse 4 in Kreuzberg. Quite a scene. Lively and fun unlike most galleries in Berlin town. The spirit of Boyd McDonald was very much evident. Kudos to gallerist Christian Siekmieir on the wonderful space that is divided into two sections. A ground floor where the STH installation commands, and a penthouse annex where Al Baltrop´s beautiful textured photos are presented. Billy Miller is in residence for the rest of the month and will also present a program of STH inspired films at Basso and for this year´s Porn Film Festival. There is no one i adore more then Mr. Miller. He is one of my oldest, dearest sisters in the clothe. Coming out to pay tribute: film historian Marc Siegel, Scandanavian Muslim Daniel Hendrickson, the Blue Bros: kJohnny & Tim, society girl Aastin Brooks, who is the great niece of silent film star Louise Brooks, Anna Muelter of the Hebbel Theatre, opera boy Little Alexander the Great with his Francophile posse, experimental film legend Wilhelm Hein with lovely and talented art photographer girlfriend Annette Frick, super sexy black fashion designer Cornel Collins, Arnaud Pierre of Kaiserine Magazine, Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras, movie mogul J├╝rgen Bruning with right hand girl the vivacious Kiki Petersen, teenage writer and beauty boy Travis Jeppeson with yummy Slovakian lover Mario, Berlin´s Turkish gay art guru Yussi of Basso, academic Frank Wagner, downtown New York legendina John Heys, director Todd Verow, DJ Erik D.Clark, 80s make-up star Andreas Bernhardt and Roy the cute diminutive strawberry blonde Israeli scholar who brought along his high maintenance big tittied Swedish ginger researcher friend. I was the only one who found this man amusing. Everyone else was running away from him.
What makes STH so incredible is a presentation with not a trace of the grim seriousness and repression so characterstic of our dead culture. No pretenses, nothing fake. Humour, sex, looseness. Everything that is needed right now.
It was a pleasure getting to know Billy Miller´s wonderful South Afrikan friend who married well in Manhattan and came to Berlin to help install in Cock We Trust. Why isn´t Vaginal Davis married to a wealthy high society physician? At my age i deserve to be taken care of, it is so taxing living from hand to mouth.