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Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Before spiriting off to Prague with CHEAP, one of my dearest, oldest girlfriends from the old days Ms. Alice Bag came to Berlina to visit lil olde nelly me.
I've known Missy Alice aka Alicia Armandariz Velasquez before the rains of Ranchipur and floods of Gegamesch. The queen of LA punk rock and her young mega chorizo husband Jailbait took a pitstop in Berlin before their major holiday in Budapest. Its been over ten years since we've last seen each other, but we easily picked up where we left off. Alice or Sad Girl her name in our band Cholita, the Female Menudo, looks healthy and very beautiful with her hair in a bright pink bob.
She came bearing gifts of the Magi in the form of her new self titled LP which I can't wait to add to my playlist when I Djane at events. The record was 40 years in the making as Alice has never put out a formal release in her 4 decades long career as a pioneering feminist musician and artiste extroidinaire. Hard to believe but true.
I love how Alice keeps herself current with connections with younger musicians and students mentoring at college & universities throughout the U.S. She also brought me a plethora of new generation zines with titles like Pizza Face, The Undesirable Black Girl, Trans Lives Matter, Post-Depression Blues, Mala, I'm a Trap Girl, Noche de Jotiar and the self esteem and body issue pictoral by one of my most gifted LA children now all grown up into a lovesexy young man and creative juggernaut Rudy Bleu. Alice also gave me a copy of Rudy's beyond genius Chicano pinga y nalgas mix tape Sancho Saturday Night. Orale Mijo!
Alice y Jailbait will come back through Berlin after Budapest, so hopefully we can spend more time with each other catching up on every little thing like her tour of the USA.
The next morning I was in a good mood and off to Prague with CHEAP fearless leader Susanne Sachsse and Marcuse Siegelstein on what must have been one of the hottest days of the year. The four hour train ride was smooth, and I simply adored the mid century Communista Park Hotel where all the party leaders would host their whorgies.
Handsome highcheekboned Jacob of the Goethe Institut Praha picked us up from the hotel promptly at noon and took us to a festive luncheon at the cute traditional food cafe Potrefena Husa. I had been told that the food in Prague wasn't very good, but we all liked what was put before us scarfing it down with abandonment. We weren't staying in the touristy section of the city, but in an area that was outside of the olde town and was pretty empty as the locals hightail it to their summer cabins. Jacob took us to an old amusement park that was pure carny heaven like in the 1978 film starring Jodie Foster and Gary Busey. I even braved the rickity analog funhaus and dangerous bumber cars, that have no padding so when you collide its immediate trauma for your knees and neck. There was no way I was getting on the roller coaster which I didn't think could handle my enormous two tons of fun. It was nice to be able to do something other then just work, but since we weren't on holiday we did go straight into workmode meeting with Pavel Bicek the young director of the Mezipatra Queer Film Festival and his charming crew to check out the space at the oppulent Lucerna Theatre. Because of the hot weather I found myself melting away while we were being escorted around town looking at site specific locations. I was starving by the time Jacob took us to dinner at the delightful Peperoncino Restaurant where we sat in the expansive garden. Joining us for dindin was Adam Budak the head curator of the National Gallery. Adam has been a CHEAP supporter for over a decade having brought CHEAP to Poland back in 2003. It was lovely having a reunion with him and enjoying a Czech feast.
Poor Fearless Leader Susi was suffering from a summer cold, but she didn't let that detract or derail her. She is the ultimate trooper. We also enjoyed a delightful meal at a small boite near the hotel called U Zlatych Rucicek Restaurant. Adam gave Marcuse and I a private tour of the giant National Gallery which is across the street from our hotel housed in what had once been a Roaring 20s Dept Store. The National Gallery boasts one of the oldest collections in the world as we went through what seemed like endless gorgeous rooms and mind altering artworks. Adam is a former student of Douglas Crimp so he has so much enthusiasm and joy as he talks about his curatorial vision for the museum. He also gifted us with a copy of Generosity-The Art of Giving a thick coffee table art book released in conjunction with the museums 220th anniversary. Adam and Michaela Pejcochova being the books editors.
Leaving Prague was difficult. It was my first visit and I was mesmerized by all that eye candy on the streets in the form of attractive young tourists from all over the world dressed in their skanties because of the hot temps. Plus the sheer beauty of the ancient city.

The train back to Berlin seemed to take forever. The air conditioning kept going out and the wagons were packed with people standing throughout. Thank Goddess Freya we had reserved seats.
Kisses to Jacob, Adam, Pavel & Company for all the langorous hospitality.