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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Camera Lucinda Childs Obscura

The Vagimule horsey faced cheesey dry cactus pussy is still majorly jet lagged and excremental for brains in New Yorika. Having a marvelous time with all the beautiful and talented young artists collaborating with us on this massive Magic Flute project at NYU WSE Gallery. Its been non-stop action and long, long working hours. First event was a major success as the Goethe Institut NYC invited CHEAP fearless leader Susanne Sachsse and I to do a presentation at their glorious new location in Union Square. La frau Sachsse was flawless in every way presenting her artist talk Ready For My Next Self Display that featured clips from her art installation Series Ladies, films and theatre pieces with Bruce LaBruce and CHEAP kollektiv and manifestos on female agency in theatre and film.I was shocked by the amount of people who came out on a school nite. Enjoying a post lecturina glass of vino: Wenzel Bilger the handsome and studly director of the Goethe Inst who took us for a divoon sushi dinner later in the evening. Fashion writer extroidinairet Glenn Belverio with tight bodied Spanish art collector Mark Morgan Perez, NYU's 80 WSE Gallery director Jonathan Berger, Chicano Artiste Sean Carrillo who is also the child bride of Warhol star Bibbe Hansen, the enchanting first art sisters of lower Manhattan Ela Troyano and Carmelita Tropicana, Lauren Pine aka Nurse Pain the former fetish model, and fashion coordinator for the House of Field(Before Sex&the City) who gave up the glamour life to pursue a meaningful career as a registered nurse, Brooklyn based young poet and performer Max Steele with his posse of youthquakers, Bring Your Own Body Cooper Union curators Jeanne Vaccaro and Stamina Gregory, German film ingénue and huge Susanne Sachsse fanatic David Kross with a gaggle of MIX Festival juicies one of whom has a tattoo of the face of Vaginal Davis on the lower part of his body, as well as tats of singers P.J. Harvey and Grace Jones. Lady Vaginal D wearing a Grecian styled Rick Owens couture gown, with hair by Akira Knightley was totally flattered that anyone would put her crusty mug on their torso.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Manhattan Review of Unnatural Acts

So sorry my darling Vaginista's for not writing for so long anything new on the old blogina, but I am sooooo jet lagged here in New Yorika that other then my duties working on the NYU/CHEAP kollektiv performative installation of the Magic Flute with my fearless leader Susanne Sachsse I haven't had barely anytime to even properly breathe. I am in New York for work work and more work and not a holiday. The weather in Manhattan is warm and breezy I gather due to global warming and I am being housed in a cute railroad flat in Union Square with a terrace overlooking the park. I can't figure out how to work the TV set, but thats just one minor problema. Billy Miller of Straight to Hell Magazine who is one of the most sexiest creatures on the planet took me and Susi to the AT&T store to get lokal sim cards for our German mobile phones. Billy also treated us to Margaritas at a tiny Mexican boite, and boy did we need them. Susi usually never suffers from jet lagged but on this trip its hit her as hard as its momma say knock u out to my elderline selfsis.

Thanks a kazillion to my boss Stefanie Schulte Strathaus at Arsenal Institut fur Film und Video Kunst who hosted a wonderful Empanada dinner party for me and Scandinavian Muzlim Daniel Hendrickson at her Wrangelkiez compound that was just too divoon. Empress Stefanie's flat has a huge terrace overlooking the drug deals of Gorlitzer Park and is decorated in her lovesexy minimalist style that is just perfect in every way. I am already missing Stefanie and the humpy Muzlim jihadist Daniel who along with his hotsy totsy Italio/German lover Piero Bellomo took me for a farewell dinner at a mucho delicious Chinese restaurant on Akazien Strasse in Schoneberg. Been working so hard with my child of high art Jonathan Berger and 80 WSE Gallery angel Jess. Fashion scribe Glenn Belverio took me to this wonderful old time kosher diner on 3rd Avenue that has been in continuous operation since the 1920s. The food was cheap for Manhattan standards and so comforting. A lot of the olde style restaurants are no more here, but I am so glad that a few remain untarnished by the evils of gentrifornication. I promise to dispatch more so please be patient with me.