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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Die Hitze hat die beiden eingelullt

Rising Stars,Falling Stars-We Must Have Music was simply divoon Sunday evening despite a heat wave. Was surprised that a crowd showed up to Kino 2 instead of patronizing the many lakes around Berlin for the last warm weekend of summer. The short subject program consisted of one Polish animation film and two Georgian delights plus the 1960s electronic offering of the music variety review Shindig. The latter featured a handsome and lithe Sam Cooke singing The Tennessee Waltz - a political statement if ever there was one. It also showed a very young Bobby Sherman in his first incarnation of a pop singer, before he had his long-on-the-tooth shag hair cut in the early and mid 1970s trying to steal the thunder from David Cassidy. The celebutantes in the audience enjoying white wine spritzer during the after screening reception: Ali Jenka the handsome big peniled Vienna art shtar with kollectiv Gelatin and his sexy Baby Papilein Gunther Gerdes, filmmaker Angela Christlieb who directed a nutty documentary called Naked Opera that I actually saw at the Berlinale in the Panorama Section about this ill fugly opera queen with a degenerative disease obsessed with Don Giovanni and the bland porn starlet Jordain Fox. Miss Angela and her Greek active beau Chris are now making a documentary about Gelatin called Where is Gelatin? Also scene & herdy-Berlin’s best DJane Jimmy Trash, film editor Martha Enderlein, Petra of the Filmmuseum Frankfurt’s GoEast Festival, humpy choreographer Tao Ye of Tao Dance Theatre, Gus Wenner the cutesy 25-year-old shaggy-haired son of Jann Wenner and Scion to the Rolling Stone publishing empire with his juicy significant other OShea Jackson Jr. who asked to take a pic with la diva Ms. Davis. My former student Acme Singt told me after the fact that the young robust Mr. Jackson is the son of rap star Ice Cube or is it Ice T? I always get them mixed up---shows you how much I know about hippity hop. Looking quite fetching the ItalioGerman designer of La Colleczione Piero Bellomo with his husband Daniel Hendrickson, the Scandinavian Muzlim who was in fine form accompanying me on klavier, Marcuse Siegelstein who was substituting for the divine Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus who was on important Arsenal business in Venice Italy, socialite Martyn LeNoble, tyro actor Miles Teller with Hamburg based junior painting sensation Leon Loewentraut who is obsessed with the make-up drawings and sculpture of Ms. Davis. My other former student from when I taught in 2007 at Weissensee Art Akademy Christophe DeRohan Chabot tells me that Mr. Loewentraut is only 17 years old the poor blondine child. Special thanks and shout outs to those girls of perfection Salome Gersch and Kathrine who are part of the Arsenal administrative and hospitality crew.  Salome and Kathrine are so on top of everything and super organized and just downright amazing.  Special kudos to Arsenal expert projectionist Axel Lambretta for saving the day and retrieving Shindig from the vaults for us at the last minute.