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Friday, August 30, 2013


Rising Stars, Falling Stars-We Must Have Music has been breaking box office attendance records lately and the recent screening of the documentary Thelonius Monk-Straight No Chaser proves that Berlin has a whole lot of jazz fans. As not to compete with the dazzling piano playing of Mr. Monk Daniel Hendrickson the Jewish Muslim switched to the Ude in accompanying Ms. Davis as she read her zany text. The stars all came out as this summer evening shone brightly with quite an array of notables beginning with rock god Michael Stipe of REM who moved to Berlin with his hot French lover the art photog Thomas Dozol. In the Stipe entourage was luscious world class DJane extroidinaire Ms. Honey Dijon looking like a teenager without a bit of make-up on, Joel Gibb the Baby Diaper leader of the Canadian folk music collective The Hidden Cameras,Portland Oregon musical duo Daniel Hindman and Sarah Versprille,French tennis sensation Yannick Agnel and A-list Hollywood shtar Ryan Gosling in-cognito. Also seen: Film historians Marc Siegel and Christian Weber with his lovesexy psychoanalyst pal Jan Lindmeyer who is my neighbour in the Rote Insel kiez and their 18 year nubile friend Hans, Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus was in animated discussion during the after screening wine reception with gorgeous Bolivian/German theorist Max Jorge Hinderer Cruz, Nanna Heidenreich, Nico Siepen of bbooks who also teaches art in Norway,feminist artist Roswitha Baumeister from the legendary West Berlin PELZE collective of the 1980s with niece, filmscholar Britta Hartmann and filmmaker Christian Petzold. Looking amazing as usual was Trixie Schoenherr aka: Beatrice Cordua with Dr. Tonja van Helden, tech artist Zach Blas and his adoreable beau Andrew Hibbard, young Greek active artist Yorgos Sourmelis the Ottoman Byzantine and a bevy of German actors who must be Monk fans-Pit Bukowski, Juergen Vogel who is a juicy tiny muscular pud with large gaps between his teeth which I adore, Florian David Fitz who looks very dull and patrician like an Evangelische politician,big peniled blondine David Kross, Jochen Schrupp and Marco Kruezpainter.

The other evening was invited to the famous east side table of Susanne Sachsse where she cooked a scrumpdelicious meal of Capricious Beef on carmelized red carrots with a Charles Aznavour toss that consisted of roasted almonds, zucchini and habibi olive oil in honor of Judy Chelsea Manning LaBruce who was in town editing his film version of Pierrot Lunaire before trotting off to the Venice Film Festival with his other movie the granny bopper tale Geritolphelia. A hilarious time was had by all with plenty of hooting and hollering until the wee hours. Earlier I had gone to see Dr. Minx with Marc Siegel. I have high blood pressure still and Dr. Minx told me to eliminate all breads, salt and cheese from my diet and start a rigorous exercise campaign. So if anyone in Berlin who plays tennis wants a sparring partner contact the doll via Glee Brevard my assistant on my web site. After our doctor visit Professor Siegel took me to luncheon at this new Asian fusion place in Kreuzberg called Com A that had the cutest Vietnamese girls on staff and one very lovely gaysian boy.