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Friday, January 02, 2004


Saw the new Julia Roberts flick "Mona Lisa Smile". I’m not a big Ms. Roberts fanatic, but she does have some filmic charm and more personality then Meg Ryan or Sandra "Dullard"Bullocks. The pic was actually quite lovely. I adore Julia Stiles and she really conveyed the period better then any of the other actresses. Maggie Gyllenhaul was also a standout, and the young nerdy actor who was pursuing the wallflower girl. I really wanted him-BIG TIME!!!! Poor Kirsten Dunst. She is way too young to look so old.

Tuesday, December 30, 2003


Saw Robert Altman’s new ballet movie "The Company". For some reason it kept reminding me of his 70s films "Quintet" and "A Wedding" I liked it. Neve Cambell was surprisingly good for once. I guess she started off as a dancer back in her native Canucky. Also that lush James Franco kept giving me a boneaid. Little Jimmy needs to become my sex husb. One thingy that Mr. Altman really got down was the bad fashion sense of dancers. They have hot bodies, but outside of tights they always choose the worst clothing combinations.

Monday, December 29, 2003


Got this emug from my olde punque rock pal Bob who lives in the Southwest and has been a fixture in that regions alterna scene for years.

"I know this is horrible news, but it is true, Dave Nash just called me and told me about it. But all he knew so far is that Chris (ex meat
puppet and close friend of long time past) was with his girlfriend at the Post Office and for whatever reason, and I don't have all the facts
straight yet, but a policeman tried to arrest him and he grabbed the club from the cop and started beating him with it, then he gets shot in the back by another cop. This is really hurtful news for me because the last I heard was that he was doing quite well and laying off the
crack and just sticking to his small dose of daily methadone--like most of us ex-heroin addicts. But if anyone has any MORE news that I'm
missing about this, PLEASE fill me in, as I'm calling his ex-girlfriend
right now to tell her about it.

luv all,


"Junk is the ideal product.... the ultimate merchandise. No sales talknecessary. The client will crawl through a sewer and beg to buy....The junk merchant does not sell his product to the consumer, he sells
the consumer to his product. He does not improve and simplify hismerchandise. He degrades and simplifies the client. He pays his staff in junk."
--William Burroughs


Alan Bates died. He was one of my favorite British actors. The only part he played that I didn’t care for was when he was opposite Bette Midler in The Rose.

I love his homoerotic nude wrestling match with Oliver Reed in Women in Love. I useto have such a crush on Oliver Reed, especially his role in the movie Oliver.


Did I mention that I attended a gorgeous birthday dinner party for Lenny, the young elder, the owner of the Parlour Club. Yes the food was heavenly all vegan, and what a healthy, luxor-ious feast it was. I could easily become a vegetarian, eating morsels of that magnitude. The chef was none other then the beautiful Daphne Cousineau, late of Vivende-Universal. Daphne and her husband Olivier have a sweet baby son who is just 3 months old. What an incredible child! I don’t like children, but I immediately fell in love with this one. What a perfect baby. Never cried or fussed once. Olivier and Daphne are returning to France, which really makes me sad. I adore them. Got to also meet Olivier’s younger brother. What a stone foxxxx, with his dark hair, and pale pre-raphelite skin. Yum yum. Also at the party was the director of the movie, "A River Runs Through It" He was nice and charming, but I forgot his name. If I’m not interested in sleeping with someone its difficult for me to remember them. Sorry.