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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Swarthmore College is lovely. Ashton House which I've renamed Ashy House is a campus guest residence for visiting dignitaries. I have a cozy room in the large stone manor, with lots of windows and a wraparound balcony. The place has the feel of a mortuary, and i wind up turning into a corpse after my first night---not able to sleep because its too damn quiet and peaceful. I'm an urban lady and i need lots of gunshots and buzzing helicopters overhead to get a proper rest.
The students are friendly and eager to open their young minds to all sorts of possibilities. This is very refreshing as most college students these days are completely blank----they only go to school because its a necessity to have a decent paying job. I adore the Swatty's. They are truelly uncommon women & others, to quote ms. Wendy Wasserstein. As i trolled the campus i noticed lots of humpy bucks in short shorts and flip flips in the cold 39 degree weather. yummy eye candy abounding.
Sublime dinner with the Sager Symposium planning committee that included students and main senior organizer Harris Kornstein who is so dear at 22 years of age with peaches n cream complexion and a liza with a Z personality. i guess i'm still relevant to young people, even though i'm a grandmother. i was personally picked by the students as a visiting artist and there was no faculty or administrative elements involved. The generous funding came mainly from Mr. Sager who i gather is a wealthy gay man of considerable WASP family means. Good for him.
I had a wonderful conversation with Siobhan Brooks, an imposing black sistah girlfriend and tyro academe, as well as the engagingly personable writer Laura Kipnis, who gave me a copy of her hit book Against Love. I can't wait to read it on the plane to Austria.
My presentation went very well and was packed to the rafters. My lecture performance took place at Upper Tarble a massive and beautiful hall that looks like a gothica cathedral. Afterwards i partied till 4am with the children and drank mountain liquor from the still of these hot juicy straight boys all packing large swinging packages in their pants. I always go cockoo for youthful caucasion cock. The kids also showered me and Billy Miller of the Manhattan Review of Unnatural Acts with presents that included collage art, sculpture, kolonopin, xanax and valium for my continuing air travels. Thank you all my beauties, i love you forever. remember your bung holes never stink.
The train ride to man!hattan was pretty and my companion Ms. Kipnis was utterly delighful. I'm so glad i got to spend quality time with her. In New York legendary writers Bruce Benderson and Glenn Belverio treated me to a fancy dinner at the east village french bistro Leon on 12th Street. The food was incredible and lots of booty pies at the bar. Then they took me drinking at what use to be the Wonder Bar, but is now dolled up in Soviet drag with awful dj music and a shirtless big titty male bar maid who was really obvious. Later in the week I'll get to meet Bruce Benderson's new french boyfriend Cyrille Thouvenin who is a Cesar award winning young actor, who is beyond major ms. gorgeous.
The next morn Dr. Jose Munoz of NYU took me for a high french champagne bruncheon. Professor Jose and i were able to catch-up latino girlfriend style----she really takes care of la princessa. I'm very needy and i demand lots of pampering from all my gifted and talented superstar pals.