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Saturday, December 04, 2010

One of my sweet young talented students and collaborators Marc Arthur a very sexy and sexual young man with incredible genitalia is mounting a new experimental version of the class tale of Peter and the Wolfe in New York. Because there is absolutely no funding in the states any more young artists are using the internet to generate funds for their projects, and its working really well. If you want to help a young artist realize his project please click on the links below and donate any amount of money as every bit will help in this horrible climate that young creatives are faced with.

Dear Ms. Davis,
Thank you for putting this on your blog! Here is the official link you can post:

You can also click "grab a widget" from that page
The Story behind the call for funds:

For the past three months I've been developing a production of Peter and the Wolf that I am thrilled beyond words to tell you about (or maybe I have already told you). We have an amazing cast of mostly child actors and ballerinas, a production team that I am so honored to work with, and a beautiful 120 seat theater in the lower east side where the show will be produced this March. Please check out our website for more information:
As you may know, producing a show like this in New York can be very expensive. We have no outside funding and are relying on individual donations to cover all of our budget. Today we are launching our fundraiser through Indygogo.
Here is the link:
This is your chance to be part of the process. Every dollar helps. We need donations but we also want to get people as excited about the show as we are. Please help spread the word and link our campaign to your Face book, Twitter, blog or manhunt account. Or just send it along to people who you think would be interested in the project.
With love and appreciation,
Marc Arthur
On a similar note the incredible young feminist artist Heather Cassils is close to reaching her goal for a new project with donations through kickstarter. If you want to support Heather and I know you do, as she is someone I have known and loved for many years and is one sensational talent who keeps churning the decibel level of her mind boggling ouvre. Below are some words from her and some other information on what is happening in the arts community in the US of A.

Hello Creative Community and FRIENDS,
I wanted to say THANK YOU to those of you who have shone forward with your support and pledged to my Kickstarter fund. Not only does it mean the world to me, but it also marks your action, commitment and belief in me as an artist. This gives me fire in my belly and strength to carry on a creative practice which is very much about inserting a QUEER presence in the art world. I'm writing to let you all know that I have almost reached the half way mark but have $2835 to raise and only 13 days left to meet my dead line. If I do not reach my goal, then no ones cards are charged and I do not see one penny.
Show your support.Check out my project and the video that breaks it all down: Yours Truly,Heather Cassils Check out more art at:
Please pass on my project on.Thank you so much. In solidarity
Its world AIDS DAY and I saw a post on FB from Jennifer Doyel of MAJOR importance. Doyle posted:
"Call the National Portrait Gallery at 202-633-8300 to protest the removal of the David Wojnarowicz "Fire in My Belly" video from the "Hide and Seek" exhibit. Press 1, then 2 for the director's office. You can try to leave a message (right now their mailbox is full) or try for an operator (none available at last check). Tie up their switchboard for World AIDS Day!"
As another artist and curator AL Steiner noted: "99% of queer art exists (solely ) outside "the museum". But our lives and bodies are attacked when we're visible. You know this. Put his video back and then burn down the museum or cancel the art degree programs at your school or do what you will. But this is about curators finding a voice when under attack by public (or private!) representatives. This is the most impt.- or maybe sole reason- to curate. Queers (whether curators or not) find we're under attack daily so, often, finding a voice is part of our "practice"; the administrative and academic arts community largely failed to find the language nec. to do this in the last round(s) of attacks..."

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lovely time at HAU 3 last night for the last program curated by film historian Marc Siegel for the Vietnamese in Berlin Festival. Things started off very elequently with the 14 year Blindness Series by LA artist Tran T.Kim-Trang. It was nice seeing her as we worked together in the early 90s on several projects with LA Film Forum along with Anne Bray of LA Freeways Cinema Service. Forgive me if I get the names a little mixed up as its been almost 20 years,and I am afflicted with junior Alzheimer condition.
It was wonderful getting glimpses of Los Angeles from the late 80s and early 90s in Tran T’s stately video work.
Closing the program was the hilarious ouvre of lovesexy Nguyen Tan Hoang who teaches at Bryn Mar College on the east coast of the US. I adored his salute to late 70s early 80s blue movie starlet Kip Knoll called K.I.P (2002), Pirated!(2000) 7 Steps To Sticky Heaven(1996) and Cover Girl: A Gift From God(2000) which was a very revealing and witty expose on the American, blond/caucasion singer Dalena who has become a huge Vietnamese pop star.
Seen in the audience: Big HAU boss Mattias Lienthal with his right hand gal Anna Muelter, Little Alex of Macedonia with his Chocolate Grinder Kollective collegues Tasty Big Peniled Tim and Julian Radlmeier, humpy actor Unax Ugalde,musicians Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington of the dull, but popular US rock band Linkin Park,Nanna Heidenreich of Arsenal Experimental, sweet independent film curator Nadja Talmi, filmmaker Renata Lorenz, UC Berkeley Scholar Damon Young, Kate Hers, Daniel Hendrickson, and Sexy Sascha Woelke with his super hot girlfriend Christina Rogers.
A few weeks ago Ulrich Ziemons, the handsomest man in all of Europe came by the Cheese Endique Trifecta to take pictures of my famous studio. Afterwards we went to eat at the juicy Thai boite Papaya. This Sunday a photographer with the German arts magazine Monopoly came by to capture the Doll’s infamous Rote Insel atelier. The photographer wasn’t as good looking as Uli, but he was very masculine with large hands, feet, broadshoulders and rugged square jawed yumminess. The weather outside is in the teens, fahrenheit which is very cold for this time of year. O if I could just get some big muscle bear daddy to whisk me away to his lair.