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Friday, September 23, 2005

oh thank you dr. hoffman of new germany! i can walk again and talk. my waiting time at his office was only 10 minutes. i guess he thought i was a much bigger black celeb then i currently am. the no nonsense head nurse broomhilda was not featuring my black jungle realness and the fact the doctor was spending so much time flirting with me and ignoring his regular patients. he even gave me some hot drugs to take that leave me a bit woozy and my heart facing like i did a richard pryor bout of freebasing. 2nite is the premiere of "it happened to me" excited and nervousa.
no major romance to report except for my crush on british cnn news reporter Max Foster. he is one juicy sloane ranger type with a very pronounced penicular. my pal joel gibb of the hidden cameras had a short fling with him and he turned into a jerk, but he´s nice to watch in the tv that comes with my berlina flat.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

The poltical clime here in germany is messy. A few days ago was the national elections, but no main person received a majority of the votes. Angie merkel of the christian democrat party is even more brittle blonde over the results. Angie is germany´s Margaret Thatcher. I certainly haven´t picked the best time to want to become an expatriate. History always repeats itself so i should expect the return of national socialism in all its full fury at any moment. Well if not Hitler, Who?
Went to the housewarming party with cheap collektive of this gay little boy art whore named Reiner something or other. One of the dullest parties i have ever attended. The German art crowd is even more boring then the LA and New York art scenesters. sitting around a table that you never leave doth not a party atmosphere make. couldnt wait to leave and go to the 1 year anniversary party at barbie deinhoff, hosted by hot french drag king Eliot, who is amazing with her butch gallic charms. A frail queen who has worked with the cheap collective named william who went by the name of Bonny Guitar on this evening did a nice performance with theremin in hand. ive been told this nelly is an american from the south and is betrothed to a swiss ganymede. i have to give the girls in berlin credit for bumping bush with each other. ive noticed that a lot of ugly people find other uglys and wind up in some kind of wedded bliss. hurray for them. i also loved the performance by kitty diggens jr. to music by the dresden dolls. was a hoot seeing that cute Matias from cheap jewelry and the incredible Alessio who besides working for B Books tends bar at Barbie Dein.
Rehearsals for it happend to me have been moving along nicely. the only problem being that my head cold has gravitated to my knee, so i can`t walk very well. the theater has paid for me to see a dr. hoffman, who treats the actors and dancers. he has nice offices in Stadmitte area and i think a little sugar in his tank. wish i had access to my own physician in Amerikkka----fat chance.