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Friday, October 03, 2003

back from my vacation in San Fran. I wanted to go to Montreal, but i had to settle for someplace a little less exciting. I had a great time, one can only do the city by the bay for a short stay---its a beautiful town, but a little on the dullard side.
It was my second time at the Folsom Street Fair and i enjoyed seeing all the nudity and sexual shenanigans. Those porno booths were something else. Even i was shocked by the flagrant daytime chowing down. And some of the models were very generous to their fans allowing them a slurp or two. When i arrived Saturday night and checked into the Carriage Inn i was surprised at how sweet my room was. After cruising the soma bars, i was angry that i was invisible/divisible and wound up back at the motel by 12 midnight, but as i was about to run down the street for some grub i met a horny fella and he invited me to his room where we were soon joined by his jubas boyfriend and commensed upon a threegy. After 90 minutes of them worshipping my chubby body, we were joined by another salt n peppa couple and it was an all for nothing fivegy. One of the pieces of snow had what must have been a 13 1/2 willisaurus, and i do believe he wanted to plow me with it because he spent a lot of time greasing me up with a hot link analingus tongue. His sphincter worship was unbelievable. But being the selfish betsy that i am, the minute i ejaculated my 2 inch clit, it was later dayz for this wo-man. So i went to the Mel's Diner and pigged on an alvacado burg and fries and watched a little cable TV, popped a xanax and had the best sleep imaginable. The next day i was very rested and ready to peruse the fair without being all desperality. After the fair i wents to the Eagle and macked on several guys including one of the pieces of snow i had fornicated with in the 5gy. Not the 13 1/2 inch snow but the one from Chicago with his thyroid eye jubas jubilee. The snow's negro had a below average willis, so of course he doesn't get his hole worked the way he wants it and was counting on having a one-on-one with me, but i don't like repeats. No one was floating my boat so i left and went to a few other barzinas and at the Powerhause i ran into the salt n peppa couple picking up another jub. What slutkas!
I was more than satisfied from last night so decided to go back to the motel and met a cute El Salvadorean who looked like a tall version of Rubencito the bar back at the Parlour. I swear he was his twin, but with a more amazing body and twitchy tight holestravar, so i went to his room and proceded to mack mama him royally and didn't even need a viagra that daddy athey had given me. I've never had such sexual pluck in San Francisco before. The rest of my trip was spent catching up with girlfriends like Larry Bob, "Pop That Cherry" Jefferson and Immanuel de La Felaise.

Last night me and Ron through an impromptu party for Marisa Carnisky, the British Live Arts performer who is doing her piece at UCLA. She's been getting a lot of delicious press that she really deserves. When i did my shows in London she was the perfect hostess to me, so i wanted her to meet some LA royalty and they all came out in mass. Too many stars to name right at this moment but maybe later. Daddy Athey cooked a lovely Thai meal and his beau Maxmillian made lovely cocktails with an exclamation point on the cock.

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Rebecca Del Rio of Mulholland Drive fame performed as part of Bricktops Lupe Velez, Mexican Spitfire Fiesta. What a successful event. One of Bricktops best nights for sure. Rebecca is a phenomenal singer and performer with a voice that is beyond angelic. She is one unbelievable talent and everyone was mezmerized. Of course there were lots of celebs including director David Lynch and Laura Harring plus an asortment of writers and artists too numerous to mention here but i will say that punk rock legend Don Bolles(The Germs) came by along with David J. of Bauhaus/Love and Rockets Fame and this amazing young kid who is either a hockey player or basketball player from Russia. His name is Alexander Frolov and he is so beautiful that our eyes met as i was DJ-ing and he came up to me in the booth and we wound up sharing a deep passionate kiss that kept me from changing records for a few minutes. I was that distracted. Hopes he makes a return visit and SOON.
Saturday Professor Doyle aka Pirate Jenny gave me a ride to the aeroport so that i could take my long awaited vacation to San Francisco. Boy do i deserve some time off. I've worked two asses off in the last year. I wanted a few days of debauchery and i felt like the Folsom Street Fair would be perfect to explore. Last year i was in San Francisco, but that trip wasn't so great as i spent too much time hen partying with girlfriends and getting absolutely NO booty whatsoever. This year i had to take care of myself and my nut, so i avoided girlfriends, and splurged on a hotel. I stayed for 3 days at the Best Western Carriage Inn on 7th at Mission. It was a lot nicer then i expected it to be. I had reserved three nights but i was only going to stay two but it was so comfy i decided i deserved those three nights even if i have to starve later. My first night Saturday i went bar hopping, but it proved very disapointing, so i headed home early and wound up meeting at the Best Western Americana next to my motel this salt n peppa fuck buddy couple from Chicago. The snow was very muscular with bullet nipples and a ripped washboard set of abs. He said he was 37 but looked older, because he was balding, but was still very handsome, in a Mr. Paul Ashly like way. The jubas was kind of thyroid eyed but extremely friendly and seductive. They had their own rooms but we wound up in the snow's suite. Both of them pounced on me and started sucking on my titties, which of course i love as my tits demand lots of attention. They were very much into just servicing me, which being the grand poobah diva that i am is mostly what i look for in a trick. After loads of foreplay where the jubas jubilee was massaging me and licking every orifice on my body------both of them had very average peterfications. I was surprised that the jubas was actually somewhat of a princess Tiny Meat. He certainly broke the black stereotype. About 90 minutes into our session there was a knock at the door and another salt and pepper couple came over. This other jubas had giant muscles and a very thick willis but not especially long, plus he had massive pectorals and nipples that looked liked Thierry Mugler's steel plated nips. The snow was very tall and handsome with white hair and what looked like a 13 inch willasaurus. Now 4 men were doing double time in taking care of my lady needs, it was my ultimate fantasy come true and i couldn't believe it was happening. I wanted it to last for hours, but all the stimuli directed towards me made me slooge sooner then i would have wanted. Ms. 13 inch cruel club seemed a little disapointed. I think she was hoping to plow my virgin hole, but as soon as i ejaculated i was starving and got the hell out of Dodgekin. I went next door to my Inn and asked the tired Philipino desk clerk where i could get some hot food. He told me that there was a Mel's diner on 4th and Mission. I walked over there and got take out and brought it back to my room and chowed and watched a little cable TV and had an amazing sleep. The next day was Sunday and Folsom Day and i wasn't feeling all desperality, which was good and was able to enjoy the kinky procedings. I was surprised by all the broad daylight cock sucking sphinter munching at the porno booths. Some very virulent porn pups were just going to town and even let some trolls have a slurp or two. The porn stars were being very generous. Of course there was the regular gaggle of fuglies running around butt naked when they shouldn't be. I ran into a lot of LA girlfriends which isn't exactly what i was hoping for, but it was nice seeing Greg Cloud aka Greg Lenzman, Marvina Jones & Co and Mr. Cross who now lives in Oakland and is a full fledged F2M Mack daddy. I've always loved and admired that Mr. Cross, he's is as handsome as ever.

After the fair i went to the Eagle and connected with several men and had some mack sessions that didn't exactly go anywhere, but it was nice being desired for a change. I also ran into the snow from Chicago who told me that his jubas was just a neighbor and casual fuckbuddy, which i don't believe i think they are in a all out relationship. I didn't just fall of the ole turnip truck.
The Jubas was busy flirting with a bunch of snow papas, but was never too far away from his main Chi-town snow piece. Miss snow made it clear he wanted to have a private session with me and get plowed as his Jubas doesn't exactly have the equipment to stretch his hole into a man channel and i was actually giving butch realness which was intriguing him. But i already had her Saturday and did not savor any repeat performances. My intuition was that she would turn into one bossy cow bottom and this particular night I was all about The NEW---no second hand Roses or repeats. So we made out a bit and that was that. I wound up going to Blow Buddies and meeting a guy from Hawaii and some other piece of high snow, and they both commensed to service my binockers. One was being a little too rough and making my already somewhat sore nips sorer, but the Hawaiian was perfect and after i busted my proverbial gnut i hung out with Ms. Honolulu and she messaged me and we snuggled a bit. Oh and i got back to Ms. Hotel early by 12:00midnight, after getting food this time at the 10th and Mission greasy hamburger joint.
Monday i just did girlfriend stuff with Larry Bob and went to his Comedy Night. Wasn't really impressed with any of the comics---you know comedy isn't my thing. I was hoping Larry's beau Nick was performing, but the MC was some well known gagster who didn't exactly float my boat. A straight middle aged hippy looking comic was actually the funniest and a big southern Diesel Dyke came in 2nd place. I couldn't hack the full two hour show and left and did some bar hopping, but Monday nite is so dismal in SanFranc that i wound up coming back to the motel early and just eating and watching cable TV which is a treat since i down own a television.
Checked out of the motel by noon and went and had a nice snack at a cute vegetarian place with L-Bob and my step son Immanual de la Falaise picked me up and i spent the rest of the day with him. We drank at some tired rock n roll bar in the mission and then went to this incredible east Indian restaurant in the suburbs near his home and had a meal that was beyond beyond. The head waiter was gorgeous and he was actually flirting with me. The other east asian men weren't exactly featuring my queeny troll vibe. I spent the night at Immanuel's then in the morning we met with his mother my ex-wife and former Afro Sister, "Pop That Cherry" Jefferson, and had a sweet breakfast and then we had a snack at Cafe Flor then Iman whisked me to the Aeroport and now i'm back to the reality of no sex in LA. Ha har!