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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Richtig blassen!

Richtig rammeln!

My mother Mary Magdelene Duplantier use to say, “I don't like little men, with little hands and little feet.” 

During my spoken word days I added to her phrase, How would you like something little crawling all over you?

Lately all I have been seeing in Berlina are men with the tinest of feet and hands. Feet that are like the hooves of the Teufel-SatanLuciferBeelzebub.
Please tell me what is going on?
Damien Davis, the gifted Black New York artist is one hellzopplin dynamo mufioso. I've been meaning to update you on his prolific career, but my sad PC lap top has been on its scrounging last legs lately. I never know if its even going to turn on or permanently go off. Mr. Davis is not related to the doll, but I like to humorously say that he is either my nephew or the grandson of Sammy Davis Jr. and wife Altovise. Well lovesexxxy Damien has an upcoming solo show:

June 16th - August 5th
Method Gallery
106 3rd Ave S
Seattle, WA 98104

Currently on view:

Oneness (Curated by Jonathan Patton) LAST CHANCE!
On View:  February 9th - February 28th
Harlem School of the Arts
645 St. Nicholas Ave
New York, NY 10030
jux·ta·po·si·tion (Curated by Lonnie Woods III)
On View:  February 15th - March 4th
New York University, Rosenberg Gallery
34 Stuyvesant Street
New York, NY 10003

Upcoming discussions:


In March...

Structure (Curated by Will Heinrich)The NYC Creative Salon is a series of discussions that take place bi-weekly. Each discussion is approximately an hour and a half long and takes place on a weekday evening. Each series is six discussions under one topic and each discussion has a different group of participants speaking on the topic. I will be a participant in the March 7th conversation. Check out the NYC Creative Salon website to listen to the conversation once it is up.

Recent Releases:

Love For Love / Hate For Hate: A Glossary Of Our Time

This 76 page zine includes work by 75 contributors (visual artists, writers, designers, and educators) responding to 73 words surrounding the 2016 presidential election season.

50% of all proceeds go to Planned Parenthood
All my Gallic fanatics please note that on Saturday March 4th as part of Art&Feminism Edithon an art congress curated by Flora Katz
I will stage a performative conversation with juicy artist Wu Tsang one off my most celebrated high art children.  The event will be  called No one Leaves Delilah – A (W)rap on Dr. Jose E. Munoz. Its sort of a riff on the last performance that I did with the late great Dr. Jose back in 2012 that was part of the hoopla surrounding my first visual art exhibition at Participant Inc. Gallery. 
This art and academic fest will also include lectures, interventions and a performance by Boychild with Djanes and a myriad of other earthly delights. 
My section starts early at 3:30pm at the Archive Nationales and includes high tea. The last time I performed in Paris was back in 2010 for the Fuck My Brain series curated by Marie-Helene Bourcier at Le Palais de Tokyo.

I am also looking forward to connecting with my old pal the Paris based fashion guru Rick Owens and his wife Michele Lamy.
I completely forget to tell you about my time last month in Athens for the first Gender Fest held at Booze Cooperativa. The wonderful Maria Cyber the director of Outview, the Gay and Lesbian Film festival of Athens created Genderfest in cooperation with the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Office in Greece. Genderfest isn't just a satellite of Outview but takes it one step further presenting artists whose medium isn't just film, but also photograpy, music, performance, akshun and spoken word. I had a marvelous time with Maria and her fab, hard working crew that includes girlfriend Henrietta, Miss Melitta(hostess with the mostess on her balls who use to sing and perform in Texas), Jason Antigone, Frossini, Alex Demetriou and the wonderous Raleia. The invited guests included legends like Del LaGrace Volcano, handsome and talented Amos Mac, Vanessa Lopez & Company, the brilliantine Feminist/academic art duo Samania(Samira Mahboub &Ania Catherine, Djane team The Beatches,lokal drag ingenue Zackie Oh! Activist Marina Galanou, and the incredible musical sensation Tami T of Sweden. Maria and her gang aren't only the best event organizers and planners but are the most generous hosts feeding us all every evening some of the healthiest most delicious food I've ever eaten. They even took us on a field trip to the Temple of Poseidon which is an hour out of Athens with breathtaking scenery and a sunset to end all Hellenic sunsets.
There is something new, extroidinary and politically charged in the Athenian air that I hope innoculates the rest of Europe. 
Another New York Miracle of beauty and sterling ability is the young artist Baseera Khan. Baseera collaborated with me on my award winning solo show Hag,small, contemporary, haggard back in 2012 and now she has her first solo “iamuslima” at Participant Inc. which is now up and running till uptil April 2nd. If you are in the tri-state area it is a must destination point.
I promise to include some more rumour and salacious innuendo from my new gossipeuse Miss Hokey Knickerbocker of the famous gossip Knickerbocker dynasty.  Hokey has the perfect set of lavenderia lady loose lipps Inc of anyone I know so when I get back from Paris and before I romp of to China expect a Knickerbocker dipthong.