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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Went back to see more screenings of the 2nd Annual Porn Film Festival at the appropriately named Kant Kino. Watched a classic blue movie from the 70s starring Harry Reemes as Dr. Snake. Hysterical! Like an avant garde film, and so playful in tone. Harry has a magnificent body, all hairy and cocksure, though he is a complete dorkus of the first magnitude.
Saw the Judy LaBruce lesbian short, that is also riotous! It was quite the crowd pleaser. The other films in the program were a bit spotty. I did like this Italian kids collagey erotic short subject, and a French dykes female ejaculation porn had some good ideas, but the flow was just too stark and cybortic to really win me over. Some New York pornographer who works for such mainstream porn outfits as Hustler and Penthouse presented a film with this Cambodian woman shooting milk enemas that while at times very funny, missed the mark with its attempt at bringing in a political commentary on the media and gentrification. If anything the film worked the opposite affect making you long for gentrification, anything to stop the flick from continuing.
Afterwards Judy, Anna from the HAU, teen stars Travis & Mario, and I went to drink at the Blue Boy Hustler Bar. One of the few rent boy bars i´ve never been to. Loved it! The hot concubines were in full force, and some of them were beyond amazing.
Received a wonderful surprise care package from Jean Spinosa and all the Bricktop kids. It warmed my black lady heart, making me feel trully missed and cared for.

Friday, October 26, 2007

DJ/VJane for the opening party of the porno film festival. Had a riotious good time spinning my crazy brand of music. Lots of sexy boys and girls abounding. I don´t think that people realize that i play music from bands and individuals that is given especially to me, and that no other dj owns or has a copy of. I´ve been around long enough to know all the greats, from Dolly Parton to LeTigre, and i have special re-mixes that you´ll only hear from lady me!!!! The only odd thing about the porn party was they had some funky dude in a pony tail doing bad spoken word early in the evening. The special abstract porn that Tim Blue of Cheap made for me, was also a big hit at the Porn Party and at the Queer FM soiree in Vienna. Wish i could have stayed longer DJing, but i had Cheap Blacky rehearsal bright and early. Thank you to all who came out to hear me spin behind the wheels of steel.
Had a fabulous dinner at the Austrian restaurant in Fredrichshein Park with Marcu, Suzi and Marcu´s mother and cousin from the states. I love Austrian food. When i was in Vienna, Ali and Papi took me to this cute place for luncheon right next door to my hotel Fürstenhof, which is the Vienna version of the Chelsea where all the rock gods stay when in town.
Went to see a screening of the Israeli erotic film Too Hot in Tel Aviv, with DJ Snax, Travis Jeppeson and his smoking hot Slovakian lover Mario. The Israeli film is genius, with some of the most incredible hunks i have ever witnessed on the silver screen. Even the tiny Israeli director was too hot for words. I told him i will buy his next blue movie if he appears in it. Even Jurgen Bruning who facilitated the Q&A was noticeably vaklempt by this young strkingly beautiful jewish child. After the flicker we walked down to Francisco, the wrinkle bar for some drinks. All the elderly faggots were in a tizzy over the youthful Travis and Mario. They don´t get a chance to see such fresh faced and well scrubbed teenage boys, who still have their bloom on. A lot of the Germany teens can look a little worn for the wear, if you know what i mean. I´ve been getting lots of emails from the states by mydirty old men blog subscribers who want to know more about Travis and Mario. Someone even asked me what do they smell like?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I didnt get any sleep before my Arsenal program, so i performed like a zombie. Thanks to eveyone who showed up. Just got word on some more dignitaries that attended Rising Stars Falling Stars: cultural critic Diedrich Diedrichsen, art historian Juliane Rebentisch, Anna from the Mountain installation dressed in prestine 20s garb, actor and musician Stefan Faupel(Stoffel Fliegt Ubers Meer) and director Todd Verow.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Last night at Kino Arsenal was the premiere of the new film series Rising Stars, Falling Stars, that i am hosting, and it was a major success. I performed along with Lars Von Trier darling Daniel Hendrickson on piano. The print of Pandoras Box was strikingly restored, and Eunice Martin who accompanied the film, made me feel like i was seeing the movie for the first time, and indeed in many ways its like i was reborn anew.
Empress Stefanie, my new name for the director of the Arsenal, is such a joy to work with, and she loaned me some of her personal jewelry collection when i forgot a special necklace that went with my haute coutour(i am an awful speller) outfit. Of course Nanna Heidenreich, Empress Stefanie´s right hand girl was there helping me as well, and young jewel Julius Bauer, the Arsenal intern who translated the Italian title cards. Julius also worked very hard on making the event shine. Also many thankx and kisses to the Kassa girls, Arsenal Staff and Ooshee, the top rate projectionist-she´s no nonsense with a heart of gold. Great seeing Peter of the Parkaur Theatre, Troy Lopez, the handsome Blue Bros. KJohn and tim,fearless leader Suzi Sue, Marc Siegel, his mother and cousin, composer David Woodward, Assof Hochman, Parisian "It" boy Christophe Chemin, Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras with his Canadian posse, German underground legend Zazie De Paris, Marcian, Michele Baglerue, beautiful Uli, who just returned from Japan and brought la diva some gorgeous, spiritual, sumu wresting cards. Anna of the Hebbel Theatre, Zoo Magazine writer Travis Jeppeson with his lover Mario and many more celebutants. i will get the full list of who´s who later and report back to you. I am exhausted from not having had much sleep with all my traveling, so i will now retire to coma land.
Whirlwind couple of days for the old lady Ms. Davis. Invited to old Vienna, Austria where i did my performative DJane/VJane set for FM Queer which is part of the Austrian Broadcast Corp, a national public radio station. Claudia and Martin from the station put on this big party several times during the year and its always a sensation. Last year JD of LeTigre and Joel Gibb of Hidden Cameras DJ´d. For this year bands like Lesbians on Ecstasy from Toronto performed along with TNT Jackson, Jean Genet from the UK and DJs Czesch Pieper and Hölzl Dasem. Cute Martin and pretty Uta picked me up from the aeroport and took me to a wonderful Austrian style dinner. Austrian food is much better then German food, and i pigged out on a feast set before my large gullet. The next day Ali Janka of Geliten fame and his lover, Papi Choulo Baby took me to a sumpteous lunch, and a little sight seeing including a stop at the piss eleganza Savoy, which is filled with rough around the edges Balkan hustlers. The evening of the party Wolfgang, a high fashion makeup artist who does the Paris runway beat me a fine glamour face, and my escort to the party was sexy middle eastern radio diva Riem. We bonded immediately and became best girlfriends.
Everything went well, but being the kind of woman i am, of course there was a bit of controversy. A group of anti porn lesbian feminists objected to my gonzo black straight porn images that i was showing. I was surprised that in Europe that kind of polemic would arise. Thats something i would expect in puritanical and brittle Amerikkka, but not in Austria, though they do have a right wing government in power, but the dated PCness was unexpected and caught me by surprise. I guess black sexuality is still super frightening to the white bourgeois and middleclass who think of themselves as progressives, but in actuality aren´t. At the party there was a group of pro porn feminist who got angry that i stopped showing the images. I also brought gonzo gay porn, but the DVD player wouldn´t read it. Thankfully Tim Blue of kollective Cheap made me a DVD of his excellent abstract porn which looked lovely on the giant screen and his politically charged images memsmerized the crowd.
And people loved the music i played, plus i got to tag team with one of the cultural bureau house DJ´s whose name is Marty, and we had a fun time trying to keep up with each other. I adore Vienna, and would love to come back in the spring for a getaway.
All the Geliten crew stopped by to see me spin, and even easy target Heiko, my nemesis curator from Steirersher Herbst Festival came up to the booth to warmly greet me.