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Monday, March 26, 2012

Forgot to give my review of J. Edgar, the story of ueber hissy control queen J. Edgar Hoover who ruled the FBI for almost 50 years. This Hollywood mainstream flicker written in QBVII style by ganymede hackscrib Dustin Lance Black and directed by Clint Eastwood in the style of a somber chamber piece just thuds along at warp factor minus 470.
Poor Naomi Watts and Leo DiCaprio look embarrased and lost throughout both acting with their eyebrows. Only scooter boy Arnie Hammer comes off alright with his patrician bearing and speech.
Mr. DiCaprio and I go way back. He was a regular at my Club Sucker and even performed at Sucker with his band Old Hickory. He lived with his parents around the corner from my Finley Arms flat and next door to Dennis Cooper. I remember him hanging out at Amok Bookstore Vermont Avenue in Los Feliz Village with Mrs. Michael Glass.
Love Camel sent me copies of American cable TV series American Horror starring Jessica Lange doing a so bad its good Blanche DeBois, and Dylan McDermott from The Practise running around nude with his sexy muscular body and penetrating eyes. Loved Breaking Bad featuring Giancarlo Esposito of Spike Lee film fame as a soft spoken drug kingpin and Enlightenment starring horseyfaced Laura Dern and her very beautiful mother Diane Ladd as well as Luke Wilson who hasn’t aged too well and Mike White who wrote and produced this show along with Ms. Dern. Funny looking dweeb Mr. White picked up quite the reputation for haunting the toilets of the Sunset Five Cineplex Theatre on Sunset & Crescents Heights looking for large drippy knoke. I wonder if now that he’s a big TV honcho if he still is a heavy hornpig on the homo prowl---god love em if he is.
My friend in los ang has become a social worker of sorts for the criminally big dicked. His latest note to me via emug:
Hey Doll,
My little project 100 Bucks has me photographing some young men from different walks that lead them to offer their wares for 100 Bucks.
I have a collection of about 11 men at this point. My favorite of the these men is a super fit and big cocked straight dude who is totally into Punk music. I have had many conversations with this dude about Music, the punk scene, food, his future and other subjects. I have photographed him more then any of the other subjects. He is smart and equally a mess. I could see the roughness in him, I've also seen the results of his weekend fights, etc... I have scolded him as if he were my son. He started to check in with me on occasion, he'd run an opportunity by me, I'd make my suggestions, and he'd go on his way. I hadn't heard from him in a few months. Last week sometime I sent him an email, It was a one line note. Are you Ok? Just checking in.
Last night I get an email back. It says, Hi, I am a friend of N. He is in jail, I don't know who you are, but he's in Oregon.
This morning I did a search, He's in jail for 1st Degree Robbery, which based on what I see on line, he attempted to rob with a weapon. His mug shot is on line, looking very handsome. So he's in a county jail in Oregon. He is good looking with a fierce body, Fierce Ass and a huge Dick. I wonder how that will work out for him in prison.
This dude grew up with a Harley Mom, and different step dads. Was first paid 10 bucks by his uncle's friend to play with his cock when he was about 14. He didn't know he had a big dick until that encounter. 10 became 20, and finally 50bucks for his first man blow job.
He was in school for culinary arts, i kept on him about his rough edge tendencies. He asked me once or twice why I was concerned about his future. I told him I saw his opportunities and that he needed to see them as well. I understood that he made a good amount of money getting his dick sucked, but for how much longer. He was already 30. He told me that nobody looked out for him, he asked me if I wanted to suck his dick in return for the photo sessions. I said, No. He was a bit uncomfortable with my reply and later told me he really respected my trust and that he was saving money as I suggested.
Well, I understand the whole situation is a complicated social issue, but I was a little disappointed to see his current situation.
Rehearsals at Noisy Rooms with Tenderloin and that hot 19 year old sensation Dagmar Hopfisterei have been going great in anticipation for their performance at camp/anti-camp the queer guide to everyday life at HAU 2 April 19-21st. Everyone is talking about this art festival,not just in Berlin but globally and many people are planning their vacations around it so they can check out Berlin in the Springtime.
The camp/anti-camp & Rising Stars Falling Stars merger last Friday at Arsenal Inst fuer film und video kunst was SRO with a bustling young and energetic crowd who came to see the rare screening of Alla Nazimova in Oscar Wilde’s Salome with live music by the Blue Bros Tim & kJohnny who were in fine form. The next Rising Stars will be April 22nd right after camp/anti-camp and it’s the re-launch called Rising Stars, Falling Stars-We Must Have Music with a screening of George Gershwin’s Porgy & Bess. Seen hobnobbing in the Rote Foyer: young artist Darce, Markus Ruff of Living Archive, Christian Weber, DJ Snax and his sexy young beau, beautiful Nazli Kilerci & Yorgos the Greek, Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus who is off to Cairo for 3 weeks, camp/anti-camp curators Susanne Sachsse and Marc Siegel, Daniel Hendrickson, Manuel Schubert, Toby Rauscher, the wonderful parents of Anna Muelter of HAU visiting their daughter from Hanover,cutesy Garrett, curator Joao Ribas, Daniel Bimbaum of Moderna Museet,Gavin Brown of Gavin Brown Enterprises,the beautiful Brazilian actress and filmmaker Melissa Dullius,Trixie Schonherr with
Daniel Heer the furniture designer,intermedia Portugese actress Elsa,DJane Tina Pornflakes,Paolo, the Italian architecture professor who is a long term CHEAP fan since CHEAP club days,Renate Kochenrath (film scholar from Mainz) and Paul
Hankinson (singer/songwriter from Brisbane; he calls himself Montmorensy on
stage; here is a link to his website, and humpy Turkish actor Elyas M'Barek.
Here are some things to check out from the pals of Speaking From the Diaphragm including singer Billy Ray Martin who has a new CD album out, Participant Inc. Gallery in New York City, British artist based in Berlin Elly Clark and others:

hi all.
sorry for the second e mail about the new double cd album.
we did want to let you know that there are only about 20 copies left. we can
probably get another shipment from hong kong but it would take time.
so we wanted to let you know. people do always work us when an album is sold out
in the mart so..:))))
here it is, buy at
but of course you can also buy or order the album worldwide (incl. asia) in your
local record store, or get it at hmv, amazon etc. etc.
also we have a bunch of lovely 'making of' photos from billie's new video shoot
for the next EP. e mail us and we'll send.

billie ray martin
disco activisto records

La Moustache is happy to present:
LIANNE HALL at Silver Future
Weserstraße 206, Neukölln
Monday 26th March, 8pm (!!)
(As usual, there will be a donation hat)
I started writing songs when I hit my teens, growing up in deepest peterborough (UK). Would wait till I was home alone and record EPs on my cassette player and sometimes give them to my friends at school if I was feeling really brave. Have been making it up as I go along ever since. I’ve had a few partners in crime along the way: A well-spent youth making crazy jazz punk noise with Witchknot, born out of the Leeds/Bradford riot grrrl movement…where I later moved on-site and lived in a bus for five years and made acoustic folk with cellist Bela Emerson as Hiphuggers and electronica as Pico with bedroom producer Andy Wills. Here I met my hero John Peel on his channel 4 programme ‘Sounds of the Suburbs‘. I recorded 4 Peel sessions after that with a variety of line-ups/good friends. I left my bus and moved Pico to Brighton in 2000; lived in a house again and got an electric guitar and formed the Broken Heart Club with Matt Eaton, Alice Eldridge and Susanne Lambert. I released my first full length CD album in 2006 with Local Kid records entitled ‘Abandon Ship’. Around this time I met Paul Hartnoll from Orbital and co-wrote a song on his solo album, ‘the Ideal Condition’, released in 2007. We went on tour and have been collaborating on new material ever since, I’m also singing on Paul’s score for the film Tormented which came out last year. Another project I have on the go is a collaboration with d_rradio from Newcastle. Our album ‘Making Spaces’ was released in April last year, check it out here. My latest solo album ‘Crossing Wires’ is out now and you can hear it here.
When not making music I sell books to make a living and volunteer at my local community centre running West Hill Music Club which has hosted lots and lots of amazing shows over the last 3 or 4 years or so..I am very proud of the village hall..
04.04. Candelilla + Jason & Theodor, ://about blank (in cooperation with ://about blank)
08.04. Rampenfiber - der Film, Projektraum H48
14.04. Female Drum Fest w/ STLS & Dark Times, Bei Roy (in cooperation with Girl Gang Zine)
28.04. The Very First Riot Grrrl Compilation Release Party w/ Abstract Random + Cat Nguyen (in cooperation with Riot Grrrl Berlin and Megapeng)
12.05. Lovers, West Germany
14.09. La Moustache 5th Birthday Festival, Bei Roy
15.09. La Moustache 5th Birthday Festival, Festsaal Kreuzberg

Matthew Higgs, Jacqueline Humphries, Tony Oursler, Mari Spirito, Joseph Wolin / PARTICIPANT 10th Anniversary Benefit Committee

Charles Atlas, Justin Vivian Bond, Gary Indiana, Stefan Kalmár, Kembra Pfahler / Host Committee

Derrick Adams, Antony, Lutz Bacher, Alvin Baltrop, Josh Blackwell, Matthew Brannon, Cecily Brown, Kathe Burkhart, Paul Chan, Dan Colen, Anne Collier, Vaginal Davis, Renée Green, Wade Guyton, Rachel Harrison, Matthew Higgs, Jonathan Horowitz, Jacqueline Humphries, Glenn Ligon, Robert Longo, Nate Lowman, Virgil Marti, Nick Mauss, Adam McEwen, Josephine Meckseper, Enoc Perez, Jack Pierson, Adam Putnam, Heather Rowe, Børre Sæthre, Spencer Sweeney, Tabboo! (Stephen Tashjian), Paul Thek, Eugene Von Bruenchenhein / Donating Artists

Justin Vivian Bond, Breyer P-Orridge, Glen Fogel, Robin Graubard, Andy Kaufman, Lisa Kirk and Jelena Behrend, Sigalit Landau, Lovett/Codagnone, Alice O’Malley, Luther Price, Shellburne Thurber, Alejandro Vidal, and Rona Yefman / Limited Editions

Tickets are $100 and can be reserved by calling 212 254 4334 or emailing

Opening Reception and Dead Flowers book launch, Sunday, April 1, 7-9pm
FRIENDS preview hosted by NADA, Saturday, April 7, 7-9pm
AUCTION, Saturday, April 14, 7-11pm

253 East Houston Street NY NY 10002

Jeffrey Gibson, one becomes the other, is made possible through the support of the Harpo Foundation and the National Museum of the American Indian, Indigenous Contemporary Arts Program

PARTICIPANT INC's exhibitions are made possible with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts, celebrating 50 years of building strong, creative communities in New York State’s 62 counties.

Archiving and documentation projects are supported by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Our programs are supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

PARTICIPANT INC receives generous support from the Harriett Ames Charitable Trust; The Blessing Way Foundation; Bloomberg; The Brown Foundation, Inc. of Houston; Foundation 20 21; Foundation for Contemporary Arts; Gesso Foundation; Harpo Foundation; The Ruth Ivor Foundation; The Daniel M. Neidich and Brooke Garber Foundation; Puffin Foundation; The Benjamin M. Rosen Family Foundation; The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts; an anonymous donor of the Community Foundation of Abilene; FRIENDS of PARTICIPANT INC; numerous individuals; and Materials for the Arts, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs/NYC Department of Sanitation/NYC Department of Education.
And this call out from artist Elly Clarke:
The late notice of this offer (due to an unexpected gap in the programme) makes applying to the Arts Council for funding not possible. And there seems to be no other official avenue I can pursue. So I have set up a crowd funding site, with my goal being around £1500 to cover my flight plus some money to live on for the three weeks I'll be there. Here's the link:

Alongside this exhibition, I will use the opportunity of being in Melbourne to chase up some (surprise) contacts I have recently discovered are there for my Richmond Project. There is also an alternative arts festival going on that month - Next Wave. Kim Donaldson will also organise an artist dinner around me, to introduce me to specific people in the art scene in Melbourne. And, finally, I plan to find and bring back work from there for the third and final part of my ongoing exhibition BERLIN / BIRMINGHAM / BEYOND / at mac birmingham.

I know that contributing money isn't possible for all of you by any means, but if you could help spread the word that would be great. There are clever 'like' buttons on the site so you can spread the news via social networks etc. Or forward this mail to any keen art supporters you might know.

It's just not possible to do this trip without cash. To make time for all this, I quit my job in Jan, and since then have been operating once again on a very tight shoestring! Any help would be most gratefully received. All sponsors will be acknowledged.

Thanks all! Hope to see you soon. Next opening at the mac, for those of you near Brum, is on 14th April.

Elly x // art: // photography: // Clarke Gallery: // twitter: @elly_clarke

** current exhibition: BERLIN / from BERLIN / BIRMINGHAM / BEYOND at mac birmingham. Buy art and get to choose the next work to be displayed. **ALLES ZU IHRER BLITZHOCHZEIT

My heavenly father papa Ron Athey sent me this email from olde London town:

this is the part of getting older i find hard, the decomposition, holding onto things that you don't even know left you high and dry. watching it. isn't that part of the reason we escaped? We're crazy but somehow adapting. btw, camp/anticamp looks like a blast (1st and 3rd nights), if i can scrape up airfare without endangering my summer i'll hop over. gagging to see kembra again, she was such a treasure in new york. and you're working you're tail off, no? both the chat show and the band?

and i hear you about the spring, i'm coming back to life. arroagant enough after two days back at the gym to sun in a small park near mine, hot thick dicked italian not quite walking his whippet smiled and i popped a boner and luckily his flat was within a block. good morning spring.

i have birmingham coming up super soon, have a heavy workweek so i'd better do all my pulling in quick time. fathers love to you