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Tuesday, June 07, 2022

Leckerer Twunk ejakuliert tollwütige Hände frei

Leckerer Twunk ejakuliert tollwütige Hände frei

One of my most talented and soft spoken students from Malmö Art Academy in Malmö Sweden Maria Norrman is in Paris receiving a myriad of outstanding accolades. Please avail yourself to her profound will and testament, you won´t regret it - The Vagimulic gottheit assures you wholeheartedly.

Maria Norrman (SE)"Jane Avril"
8 June 2022
6-9 pm/18-21H Studio 8208
Cité internationale des Arts, Paris

A continuation of the project about my relation to Jane Avril (1868-1943)
Model and friend of artist Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901)
I will show textile works in progress and a trailer from a documentary about Jane Avril, as well as images of past works.

Maria Norrman (SE)
"Jane Avril"
8 juin 2022
18h-21h Studio 8208
18 Rue de l'Hotel de Ville
Cité internationale des Arts, Paris

Suite du projet sur ma relation avec Jane Avril (1868-1943)
Modèle et amie de l'artiste Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901)
J'exposerai des oeuvres textiles en cours et une bande-annonce d'un documentaire sur Jane Avril, ainsi que des images d'œuvres passées.

Maria Norrman
"Jane Avril"
8 Juni 2022
18-21H Studio 8208
Cité internationale des Arts, Paris

En fortsättning på projektet om min relation till Jane Avril (1868-1943)
Modell och vän till konstnären Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901)
Jag kommer att visa textilarbeten (work in progress) och en trailer från en dokumentär om Jane Avril, samt bilder på tidigare verk.


The famed French designer and artiste extrodinaire Bernard Figueroa I first met back in the 1980s when he was on holiday in Hollywood. He flirted with his Gallic wide eyed charms and engulfed that poor young lady Ms. Vaginal Davis.   It didn`t hurt that Mr. Figueroa is button bright handsome, sultry and sexy with a mammoth sized peterfication on a rather diminutive frame. He also has a razor sharp tongue on him. 

When we met he had only been out of Studio Bercot  design school for a short time but had already made a name for himself working for Thierry Mugler, Claude Montana, and Esprit. He took a job in the US in Boston for the conservative shoe manufacturer Rockport, hated the racial divides of Boston at that time and moved to New York City designing accessories for Adrienne Vitidini before breaking out on his own with the sculptural ladies who lunch shoes that brought him his ultimate renown. We had a falling out in the early aughts when I use to write for the influential fashion bible Dutch magazine but occasionally I hear word through the transatlantic grapevine about his various creative projects over the years. He has aged quite well and still has that rock hard body and great mass of sleek hair on top of his head. Will we ever be friends again? I doubt it. I do adore him, and I´m glad for all his tremendous success but I´m a notorious Mexican grudge holder. I forgive but I NEVER forget a slight no matter how tiny. I figure that If I am meant to be friends with people it will either happen organically or not and I´m willing to accept the Que Sera Sera of it. I´m very much like my Black Creole mother Mary Magdalene Duplantier in this respect with a lil Madame Mao thrown in for good measure.

Alex Jovanovich the gorgeous and talented writer and editor with Art Forum told me recently about the Rugby stars the Burgess Brothers and now I am obsessed with their asphalt masculinity. Triple Dong Yowza!

Vaginal Davis collage featuring Leslie Caron and Bernard Figueroa   2010

Maria Norrman in Paris, France with her Jane Avril Tributata!

The Burgess Bros. of Rugby Row.  All that rack scratching is making me itch