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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Christophe Chemin is hilarious! He showed us his lovely first motion picture, made when he was a 3 year old platinum vixen in Bordeaux. He stars as a luscious provincial bride, betrothed to a sturdy butch of 4 1/2 years. Problems ensue when one of the maids of honor gets into a viscious row with the hunky groom, who decides to settle things by taking a carnivorous chunk out of her arm. After lots of blood and bedlam, the bride remains unfazed, serene in her devotion the the nuptial rite. After some spiritual soothing from Christophe´s grand mama, the wedding procession resumes. Years later Christophe took this footage and combined it with his retelling of the death of the Swiss poet Robert Walser. If you think that Darren Stein in Put the Camera on Me is precocious, you haven´t seen nuthin´ till you behold Mdm Chemin´s royal FIT. Major Ms. Gorgeous!!!!!
Ah Turkish men. Sometimes they remind me of New York Guidos with their love of white slip on shoes and skin tight trousers, and other times its Mexicans Cholos with their tricked out cars blaring middle eastern pop,German and American rap. I can´t resist shiny black hair and a mono brow.
Speaking of the mensis. Some days i am invisible to them, and then other days, i can´t get rid of em. Two who are sniffing around my puddy are Pierre Sarkozy, the spoiled blondine son of the new Gallic leader, and the American actor Edgar Ramirez who is in the new Matt Damon´, Bourne White Surpremacy film. I guess i should be glad somebody wants the troll that i´ve become in my old adage.