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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Spring in Berlin, and its major Ms. Gorgicity. All the humpy boys are wearing next to nothing on the streets, and in the U and S Bahns. Just what i need to stay happy and contented. The German version of Johnny Knoxville, Olli Pocher has been trying desperately to raid the lady Ms. Davis´ big white Nina Blanchard panties, but i am not interested in him, as he is too young and doughy. I like boyish men, but not when they resemble an infant.
Parkaue Theatre intern Lars Schulz took me to the ausländerbehörde office to pick up my official artist visa. Thank god i had young, sexy and muscular Lars with me. The nelly, officious agent fell madly in love with him, and i received an unpresidented 2 year visa with an option for an indefinate one. Something no one gets on their first or even 5th visit, so i scored a major coup with La Migra.
With a grueling rehearsal schedule, my only day off is Sunday, and i spent it with Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras for our weekly Molly Ringwald bruncheon club. This time we went to Cafe November, which is President Clinton´s favorite boite in Berlina. All the young queens eating al fresco were going gaga over handsome Joel.
Later we went to see his friend Khaela of the band The Blow perform. She was opening up for Blonde/Redhead dopplegangers Deerhoof. Khaela and her girlfriend Melissa were delightful. Miss Khaela reminded me of an indie rock Ellen DeGeneres, and has a similar stage presense and tone. I loved it when she sang accapella, with her Jodie Foster Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane voice. Wish i could have stayed to see her entire set, but i had an 8am rehearsal call, and my knobby knock knees were giving me arthritic problems.
I´m sad to report that humpy James Lyon, the editor of Todd Haynes´movies died. James also was an actor appearing in Haynes´ films Safe and Poison as the rapist. He also played David Wojnarovicz in the performance piece Postcards From the Wedge.