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Monday, November 11, 2013


Oh my gawd. The Vagimule doll just got back from a glorious three nights in Liverpool, England for the Queer Up North art,music, film, heritage & culture festival Homotopia. I performed a short format piece called Data Industrial Complex Friday nite at Chew Disco @ the Kazimier at 4-5 Wolstenholme Square which is a circular olde music hall venue that looks a lot like the Vauxhaul Tavern in London where Ducky takes place. The curators of Chew Disco are two young talented children who I immediately fell in love with Khalil West and Emma Obong. Khalil is a muscular and tall ebony Adonis who reminds me of my great friend the African American artist Mrs. Michael Glass of Amok Books. Khalil even wears the same black, thick framed Wally Cox glasses. Khalil is American from New Jersey who has lived in the UK for eight years and is based in nearby Manchester which is 40 minutes from Liverpool. His art partner is the major Ms. Gorgeous and lovesexxxy Miss Emma who is a British lass with a black Nigerian father and white English mother. Khalil and Miss Emma are so lively and personable and kept me laughing and in high spirits as I was a little down in the depths of the 90th floor leaving Berlin where my electric heater in my apartment exploded with torrents of water going everywhere and the smell of burning electrodes in the air. Thank goodness for my wonderful neighbors Christine and Sabine and also Daniel Hendrickson the Scandinavian Muslim and Marc Siegel & Susanne Sachsse who called the fire department for me all the way from Frankfurt where Marc was hosting the famed journalist Amy Taubin at the Goethr Univerität. My flat Wednesday nite was filled with hunky German firemen, and police officers who were actually quite cheery and sweet. The night before a trip I am always frantic but this time I was downright hysterical. Khalil and Emma were so soothing picking me up at the airport and rushing me to my hotel suite and later after i rested treating me to a scrumptious meal and drinks at Café Tabac where I chowed down famously and even woofed three Vodka Gimlets- straight up that were mixed to perfection. Its usually very difficult to get proper olde fashion American cocktails in Europa. My flight on Easy Jet was packed with so many fugly people and to make matters worse I was sitting in the middle seat. Thank god its only a two hour trip but it seemed like seven hours max. The day of my performance Andrea Novarin aka: The Love Camel came up from Bristol to assist me and I really needed him as I was well rested but still a bit of a messtikal.
My performance went over pretty well I wore my stiff long black Rick Owens cloak gown with an olde CHEAP klub Leigh Bowery inspired necklace that Susanne Sachsse gave me last week when she invited me over to luncheon at her famous circular dining room table. I love Liverpool. The crowd was very mixed and not jaded like London audiences. Liverpool kids are all good time Sally´s out for a laugh. I ran into stately Lady Jo aka: Ms. Moist and her wonderbar significant other Harry Pie at my performance. Lady Jo is a beguiling English performer who I first met over 20 years ago at the niteclub Jackie 60 in New York Cities meatpacking district through Hapi Phace of the Pyramid. It was also the evening I had a brief flirtation and shared a kiss with hunky John-John Kennedy Jr. Chew Disco was SRO packed and the round of notables included: John Waters who was performing his My Fithy World lecture, legendina David Hoyle aka: Divine David, Julian Cope of the TearDrop Explodes, humpy British Calvin Klein model Oliver Cheshire, Israeli androgynous mannequin Stav Strashko, Alan Sparkhawk and Mimi Parker who have not aged well and super cute Steve Garrington of one of my favorite slowcore bands Low, cub darling Gray the beau of Khalil, their juicy fun loving pal Dav-id, and Gary Everett the Artistic Director of Homotopia and The Unity Theatre Liverpool. Also performing at Chew Disco was the fantastic young all female rock band Ill who are from Manchester and have only been performing for one year but are quite sensational reminding me of feminist lesbian rockers Cypher in the Snow from San Francisco in the 1990s but minus the trumpet. After my performance I sat down for an impromptu radio interview with the lovely Fiona Ledgard the drummer of Ill and Helen Shanahan. Ill have a single on Valentine Records and a self produced EP that you can purchase through their website at: www.We Are They do a cover of the tired Kylie Minogie pop song “Cant Get You Out of My Head” Of their originals ditties I liked the song “Kremlin” The other band on the bill was the delicious Shopping from North and East End of London. The cute members of the group include: Andrew Milk, Billie Easter and Rachel Aggs. I really loved their Gang of Fourish sound as filtered through Siouxie Sioux and you can find out more about them and their products at
The entire evening was a sheer delight and I actually stayed till the end which is something that I rarely do as I feel I am too old to hang out at clubs. Special shout outs to the helpful and friendly staff of The Kazimier and sound guy Rob and crew and Thomas plus yummy DJane Paula Pixie who played L7´s "Shitlist" and Shannon´s "Let the Music Play" for me and bearded baby daddy DJ David Jones Lockerroom, Irish juicyboy fotog Pete,  GoGo treats Louise, Joe, Paul & Amy with the unicorn heads and pleather chaps. Sunday I was able to recouperate with Love Camel for a breakfast in town and the weather was sunny with just a wee bit of a chillfactor and then for luncheon Miss Emma, Khalil and Gray took us to the bodacious Shipping Forecast, an alehouse and eatery where I chowed down on the most scrumptious fried chicken. Love Camel took the train back to Bristol and at my hotel Khalil and Emma surprised me by arranging three handsome young ginger, big footed college jocks and two blondine Babylonian gorgons to come to my room and pull a gang bang train on me. The first time curators made all my sick sex dreams come true. Merci!