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Thursday, September 14, 2006

So glad to be back home in the fatherland. The weather is gorgeous. Daniela of kollective Cheap moved to the hottest area in the city---Neukölln, and i am sharing his lovely flat on Flughaven Straße. From the balcony we can cruise the humpiest Turkish and Arab bubble butt boys. We like fishing from our high vantage point. Will be in Berlin for a week rehearsing our new piece, "Nobody Is Gonna Stop Me On My Path To Glory". Then its off to Graz, Austria where our performance will unfold like a gospel pitch tent revival, as we preach the highways and bi-ways of the little towns and villages outside of Graz. For this piece, we are engaging the local communities by working with the hot hunky regional firemen. Hope i get some robust puddy pie.
Invited to a fantastic dinner by the gracious first couple of avant garde art, Wilheim Hein and Annette Frick. Annette is a marvelous photographer, and was just awarded a grande prize for one of her latest projects. All of Europe is wrapped up in the house of Annette Frick. Attending the soiree was Tim Blue of Kollective Cheap and his bubbly visiting experimental musician pals, Peter and Patty Valsami, who just moved to LA from the Bay Area. Peter is a very uber masculine, dark and lovelz Greek active jazz prodigy, originally from Montreal. I also flirted with the gorgeous Türkische pop star Muhabbet, and actor-novelist Holger Siemann who just came out with the lush new tome, "Arbeit und Streben".