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Saturday, January 05, 2008

A few weeks ago Jean Spinosa and the Bricktops kids sent me a cute care packagina with love and kisses, and suddenly i was flooded by memories of Bricktops at the Parlour Club. Too bad it came to an end, with a sad aftertaste, but i should have known it would.
I was very much taken in by beautiful Andrew Gould, the Parlour Clubs peaches n cream complexioned British manager. He was so downright charming that i ignored the fact i couldnt stand from the very beginning his fussbudget of an older lover Lenny Young, who was the owner of the bar and a former low level Hollywood producer of films like James and the Giant Peach, Chicken Run and The Legend of Bagger Vance. I tried to convince myself that Lenny wasnt so bad, there must be something good about him or Andrew wouldn't be with him.
But it goes both ways in all fairness. Andrew felt so connected to me that he disregarded my divadom, that i need constant attention, supplication and devotion. We had a romantic, platonic friendship, and working together was quite pleasant for 3 1/2 years, so i don't have any regrets. I think at the end we both learned some valuable life lessonies.
From the beginning i didnt want to admit to myself that Andrew was a very normative young man. I have a habit of trying to turn people into things they are not.
One time i told Andrew that Lenny is a closet Republican, and he said that he wouldnt be with him if he was a Republican. Now i realize that Lenny is actually worse then a Republican he is a Tory.
I got such a hoot out of Franko B ruffling Lenny's feathers at a dinner Andrew hosted at their Los Feliz compound. I could tell Lenny was jealous of Franko's cute young boyfriend at the time Kris Canavan, and during drinks Franko shut him down in such a quiet, sly manner, Lenny fumed and left the room. Andrew even silently chuckled and i could tell he got a kick out of Lenny's defeat.
I'll always remember Summer Peaches cornering Andrew's wife, Charity Hope Valentine, in one of her more enebriated stages, and asking her point blank, why Andrew was with Lenny. I was a little shocked at Summer's boldness, i wouldnt have even asked that. Charity said quickly without thinking, "He's with him for the money".
I never thought that was completely true, as Lenny aint no David Geffen, and with Andrew's large penis, and British accent, if he was a real golddigger he could have done much better in Los Angeles then Lenny, who has money, but isn't super rich by any means.
I've learned that the mega wealthy faggots do prefer boys who aren't obvious or too sexy or muscled. And a European accent goes a long way in the class envious united statuals.
When i came back from Zagreb i had a pre Christmas drink with my Kino Arsenal/Cheap Gossip intern Julius Bauer at the Tuffstein Cafe. So nice sharing a brewski with a sensitive, beautiful and caring soul. There is hope for the young after all.
Christmas Eve dinner at teen scribe Travis Jeppeson's Moabite compound. A gourmound meal cooked by Polish lovers Lukas and Samuel. Lukas is a screenwriter and Samuel a student who also puts on the fledgling Queer Arts Festival in Krakow.
Christmas Day din din at Fearless Leader of Cheap, Susanne Sachße's celebrated Round Table with guests Marc Siegel, Nanna Heidenreich, Empress Stefanie of The Arsenal, The Blue Bros-Kjohnny and Tim, actors Yvonne Catterfeld, Oliver Wnuk, and Til "25 Centimeters" Schweiger. A meal at Suzi Su's is one coveted A list ticket.
I've decided that instead of celebrating Kwanza, i will start a new black ghetto holiday called Eleganza.
The Love Camel, aka Andreas Novarin, my Italian pal from London came to Berlin to spend the New Year's celebration with me. I met the Love Camel back in the 90s at the Gay and Lesbico film festival in Milan. No one makes me laugh like the Love Camel, he is sometimes so dry he's catatonic, and always has this startled look on his face. It was sweet of him to bring me a wonderful Christmas present of a mini DVD player, and his loving companionship. There is no one i would rather spend a holiday with.
Now i can watch films on this tiny little screen, smaller then a lap top. Its perfect for someone with a small flat, cuz it doesnt take up any room. Also to get a TV in Germany is expensive as you have to pay a monthly tax for having a TV and or a radio. The things we take for granted in the States.
I took Love Camel to Tim Blue's birthday party which was catered by Troy Lopez the Jamaican Celebrity Chef of Berlin. He made this scrumpteous Lamb Stew and a cake called Chocolate Genocide, which had more chocolate per square inch then any cake in Christendom. Enjoying one of the years's best soirees: The Arsenal Gang of Empress Stefanie, Nanna Heidenreich, Angie Baby and Isabelle Spengler, Wilheim Hein and photog gal pal Annette Frick, young, tight bodied French filmmaking sensation Michele Belague with his cute possessive girlfriend, and Greek film curator and muscular hunk, Vassily Bourakas with his energetic bright eyed pooch Smitty, lovely married EastAsian academics and party priestesses Bashcar and Bisnu, who i havent seen since my Club Sucker days, visiting from Californy,concert pianist David Patrick, Stefan Faupel and family, Marc Siegel, Susanne Sachße, Daniel Hendrickson of Cheap, Kjohnny Blue and pretty Nicole, the lovesexy scholar from London with her Scandanavian girlfriend. Of course Love Camel got drunk and went on a horndoggy rampage attacking a young cute blonde boy architectural student named Christian and some euro movie stars Muriel Baumeiser, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Pasquale Aleardi. Leave it to the Love Camel to come undone. Thats why i love him so.
The adventureous Love Camel discovered a small cafe in Mehringdamm called Avalon that has the best cake and Cappacinos in all Berlin. We ate there almost every day of his visit. I was also shocked by the DVDs Love Camel brought me of UK TV programs Bo Selecta, League of Gentlemen and Jam. I was surprised by what they can get away with on the telly in Britainia with all the nudity, sexual situations and foul, foul language.
First project for the new year. Working on a film directed by the great Evelyn "Evi" Rüsseler about Theodore Adorno and his love for the Hippo. Isabelle Spengler, a Cal Arts girl, is the cinematographer, and our first meeting yesterday was an utter delight---drinking wine, eating lots of food(Isabelle makes a killer tuna melt), but we also got down and dirty doing some hard serious work.