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Saturday, August 21, 2010

NYU performance studies professor Tavia Nyongo invited me to the opening of Tanz im August´s presentation of Gardenia at HAU 1.The international dance festival happens every year and this is the first time that I have attended the very popular event. Tavia was the moderator for a delightful after performance conversation.Our party included one of Tavia´s cute and charming young students who is in Berlin for a year on a fellowship.
I am not a big fan of dance theatre, and I´ve even parodied it in a short film I made in the 1990s called VooDoo Williamson,The Dona of Dance. This lovely and humour filled work was conceived and stars the transexual Flemish actress Vanessa Van Durme who reminded me of a settled age Justin Bond with some great gams. In our youth obsessed culture its a revelation to see older gals getting their due. I have often thought that men & women become more androgynous as they age, and this work was a testiment to that.
The cast which i believe goes under the company name of Les Ballets C de la B was directed by the team of Alain Platel and Frank Van Laecke. I loved the tableux´s created and the original music score of Steven Prengel as well as the slanted stage design of Paul Gallis. The performers with their Felliniesque rubber faces were supurb.Timur Magomedgadzhie with his Buster Keaton mug was a particular standout. Mr Magomedgadzhie is also a theatre professor, proving that most academics don´t get enough attention in the academy, and occasionally need to moonlight.I appreciated the eye candy of a juicy, muscular Russian dancer added to the mix, but felt he really wasn´t needed.
After the discussion we headed to the WAU cafe and joined local Berlin Shtars Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Nicole Wolfe and Anna Muelter for a late night supper and drinks that joyfully progressed into the wee hours.

Friday, August 20, 2010

For all of you dear readeras who have become enamored of the Macheca or Aztec Warriors semi-regular sex posts. Fret no more because here is a wittle missive from this Southern Cali cunard.


I never thought I'd be ill enough to say the following: I so miss the smell of your unwashed body! I miss my Crenshaw Rose.

I have been a bit lame on my updates for you. The first update is my gym buddy, the super fit guy with the amazing ass! Well, I got an email from him, very cryptic, just like his first email, inviting me to his place for a morning visit. He knew I was leaving town that night, so I guess he figured i had spare time. I did! I showed up, same set up as the first time. I walked directly into his room. There he was ready to have his hot ass chowed down on. I make myself comfortable and position him the way i like, on his knees, ass arched high as an offering to El Senor Jesus! I see he has some toilet paper fuzz in his crack. If you remember, I had to clean his hole the first time as well. I immediately tell him, don't move I need a towel, he tells me where to get a towel. I give him a good wipe and it's back to business.

I start to chow on his ass, he's hard, this time I don't hesitate to grab his balls and cock, and he's dripping. His face is deep in the pillow. After a few minutes, he reaches under the pillow and pulls out a condom and a small lube pack. Instead of just letting me take it from there, he starts talking: He says, “Papi what you going to do to me?” He repeated that a few times. Hearing that worked me the wrong way, I'm not his Papi, and why would anyone want their Papi to fuck them. I'm thinking what the fuck. So I reach over his body, i was sort of losing my hard on, but I reach down over him, my dick in the crack of his ass, my hands under his body and I whisper in his ear! “Shut up!”

He Shuts UP! I think having sex is primal, horny, sticky and smelly, it does not need any language! I go back to that beautiful ass chowing. I've got him arching, bucking back and forth, I'm tugging on his balls, slapping his lil hard dick, twitching his nipples, he's got some hot nipples-i think you noticed the nipples when i showed you his picture, I for some reason did not pay them any attention on my first visit.

So there I am working this boy. I keep working his hole as I know, his ass is just too hot, i may slip my dick in that hot tight hole and unload in a few seconds. You know, i think Daddy Athey said, “A used hole is a lot more fun then a tight hole.” He's right. I work the condom on, lube myself and then his hole. I take the liberty to finger that hole and he starts to moan, i work my chorizo up and down his crack, play with the hole and make my way in. It's a very tight hole, so we struggle for a bit. I’m hurting him, and that of course gives me the adrenaline rush that i need. I'm all over this boy, I'm digging straight down into his hole, this drives him nuts, so I stop and work a different angle and go back to the first, and then I pull out, and back in, this time targeting the upper part of his hole. I have him locked into my crotch, I'm feeling his body, his abs, his nipples and balls, I'm all over him like some old desperate filipina at a sex club-the kind of character that fuck up everybody else’s game, when no one wants her. He’s in pain and needs me to slow down.

His body is deep red, he's got veins popping out of his neck, he lifts his head out from the pillow, he turns to see me, I see him dead in the eyes, he tells me “I'm ready”.

I drill downward into his hole, I'm almost on top of his body, shoving my dick straight down. I feel him tighten and he unloads! Fuck. I reach under his body, feel his dick, rub his cock with his cum and he's super sensitive, I rub the cum on his abs, I unload, but I don't pull out. I stay in him, he falls flat on his bed, I'm still on top of him. I move my dick around his hole a few times and i pull out. I rolled out of bed and made my way to the bathroom, the condom was fairly clean, not enough to call it a mud slide. I change and make my way out of the house.

i saw him about a week or so later. He gave me his usual Nigga Knock, and just kind of smiled. I was my usual poker face. I went about my business and so did he. Yesterday, I got a text message from him, asking me when I'd be back in town. Oh, my Crenshaw Rose, the things we get ourselves into.

The second Update is this Jewish dude, another Jewish dude! He is a major Cum Freak, he sucked me off at the Zone, a long time ago. i saw him downtown, he started talking to me, I remembered him, but it was a little odd. He gave me his card with an email, he asked for mine. I told him I didn't have one, but to look me up via my company name. I figured he wouldn't and it would be a dead issue. I get an email from him the same day, via my company email address. He invites me to his place for a sucking. I tell him that I wouldn't be up for it. He asked,”if it was his weight gain?” I say, “well, i'm not into bellies, i figured he'd think i'm an ass and I’d be done with him. He replies “stop by,
I will invite another friend, you will like him, i promise.”
He sends me an email the following day and then again a few days later. I give in, and I stop by his place after work. It's over in the High Rent District by Fairfax with all the nice Spanish Duplex apt's. I follow his directions from his email: The door will be open, come in, follow the hall way, strip down naked and walk into the room. I do as I'm told. He is naked on his knees, and he's ready to suck. I ask him to put on a t-shirt, his body is not working for me, He does. He starts to suck on me, and I hear the door open and the footsteps towards the room. I hear somebody taking off their clothes, and then I see this fit, tattoo'd guy walk in naked with a few piercing's, the cock sucker looks up at me and asks “You Like him?” The guy stands right by me, starts to touch my chest, i grab his ass, it's a nice small ass, but the guy is Sporting a Huge Dick! The cock sucker continues to suck my dick, the guy is working my nipples and then gets his cock sucked, we go back and forth until we both cum on the cocksucker's face. We get dressed and split. I have visited this Cocksucker I think about six times now. Weds at 5:00 pm. This dude is able to assemble anywhere from 2-5 guys for his suck sessions. It has been very hot.
More then one of the guys asked me as we walked to our cars, “Dude, you told Mike to put a T-shirt on! I said, “Yes, he’s gotten too chunky”. They were cool with that change. I'm not sure how he gets these guys, but it's been super hot.

OK my Sweet , it's past 2.a.m., I'm hanging out in Fire Island, it's a bit lame out here. I did get some goodies, but nothing to write home about. I'll be in Nueva Jork on Tues.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My manly dates for the Billy Miller party at the Polish Loser´s Club in Mitte was Daniel Hendrickson, the Scandanavian Muslim translator to the shtars and Hoang the Vietnamese video artist. Had a lovely time mingling with handsome French Renaissance man Christophe Chemin with his pal, the former art director with Gallic gay rag Tetu. Was also great chittle chatting with delightful Felix Knoke of Der Spiegel Online, who brought his statuesque Tazmanian pal Lilly, who has been biking all over Europe this summer with her German papa. Felix and his hunky roommate Jan Klesse are collaborating with me on a secret musical project, that will also feature Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras. Jan has already written a beautiful meloncholy ballad that i recorded the other day.
Also at the BillyBoy party which was a sendoff to Billy and his lover Jeff who are now safe and sound in their hometown of Jersey City, New Jersey. All of Billy Millers eventas with Christian Siekmieir of Exile Gallery were huge hits with the Berliners.
At the Polish Losers club I got to soak in the beauty of handsome Zimbagwian artist Adrian, who has a killer body with a rack of death. Lots of cute young kids and of course the ubuiqutous art fags like DL Alvarez who is back in Berlin from teaching gigs in the states with that cute ginger Gwynel. I am always so suspicious of the art fagulas. Danny Hendrickson wisely reprimands me for being too harsh of a black bitch, as art fags like DL and Gwynel are shy and socially awkward in the presence of giant monster divas like myself who soak up all the oxygen in any room they are in.
Actually when i go to parties i rarely mingle, i just sit in one spot and regally hold court.
One of my beautiful immaculate children of Man!hattan Winston who is an exotic blend of Polish and Japanese is in Berlin till October. Winston is super charming and lovesexy, he just graduated from NYU, is a super model and Longacre „IT“ boy. With Winston at Billy´s party was Bo Burnham the 19 year old You Tube sensation fresh from the Fringe Festival in Scotland, and humpy writer Ned Beauman who wrote the new tome Boxer Beetle and his beau Spanish avant garde clothing designer Diego David Dominguez Gonzalez who works under the name of David Delfin.
Billy Miller´s lover Jeff is so tender and talented. He has been working on a documentary on Galt McDermott who wrote the music to the Broadway musical HAIR, and Jeff is filled with lots of great stories about the old days in New York in the 70s and 80s.
Yusi Ettiman the popular Turkish art guru of Basso kollectiv hosted a goodbye dinner for Billy&Jeff at his spacious Leipziger Loft. The food was magnifique with a continental crowd of art boyganzas from Denmark, England, Italy & France. You never know who you will met at the grand table of juicy Mr. Ettiman.
Had luncheon the other day at Mexican boite Santa Maria with NYU Performance Scholar Tavia Nyongo who just came back to Berlin from holiday in his native Kenya. Tavia is related to President Obama and is subletting a great flat with a marvelous view of Hermannplatz. Too bad Tavia returns to NYU at the end of this month.
Piero Bellomo of La Collezione had me over for one of his scrumpteous meals at his Lutzoplatz compound. Piero is so handsome, warm and generous giving me tons of designer clothes from his latest collection. One tidbit i just found out about Piero is that besides having a German mother and Italian father he is also black African on his fathers side of the family.
Who knew?