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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The closing night party of the NATIONAL REVIEW OF LIVE ART and i beat on a fine face, and when i arrive a huge throng is waiting for me to begin. Talk about pressure. Mark the tech guy is a little perturbed by me. The other day i told him i wanted to change the location, not realizing he would work on it so promptly, well after sleeping on it, i decided the original location was best for my performance and dj set. its a woman's perogative to change her feral mind. needless to say i wasn't his favourite person.

i'm so use to U.S. tech people who wait till the very last minute if they do it at all. They are definately more on the ball in Scotland. i start off playing a mix of rock songs ala my days behind the spinderella wheels of steel at club sucker. i'm not use to spinning this material as for the last two years i've only dj'd 20s music. but the crowd seems to be enjoying themselves and loosening up. i'm wearing my rick owens special so i'm looking appropriately coiffed and styled---thank god it all came together quickly. The nrla has been as dry as burnt toast, so everyone is finally kicking off their knickers during my hosting and dj set. it seems like i was what everyone was hoping for.

lots of love connections are being made. The party starts early at 8pm and around 10pm i do a segment from my new piece orifice descending that goes over very well. i use dominic johnson and kris canavan as living breathing sculpture lined up behind my crazed antics. dom and kris are perfect and the crowd enjoys it. i continue dj-ing until 3am. i even get a little knookie from this hot lean and mean glaswegian boy who comes into the dj booth and lifts my skirt and commenses to toss my garden salad, whispering to me, "lets leave". i'm the hostess so i can't just take off with this hunk, but i'm certainly tempted. i feel him up and he has one hell of a hard body and beautiful big soulful eyes, a shaved head and strong features that are utterly divine. i have an assortment of erotic tinged videos displayed as atmosphere and everyone eats them up. The visuals certainly help everyone display their hornriffic ways. of course nicki, the director of the festival censors me. i'm in a good mood, or else there would have been hell to pay. people have seen enough of my sexy imagery, and they are all fraternizing and having a hell of a time. my mission is complete. Tomorrow off to london via a long boring train ride.

Dom takes me to the George and the Dragon a trendy pub in the Short Ditch area where he lives around Arnold Circus. i call this ShortDitch district, Short Bread and nearby Brick Lane--Crick Lane. Ran into Fred of the former Milch Gallery who bought us a round of drinks. he tells me that Bernal died. Bernal was a cute English boy who performed in Jennifer Blowdryer's Smut Fest back in 1996 at the Schmidt Theatre in Hamburg. Bernal was quite the slut, going to the saunas and Tom's Bar every night while he was performing. One evening he brought back a double barreled Brazillian who also wanted to make it with me and Crepe Suzette, who was in Hamburg performing with me.

London is colder than Glasgow, and it should be the other way around. I'm freezing! My southern california wear doesn't seem to block out the wind and chill factor. oh welp, i knew i wasn't going to palm beach.

Dominic's flat is really cute, cozy and charming. he is really taking care of me, the way i needed to be tended. i'm really very helpless. i don't know my way around the city as i have the worse sense of direction imaginable. We spend the night over at Franko B and his young lover kristofer canavan's house. kris makes a delicious lite meal and Franko does some dj mixing from his lap top. Franko is becoming a top ranking uk DJ---he can do it all. Franko is such a sweatie, its because of him that i got the nrla gig---he takes care of his girls.