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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Living in rush limbo. I don't have an apartment in Los Angeles anymore. Whenever I'm in the tired city of Los Ang, which isn't often these days i housesit. If you have comfy digs with no plants, or pets that need to be taken care of, send me an emug if you need a celebrity babycrib sitter.
I'm so minimalist these days, and i'm enjoying not being encumbered.
Very successful series of gallery shows in Manitoba country and British Columbia. Canadians understand the me of myselfed I. All my best girlfriends are Canucks . . . Glen Meadmore, Judy Labruce, Patty Powers, Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras.
Unexpected tryst with ingenue Dax Shephard. I hate actors, but this toothy, wicked boy won me over with his asphalt milky mouth charm and swinging bick dique arrogance. As usual, i suspect nothing good will come of the encounter, but it was a pleasant enough diversion.
Mr. Shephard stars in an upcoming feature film called Zathura. I forgot to ask him what other movies he's made. i can't wait to see him on the silver nitrate screen. He sez that we did some heavy petting in the boydello lounge at Bricktops, but i honestly don't remember. He also said that he an Andrew Gould kissed in the DJ booth one evening at Bricky's when i was away performing in Europa.