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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Guest starred Sunday at the KW Institute For Contemporary Art rocking out with Tim&kJohnny Blue as part of Wilhelm Hein´s akshunist event Who Killed The Underground. Normally i am not a fan of big art institutions, but the staff at the KW were sweet and gracious. The place was packed with a standing room only crowd. Besides Wilhelm´s three screen projections, his amazing art photog girlfriend Annette Frick presented a lovely slide show of her famous images of the local queer and tranny scene. Also performing was the great Austrian poet Sissy Tax, and the excellent local musician Mad Angus. The calvalcade of art stars in the audience included Evie Rüssler, Isabel Spengler, Ruth Schonegger and her new super foxy girlfriend, Israeli power couple Imre&Lior, Teenage Felix and his theatre owning mom, Gus Van Sant scholar Christian “F” Weber, German actor Florian Lukas, DeRohan Chabot, Acme Singt the naked DJ, and Anna Muelter of the HAU.
The next morning i had an all-day photo shoot project with handsome Italian photographer Manuel Vason for London´s Spill Arts Festival. Manuel is one of the hottest dudes around, known for collaborative photo projects with live artists, his book from last year Encounters was a huge international sensation, and features photos of Ron Athey, Franko b., Dominic Johnson, Marisa Carnesky and the doll. Mr. Vason is sooo smooth and seductive that he had me posing nude and shiny, shiny not far behind me covered in his thick robust Venetian splooge. Wowzina!!!
The next evening was my performative lecturina at the Politics of Ecstasy Festival at the HAU. The festival is curated by New York dancer/choreographer Jeremy Wade with assist by Eike Wittrock. Jeremy seems is the new darling at the Hebbel Theatre at the moment. Europeans really take a shining to anything and anyone from New York. Every time I see Jeremy he looks different, as if going through some kind of metamorphosis. I´ve never seen any of Jeremy´s dance pieces, but i´ve heard from people i respect that his choreography has a unique spastic charm, but that he should stick to movement and not talk or sing on stage. I want to see his new piece I Offer Myself toThee, but unfortunately it is playing on nights that i have prep work that i must do for my own performances with the Berlinale and also for the Arco, Madrid Art Experts Forum. I almost made it to one of Jeremys shows in the summer that he invited me to, but i got caught in a downpour on my bike.
Like i have said many times before I find the dance world a bit problematic in that they get rewarded all the funding that would never go to performance or live art. There seems to be a glut at the moment of people doing dance or calling their work dance. Well can i blame them for grifting? It is a good strategic, careerist move.
When i first looked through the Politics of Ecstasy catalogue and saw items like Death Electric Emo Protest Aerobics and a Sweat Lodge i started to groan and roll my eyes. The only thing worse then German new ageyness is Black American style new ageyness. I was certainly suspect, but spending some time at the Manuel Czech Ecstatic Kitchen with i t s delicious food and free silkscreen t-shirt booth was getting me in a Bohdi Tree mood. I like a festival with a focus on free food. As an artist i know i am always hungry, and my train needs to be constantly fed. The festivals delirious changing stage set design by Doris Dziersk, Anke Philip and Sophie-Therese Trinka-Dalton was also warming my dark heart. Several months ago Jeremy emailed me that Diamanda Galas, Kembra Pfhaler of the Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black and Justin Bond were going to be part of the Politics of Ectasy. Daddy Ron Athey wound up being the big festival coup. The only other name i recognized was dancer/choreographer Meg Stuart. Athey performed magnificently with a nice cookie monster troop of Euro children in an improv version of his Auto Da Fe suite from The Judas Cradle complete with glossalalia and automatic writing. It was short, sweet and very Da-dadster. I was really macking madly on DD his Austrian younger rad tat bro and fragile Serbian baby sis.
Performing with the doll was her blood of Abraham Aasaf Hochman and his bubble butt Greek beauty beau Alexander the Great of Macadonia. Making me look gorgeous with his expert makeup and fashion styling the marvel of marvels Miss Tan Bihn Ngyuen with assist from her sweet girlfriend Billa. Seen in the overflow crowd: intermedia actress Susanne Sachsse, translator to the stars Daniel Haji Hendrickson, Arsenal intern Julius Bauer, Flemish royal Koen Claerhout, lovesexy Val & Sebastian from magnetic electro duo Noblesse Oblige, writer Travis Jeppeson, Gallic art stud Christophe Chemin who is modeling during fashion week for Bernard Wilhelm, art fag guru Yusi Etiman of Basso, Bini of andcompany performance kollective, baby French boy posse Julian Radlmaier, DeRohan Chabot, Guillaume Ariaud, studtog Manuel Vason, Acme Singt the naked big foot DJ, topgun HAU coordinator Anna Muelter, independent curator Tim Stüttkin, Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras, teutonictress Kostja Ullman, art photographer Annette Frick, with her legendary experimental film pioneer lover Wilhelm Hein, adorable Berlin art treasure Evie Russler, Danish filmmaker Anders Ostergaard, professional fashion muse Ines de la Fresange, Turkish clothing designer Umit Benan, Father Athey with the magnificent skinhead Gunner (who use to be Bay Area roommates with my intern Marc Arthur) and Bianca & Sierra Casady of CoCo Rosie and their posse.
Special thanks to the expert HAU 2 tech crew of Tito on sound with Rainer, Berlin original punker Wolfgang, Michael Esch on lights and my intern Greta Ganderath with Festival head assistant pretty Anna Wagner and her twin sister from a different mother Barbara.

Got lots of emails requesting a copy of my text for the Politics of Ecstasy lecture. Well here it is warts and all

Fornication, No! Theocracy Yes! Conjuring Voice in the Spirit

By Professor Dr. Vaginal Davis

I i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i am one of the most celebrated women in the world. . .known and honored by kings, queens, presidents, chancellors and prime ministers throughout the world . . .take hold of the golden tree of life – the greatest opportunity ever afforded the human race on earth i i i i i i i i i i i am the seven right fists of god, the seven healing waterfalls, the seven holy troughs, cellular divine healing
I i i i i i i i i i i i i honor the lord with the most beautiful robes and gowns made by leading fashion designers worn in the pulpit to honor thine beauty of the lord. I i i i i i i i i i i am one of the 12 best dressed women in the world. Transsubstantiation. I i i i i i i i i i hold the key to your eternity.

The Hebrew word RU´AHH RU ÁHH RU AHH and the Greek word PNEU´MA PNEU MA PNEU MA which are often translated “spirit” have a number of meanings. The English word “spirit” is from the Latin SPIRITUS a breath, breathing. Respiration, expiration, inspiration. All of them refer to that which is invisible to human sight and which gives evidence of force in motion. The Hebrew and Greek words are used with reference to 1. Wind 2.the active lifeforce in earthly creatures 3.the impelling force that issues from a person´s figurative heart and that causes him to say and do things in a certain way 4.inspired utterances originating with an invisible source 5.spirit persons and 6God´s active force, or holy spirit.
What is the holy spirit?
A comparison of Bible texts. Text---this is important here in New Germany as it is in El France. Bible texts that refer to the holy spirit shows that it is spoken of as ´filling´people; they can be ´baptisized´with it; and they can be “annoited” with it. None of these expressions would be appropriate if the holy spirit were a person.
Jesus Cristo also referred to the holy spirit as a “helper” in Greek PA RA KLE TOS and he said that this helper would “teach” “bear witness” “speak” and “hear”. It is not unusual in scripture for something to be personafied. For example wisdom is said to have “children” Sin and death are spoken of as being kings. While some texts say that the spirit “spoke” other passages make clear that this was done through angels or humans. Not only the spirit but also the water and the blood are said to bear witness.
The holy spirit is the active force of God. A powerful force that God causes to emanate from himself to accomplish his holy will.
What Gives evidence that a person really has the holy spirit, or the Holy Ghost?
Jesus read from the scroll of the prophet Isaiah: Jehovah´s spirit is upon me, because he annoited me to declare good news . . .and he went down to Capernaum a city of Galilee. And he was teaching them on the sabbath; and they were astounded at his way of teaching, because his speech was with authority. Now in the synagogue there was a man with a spirit, an unclean demon of Endor, and he shouted in a loud voice. But Jesus rebuked the demon of Endor saying be silent, and come out of him. So, after throwing the man down in their midst, the demon of endor came out of him without hurting him. When Jesus´followers received holy spirit they would be witnesses about him, Jesus Cristo. These followers were speaking about the magnificent things of God in languages that were familiar to the many foreigners who were present. There is no record of an emotional outburst on the part of those who received the spirit.
When Elizabeth of olden days received the holy spirit and gave voice to a loud cry she was not meeting for worship, but was greeting and visiting her relations. When the holy spirit came upon an assembly of disciples the place was shaken, but the effect of the spirit was not that they trembled and rolled about but they spoke the word of god with boldness. Likewise today boldness in speaking the word of God, zealously engaging in the work of witnessing—these are what give evidence that a person has holy spirit.
The fruitage of the spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faith, mildness, self control. It is this fruitage, rather than outbursts of religious fervor that one should look for when seeking to find people who truly have God´s spirit.
Voice, along wth language, is a gift of God. Therefore, the voice should be lifted in praise to God. This can be done by speaking “the magnificent things of God” upbuilding others with information from Gods word of truth, or in songs of praise and thanksgiving.
The Hebrew word GOHL GOHL GOHL – “voice” “sound” is used with regard to the witness these voiceless things give to the majesty of their creator. In a personified sense wisdom is said to keep giving forth i t s voice in the public squares, because it is available to all who seek it. The voice of the daughter of Zion, the voice of a woman giving birth to her first child. A voice that comes up from a position of debasement as in the dust, and would be like the low voice of a spirit medium. Through the prophet Jeremiah God has prophesied that Egypt would be vanquished by the Babylonians, who would come in force as woodcuttrs, to chop her down. She would lie on the ground, legs spread deeply humbled, weeping softly and moaning, her voice low like that of a serpant.
Are true Christians today identified by the ability to speak in tongues?
If i speak in tongues of men and of angels but do not have love, I have become a sounding piece of brass or a clashing cymbol. Love never fails. But whether there are gifts of prophesying, they will be done away with; whether there are tongues, they will cease.
For we know in part, and we prophesy in part for our knowledge is imperfect and our prophecy is imperfect. Do you believe that the speaking of tongues done today is the same as what was practiced in the first century? Speaking in tongues filled a definate need during that time to show that god had shifted his favour from the Jewish system to the newly formed Christian congregation. It was a practical means to spread the good news on an international scale in a short time.

Bros. Blood of Abraham Bros. Alexander of Thesolonica

Gifts to god are offered not collected This offering is made by fire.
Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras celebrated his 30th birthday at his Neu Kölln compound with a cute dindin provided by his sexy physical therapist lover Enrico, who also made the birthday cake. Val & Sebastiane from Noblesse Oblige, provided a melange of salads and right out of the oven Martinique style chocolate brownies. Enjoying the fellowship: Susanne Sachsse of Cheap, Alexander the Great of Macedonia, DeRohan Chabot, naked and barefoot Acme Singt, Anna Muelter of HAU and Bavarian Jens one of the Hidden Cameras choir members. Afterward everyone was going bowling at Hasenheide, where i guess there is a bowling alley. The doll had to bow out of the bowling for Columbine.
Went to see Athey´s solo piece Self Obliteration that has an extra nasty addition to it from when i saw it at the Donau Festival in April. My handsome buff father figure Ron creates images like no one else under the sun. The Berlin audience was left completely in awe. The icky art fags not knowing what to make of it. Helping Mr. Athey was academic and live artist Dominic Johnson in from London and his crew consisting of Samantha, Skinhead Gunnar and Dom´s sweet British artist friend with piercings and dreadlocks, Richard Hancock who just moved to Neu Kölln. Seen paying hommage to the Love God Ron Athey: super fag curator Frank Wagner who first brought Athey to Berlin in 2004, Assaf Hochman and Alex of Macedonia, Black Markets Hannah Hurtzig, Anna Muelter, HAU honcho Mattias Lianthal, Alessio of bbooks, Tamir Yirgit, the dashing young fellow of Turkish theatre, Noah Lennox and Dave Portner of New York band Animal Collective.
Of couse I had to come back the next night for Ron´s encore performance of Self Obliteration. In true Daddy style he outdid himself with balletic grace and determination giving up every ounce of self as he ended the tableaux with a ceremonial onanist fisticup----breathless! All of Berlin was at this performance, with many visiting luminaries including the one and only Jewess Tattoess from London Marissa Carnesky with her young Montana free range husband who is being hailed in live art circles as Baby GG Allin. Drop dead gorgeous Bianca of CoCo Rosie lent the event her ethereal presence. The Forum Expanded Berlinale gang of Nanna Heidenreich, Olga Damnitz, Ullrich Ziemons and Stefanie Schulte Strathaus were looking elegant and regal. Art curator Bettina was floating about along with Katherina Clewinghaus the star of Otto Up With Dead People and her escort booty pie Tim Stüttkin, writer Travis Jeppeson was with his birthday boy lover Mario and his birthday present Luigi. DJ Snax was looking lovesexy and Joel Gibb with Enrico the physical therapist to the stars were turning many heads as a hot couple. Of course that stylish Dutch lady Mijke Harmsen was looking very good, and the beauty of HAU Katrin Dodd who is almost as tall as the Doll was delighting along with Val of Noblesse Oblige, Japanese artist Hanayo and Ron´s new outrageously handsome big thick dicked Argentine lover Alfredo who plowed daddy three times in the dressing room before his performance to make Atheys hole extra succulent to the audience.

Friday, January 30, 2009

I love getting emugs from my sweet little former NYU intern Marc Arthur, who is quite his own artist getting lots of international acclaim. He is now living in the Bay area and here is one of his updates.

Dear Ms. Davis,
Sorry for being such a bad boy in terms of keeping in touch. I have still been going from couch to couch but now I am on just one couch for a month now so it's sort of more stable with the internet and stuff. The nice thing about SF is these hippies always have fluffy and cozy couches...on the flip side I caught crabs a few weeks ago. That was a disaster! All they boys I was fucking had it and people were starting to make extramarital connections and I had to scram! Now I'm in Oakland where it is more calm.
My friends and I did a cute performance when I first got back where we birthed Sarah Palins daughte'rs satanic child who was then ravaged by a pack of lesbian wolfs. People just loved that.
A couple of weeks ago I screened Letters From a Ruined Dream and did a performance of the play I wrote accompanying it at New Langton Arts. It was a huge fabulous success. An eager crowd of what had to be 100 showed up, a mix of faggy art hipsters and sf art world people. The movie got it's proper screening in a real theater with a large projection. People loved your performance and were creaming for DeRohan Chabot. There was also an adjoining giant warehouse we had access to next door. We brought the audience back and forth between both spaces for a performance which at the end involved my friend getting fist fucked in a pile of white flour. The curator of the show was so impressed that she called me up the next day begging for some of the props. She wanted me to give them to her for free! Mr. Larry Bob was also in attendance and we had a nice chat.
Mike Kuchar documented the whole evening so I'll send that out to you when I get a copy. I've been working with him quite a bit lately. He keeps crafting these delicate shreds of fabric he likes to call "loin cloths" for me. This usually leads to him getting shots of me wearing them from the floor up at which point the scrap of fabric isn't even visible. I love his movies and they are absolutely gorgeous.
On Halloween I went to a furry party dreading the usual fleet of ironic arty kids who think they are so fucking cool cause they know about furries, expecting a bunch of tired hipsters with cheap bunny ears drinking forties but boy was I wrong. I can't say for sure if these kids were regular furries, in fact I'm sure a lot of them weren't, but they sure had the look. The party was in the grotto of some factory in Oakland (these days the best parties are in Oakland). I always wanted to experiment with furries, I knew I liked diapers but furries somehow seemed like a more dangerous move. My friend literally dragged me out and when I arrived everyone's costumes were plush but revealing. This helped; it was a nice crowd from the teletubbie generation. You could see their skinny toned abdomens and delicate bodies dusted with peachy hair underneath the overzealous patchworks of faux neon furs. Not to mention all their bulges sweating pre-cum. The place was writhing with hormones both girl and boy.
I immediately took off my clothes and wrapped the fur coat I brought around my waist. This attracted the attention of some boy in a giraffe outfit. The masquerade atmosphere of the party helped him court me and before I knew it he was pouring his koolaid cocktail down my throat. I hoped that his cum would taste the same. I swear someone must have put a posting on dlist for the party and handed out free x to every kid who walked in the door. Yes, the rave scene is still vivacious around here but this was at least a step up from the hippy trash burners who devote their lives to hula hooping, the techno was irritating but these kids still had some vigor in them. Some of the other costumes were fabulous, there was an absolutely decadent poodle and this polar bear boi who looked spectacular with strong biceps. In the corner two bunnies are eating each other out. I knew I didn't have to wait much longer for things to get interesting. The friend I came with disappeared off with a goat and I was left to wonder around all by myself. All of a sudden I felt some fur on the nape of my neck. I turned around and the polar bear had his pants at his ankles. He was stroking his rod like a little kid devouring an otter pop. I didn't know what his face looked like under his mask but didn't care. His cock had to be 9 inches and thick, wet, dripping like a glacier eager to melt. He started to growl and I willingly got on my knees and began to lick his huge sweaty balls, this really got to him and he started growling like he was going to attack. This attracted the attention of everyone else at the party and in that split second a wild orgy broke out. The polar bears mating call germinated a cacophony of other animal sex noises, and I had a flashback to my childhood mania for baboon ass at the zoo. I worshiped the polar bears rod until his fur came off layer by layer, drenched in sweat. I started kissing him and realized we had met before. He was the boi I met last winter on bart.
Immediately I start to finger his ass hole like I'm an Eskimo fishing--forming out a hole in the ice. his asshole is soft and smooth like raw salmon freshly cut open. I dig deeper and he moans more. I throw him down to the ground and he spreads out completly naked on his malted fur. I know the ice age is really over as I plow his ass and he growls in a sort of frustrated pleasure, I'm almost afraid but plow harder and harder which attracts a musk ox and the giraffe. They start to jack off as I pound him and then, all at once, in the warming of our global jungle jerk, we consensually melt the polar ice caps. The polar bear goes extinct first and shoots a blizzard of white cream like a snow globe exploding. I pull out my oil rig and, joined by the musk ox and giraffe, submerge his face in our hot steaming fossil fuels.
Otherwise my sex life has been pretty mellow. I found a glory hole a UC Berkeley which is hit or miss. You can usually cruise hot freshman on the lawn outside and follow them down to it. The other day I followed a beefy ginger who did not disappoint. I've never really experienced a real glory hole. It's so thrilling when someone else comes in to the bathroom and you have to stop, their cock resting is your mouth throbbing. The ginger was mammoth and extended past the reach of the toilet paper dispenser. The black hole framed his fiery hair beautifully. My throat was a bit soar the next day but it was worth it.
Speaking of Berkeley I was seeing this frenchy academic for a second when I first got back. He was a hot 30 and grew up around here and prides himself on his judith butler and kaja silverman friendships. I didn't realize that even "radical" academics are still perversely elitist. He tried to convince me we were monogamous while he fucked some 20 year old who I met on the bart. we made the connections and it was obvious I was stuck in the center of one big bourgeois mess.
A few journalistas asked me about the traveling show that i am in that starts off at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest. Well i am so non technical that i will just reproduce for you the press release as supplied to me by my lovely young sexy Balkan producer Davide Grassi and his gorgeous wife Marcella.


Aksioma- Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana
MNAC - National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest

Reconstruction, Re-enactment, Re-reporting
curated by: Domenico Quaranta

MNAC - National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest
Izvor St. 2-4, wing E4, Bucharest, Romania / Entrance from Calea 13 Septembrie
22 January – 13 March 2009

Panel discussion: 22 January 2009 at 18:00
Exhibition opening: 22 January 2009 at 19:00

Featured artists: Lucas Bambozzi, Vaginal Davis, Quentin Drouet, Janez Janša, Janez Janša, Janez Janša, Irwin, Eva and Franco Mattes (aka 0100101110101101.ORG), OHO group, SilentCell Network (Mare Bulc, Janez Janša, Bojana Kunst, Igor Štromajer)

MNAC - National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest is proud to announce “RE:akt! Reconstruction, Re-enactment, Re-reporting”, the world preview of the works realized in the last three years within the platform “RE:akt!” conceived by Janez Janša and produced by the Slovenian cultural institution Aksioma.

During recent years the term re-enactment and the practices it refers to have enjoyed increasing success in the artistic context. On one hand, the success of re-enactment appears to be connected to a parallel, vigorous return to performance art, both as a genre practiced by the new generations, and as an artistic practice with its own historicization. On the other hand the term re-enactment accompanies two phenomena that at least at first glance have very little in common: re-staging artistic performances of the past, and revisiting, in performance form, “real” events – be they linked to history or current affairs, past or present.

RE:akt! Reconstruction, Re-enactment, Re-reportingtries both to research on the complexity of this concept and to get rid of it, approaching re-enactment not merely as “live action role-playing” or “living history” but rather as a strategy for cultural critique, analysis and artistic expression. “RE:akt!” – meaning not only “to act again” but also “to respond to / to react upon” and “Regarding: act!”– confronts current ideological and intellectual canons, power structures, policies, and distribution channels by re-enacting selected historical and culturally relevant events. Through processes of analysis, deconstruction, re-enactment and re-reporting, the intermedia research and presentation project “RE:akt!” examines media’s roles in manipulating perceptions and creating postmodern historical myths and contemporary mythology.

Thus, “RE:akt! Reconstruction, Re-enactment, Re-reporting”, curated by the Italian art critic and curator Domenico Quaranta, will collect ten different approaches to the concept of enaction: from Ich Lubbe Berlin! (2005, SilentCell Network), a take on the 1933 burning of the Reichstag building in Berlin, which explores the contemporary meaning of symbols such as the Reichstag itself, and of concepts such as “communism” and “terrorism”; to Das KAPITAL (2006, Janez Janša), a performance which re-stages the 1969 occupation of Czechoslovakia by Warsaw Pact forces with the languages of popular street artists; from C'était un rendez-vous (déja vu) (Janez Janša and Quentin Drouet), a project that plays with the paradigmatic history of a well known artwork, the film C'était un rendez-vous by Claude Lelouch, from “cinema verité” to “media fiction”; to VD as VB (2007), a series of actions in which Vaginal Davis, the “grande dame” of the queer underground in Los Angeles, dialogues with Vanessa Beecroft's performances. In Mount Triglav on Mount Triglav (2007 - 2008), the three artists Janez Janša, Janez Janša and Janez Janša re-stage a well known performance of the OHO group from the late Sixties, recently appropriated by the IRWIN group for their Like to Like Series (2004), performing it on the Mount Triglav itself, and then translating it into a monumental golden sculpture; while in Slovene National Theatre (2007), Janez Janša translates an infamous fact of recent racism against Gypsies – known in Slovenia as “the Ambrus case” - into a piece of theatre, re-invoicing it as it was featured by the mass media. In their Synthetic Performances (2007), Eva and Franco Mattes aka 0100101110101101.ORG reenact on the virtual platform of Second Life a series of historical performances that are all but virtual, raising issues such as body, violence, sex and pain, thus exploring the meaning of these very issues in a virtual world. In SS-XXX | Die Frau Helga (2007), Janez Janša again adds details and proofs of evidence to an “urban legend” recently circulated on the Net and mainstream media, concerning the presumed creation of a cyber-sex doll by the Nazis. Thus, performance and reenactment are far from being the only strategies adopted in “RE:akt!”, which also involves strategies such as documentation, remix, re-invoicement, reconstruction and remediation (such as in the project The Day São Paulo Stopped 2009 by Brazilian artist Lucas Bambozzi), and media such as photographic print, video, media installation and even architecture (such as in the project Il porto dell'amore, by Janez Janša, an homage to Fiume as an example of pirate utopia).

On Thursday, January 22, MNAC will host a panel discussion featuring Domenico Quaranta, curator of the exhibition; Janez Janša, artist and director of Aksioma; and the italian theoretician Antonio Caronia, co-editor of the book RE:akt! Reconstruction, Re-enactment, Re-reporting, to be published on March 2009 (with contributions by Rod Dickinson, Jennifer Allen, Jan Verwoert, Antonio Caronia and Domenico Quaranta). On March 25, the exhibition will travel to ŠKUC gallery, Ljubljana (Slovenia) and then further to the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka (


Production: Aksioma – Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana

Supported by
the European Cultural Foundation
the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia
the Municipality of Ljubljana