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Thursday, July 01, 2004


Saw the new Wayan Bros. comedy "White Chicks" found it actually a bit subversive, though i doubt if that was the filmmakers intent. "White Chicks" isn't brilliant like Tom Green's "freddy Gets fingered" but there were some cute elements of physical Harry Langdonesque comic manuevers that made me chuckle slightly. The two leads are attractive young men who could one day develop into top notch talent, but they have a long way to go at present.

What fascinated me was the so black he's blue pro-footballer "snow" queen---whose antics obviously are rooted in same sex desire for white men.
this "snow" queen drinks a spiked cocktail and mimicks the shirtless circuit boy 'meth' speaker hugging and flag twirling set in one vignette only to awaken in the arms of a beady eyed blondine surfer villain.

the overall tone of the movie is erratic in that grievous manner so prevalent in mainstream product, but the elder Wayan Bros.-- Keenan Ivory, the director, must be acknowledge for revealing so openly and without guile his homo panic and homo laced misogony in the treatment of the female black leads. His boldness in this regard is utterly disturbing.

I've never seen any of Wayan's other releases, but now i'm curious if this is a re-occuring thread in his talking piture ouvre. And to think i just wanted to see a hollywood guilty pleasure matinee.


Marcu' Siegel my Cheap Jewelry regie' from Berlin came to Los Ang for a sweet visit. David Pendleton of UCLA's Film and TV archive hosted a gala cocktail party for Marcu', that was a silverlake smashina. Lots of charming academes and uber intellects on hand for a raucaus Monday eve.

i filmed the second part of my Technova video in Valencia with Cyril and Jimothy overseeing the production. I really adore Jimothy. he's a spritely ginger headed boy who grew up on the wrong side of the Illinois train tracks. He's my working class hero, with the best energy surrounding him.

The boys later dropped me off at Dave Harrow's compound in the Solano Canyon section of Chavis Ravine next to Dodger Stadium. Cyril lives up the hill, and Jimothy down the sreet from Dave. There are a bunch of American and Euro artists living in the canyon, so its become this tasty boho enclave.

I laid down some lyrics on some new tracts that Dave composed in his new studio that was built by the same guy who created Prince's home recording palace in Minneapolis. The Technova album "Electrosexual" is supposed to be released in this country in August. Who knows if that will actually happen or not. The record is already out in Europe.

I'm such a control queen that its difficult for me to get excited about a project that i only contribute lyrics to. I need to create the melody as well, and sing the words not speak them. I know i'm not a singer, but that doesn't really matter. I have an original voice and with proper tweaking in the studio it can be made to sound incredible.

Dave is a talented musician and arranger, so if i came up with melodies and he re-worked them using his technical wizardry we could actually have a collab that has a little bit more meat and grind to it. oh welp, its not like I really want a career in music as a pop star, that would be lame.

In all honesty i hate performing, i'd rather be behind the scenes, nurturing and discovering new young talent, and perhaps writing material for up-and-coming youngsters.