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Friday, September 02, 2005

I'm all moved out of my apartment on Hollywood Blvd and Bronson. The place is completely empty and yesterday i turned in my keys. I still haven't been paid my so-called relocation fee so that the stupid new owner can jack up the rent to market levels. This is the second apartment I've been gentrified out of in three years, which is the sorry state of Los Angeles circa 2005. There is some comfort that I'm not the only one who has had to be displaced.

The girl who owns the Silverlake boutique Pull My Daisy, has been through it 4 times i believe. She now lives up above the Eat Well Diner, and her new owner didn't make her move, but illegally charged her an extra $100 dollars. Mario Diaz of HOt Dog fame lives in the same complex, so the rent must be astronomical as he complained that he would not have moved there if Lenny Young,the icky owner of the Funeral Parlour had given him a warning that he was selling the bar. Mario was paying very cheap rent in the apartment building that he and Jackie Beat lived at off of Melrose near LACC and the Flex Compound.

Dadster Ron Athey helped me move the larger items, like my broken divan that i sleep on, and an Eames Chair. Daddy got all homo depot lesbiana on me at my studio, and started to rip out the ceiling panels which conceal that i have a good 5-10 feet extra space above. Of course a royal mess was made, that i was in no mood to clean up. Decided to hit the midnight trawl for their half-priced room special and next door to me was Marcus Bastida's ex law school pal, Erik-La,who i believe is still a closet case crooked junior politician from Northern California. I didn't recognize Erik-La as its been years since i've seen him haunting and staulking the saunas and back rooms of our fair Galinda. He's lost tons of weight and looks more rugged and i dare same somewhat butch realness handsome. The weight loss is probably from Crystal Meth usage. Well Miss Erik-La was carrying on with some Jubas Jubilee with a huge willis and bubble butteria. The two of them together must have gotten shanked by at least 20-25 mandingo warriors working a tag team effort. I thought they were lovers at first, but overhearing their loud drug deluseadaisial conversations i was able to daduse they just met that evening. What a laugh it brought me. I can remember when Erikla paid Rick Castro to take some pics of him so that he could start a modeling portfolio. He figured that even though he was dorky, his bland white looks could get him work on the catwalks of Japan.
Wednesday night I was treated to dinner by the lovely art couple Malik Gaines and Alex Segade of My Barbarian. Malik is a baby faced lovesexy mulatto, whose father is the famous black artist Charles Gaines. Alex has lovely, radiant skin, bright, short eyes and is a mixed CubanaRican/caucasoid mix. Along with pretty Jade Gordon, they have been performing consistently for the last few years, and have attracted a nice national following within the avant rock and performance art scenes. They've also created their own showcore movement, becoming more Bob Fosse/Liza with a Z, then Bob Fosse or Liza with her intact Z.
We had a wonderous time at dinner talking about the inanities of trying to do work in such a difficult climate here in Los Angeles, which offers very little in the way of support to creative folk. Its so juicy being around talented youngsters who are doing really new and magical things. Stuff that LA doesn't really deserve, because LA just takes and takes and gives nothing back. I have such a love/hate relationship with my city of birth so i won't bore you with my complaining. I just feel proud of the children like Malik, Alex and Jade that make me feel hopeful about the future. I'm olde and yesterdays news, thank god there are some youngbloods out there to take my place, who can really conquer.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Horrible heat wave rolls into Los Ang. I'm miserable in hot weather. Wasn't in the mood to hang out with french designer Hedi Slimane of Dior Homme who is in town for god knows what. Mr. Slimane is very sad eyed, but very cute and normally i would have felt like playing host to him. Last time i hung out with him in London when he was all wrapped up in the house of that junkie rock boy Pete Dougherty late of the band The Libertines. Peter is a charming messical and a lot taller then i thought he'd be, and packs quite a bulge in his pantaloons, which is why i believe he became the muse of Mr. Slimane. English boys with big peni get to go far in this world.
Had a very sweet post birthday din din with the delightful and talented young artist Cory Marie. We ate at the Kitchen in Silverlake -- yes, two pretty teenage girls just hanging out and looking good.
Met handsome latin hungthrob Cesar Vega at the Brite Spot for breaky. That Cesar has some nalgas on him. You can build a dream on that bubble butt. The boy is quite an entrepreneur. He's starting his own production company soon.
Later in the evening i performed as Buster Beaute' my male character at the last Velvet Hammer show. What a spectacular closing affair. My drag daughter Michele Hell, really tore it up with this fast paced frolic. Michele is moving from tired LA to Berlin. She's just going to get up and go---i don't blame her, thats the way to do it. Do it properly! I know she will have lots of success, because heritage burlesque is just now catching on in Europe and she's perfected it, so i know they will appreciate her more on the continent.
The Hammer show at the el rey was really bubbly and bright. Begining with the ballet histrionics of Mina La Fiama, and continuing with juicy Jewel of DeNial, maji Trixie Von Halse, the crack whip antics of Lipstick & Lashes featuring Brian Chic and the Princess of Hollywood Miss Pleasant Gehman, who just gets younger and younger. I really enjoyed the host and MC who was telling some stinging fag jokes, and Jason El Norte playing a Lurch like cut-up of a butler really was a nice touch. The modern day vaudevillians like Rasputin and his Wayland Flowerlike puppeting, The Fabulous Kawalski Trio, 10 West featuring a tall hunky manchild, Katia the trapeze artist for Circa Soleil and Rubber Boy who demonstrated that he could not only eat out his own bunghole, but also suck his big pinga at the same time. I adore contortionists, especially if they are boyish and dreamy, and i'd do anything to be able to service Rubber Boys every sexual need. Starting by licking him from head to toe. Wowzina!!!!!
Of course my daughter Michele as Valentina Violette wowed as well as my Epilady Bobby Pinz and the great Rebekah Del Rio closed the show giving everyone chills from her sensational voice. Hope i didn't leave anyone out, if i did it was because of the intense heat, that continues even as i write this in a steamy unairconditioned room.
Saturday Jason El Norte helped me move things from my Hollywood Blvd apartment. The heat caused me to sputter and i lost my keys for a minute, and i went crazy. Luckily i found them so all wasn't lost, but i was so distraught i wasn't able to make Jeffreyland Hilberts birthday soiree at La Plaza
That sizzling hairy chested, tall prince of Judea, Les Rubenstein came by and visited me. He lives on the same street as daddy Athey on San Borne. I got so distracted by the young boys beauty that i forgot i was supposed to have brunch with my god son Immanuel de la Felaise and his pretty hapa daughter. We went to lunch at Pipers on Western and Beverly and was joined by artist Mari Kono who sold her Silverlake compound and bought a house up in the mountains of Wrightwood, where she's really enjoying life to its fullest and prospering. Mari looks like she's 17, but is now 38. I have known her since she was 14 working at the store Scooter on Melrose Avenue when i worked at Retail Slut. We have had a very long friendship and i adore her.