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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Yes its true Angelina Jolie is preggers with a butt baby. My friend Edith's ex husband is working on the new movie The Good Shepherd starring Ms. Jolie, and Matt Damon and they've had to step up production. This would have never happened if only Angelina kept seeing my pal Jenny Shimizu, aka Chicken, the hot japanese dagger who became a big junkie supermodel. Angelina and Jenny made a movie together and like most girls who meet Chicken fell crazy in love with her. They still occasionally bump bush, as Ang can't get her completely out of her system. Just thought you'd all appreciate a little Hollywood gossiperia.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Meeting of the Black Girl Coalition with my sister girlfriendchild, writer Lisa Teasley for her birthday at Picholine on 1st and Virgil in V. Villa’ge. We are having a hoot of a time, and the stately owner of the Chocolatieria is highly enamored of the major Ms. Gorgeous Lisa T. Lisa is doing so well with her career. She has a literary agent and someone representing her books, being turned into films which makes a lot of sense--Lisa’s writing is very cinematic. Have to pick up a copy of the August issue of Real Simple Magazine. Lisa has a piece in it.
Speaking of le cinema, I’ve been seeing a lot of movies lately. I sometimes forget that I’m a writer and journalista, and I don’t always go to the screenings I’m invited to. Hell I even forget to write about the movies I’ve seen in the past few months, so lets do a bit of a recap shall we of the mainstream films I’ve seen:
Mr&Mrs. Smith with Bradgelinastein, and I have to admit it has its moments that are intriguing for a Hollywood vehicle. The director Doug Liman is quite adept at tone, and there is no denying the chemistry between the stars. Ms. Jolie gives Ava Gardneresque, of course she still has a long way to go before she reaches the heights of la barefoot contessa. Brad is still a handsome man, and according to Robin Givens, who use to date him, he has quite a nice peterfication on him. His pretty peni has been serviced by both women and men, during the course of his long career. Back in the late 80s I designed a t-shirt for a charity organization that Robin Givens started called Go Hard or Go Home. At that time Robin was the big star of a bad ABC TV series and El Brad was the male ingenue, who couldn’t afford to pay for his own happy meal. Like most Hollywood aspirants who are attractive, Mr. Pitt kept company with older gentlemen of means.

The Island, reminds me of Logan’s Run. I adore big peniled Ewan MgGregor, and Scarlette Johanssen is lovely and appealing. Former model Dimon Housou is one amazing jubas jubilee, I’d like to share in some brother-to-brother buck and chuck with him.

9 Songs by Michael Wintersloppybottom of the delicious 24-Hour Party People is daring and I’m happy to say it really works for me. The sex scenes have a stark quality that was quite lyrical. The dark haired English dude looks like a rougher Ben Chaplin and I can’t argue about that cruel sleek club on him or the drippy torrent of jizz he spews, and the American girlie reminds me of Amanda of the Ditty Bops. Her tomboyish body and casual flair transformed this into art where it could have easily gone down the drivel trail.

Wedding Crashers-My guiltina pleasure. Sort of fell apart in the end, but the first 45 minutes is pure and unadulturated. It would have been great if they had crashed a black wedding though. Can someone answer me why is Vince Vaughn looking so bloated? Is it water retention? Is he preggers with twin butt babies?

At UCLA Melnitz Restoration Evening I saw the silent Menschen am Sonntag-Germany, 1929 directed by Robert Siodmak and Edgar G. Ullmer, whose daughter introduced the film. Great seeing Berlin during the Weimar days. I’m glad I hardly ever use real actors in my experimental short subjects. Bruce La Bruce is correct in comparing my one reelers to Passolini’s. Also the English film Underground directed by Anthony Asquith. I couldn’t help but think about the London bombings in the tube, seeing their subway during the 1920s in this pic. Why is UCLA so tired as a campus? Walking across the grounds to the bus stop, I found it hard to believe that I use to work there as a day job for over 10 years.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The end of a Barbara Carerra, Friday Aug 5th with Bricktops, at what now can be called the Funeral Parlour. Great evening of performances starting off with Jose Promis, the latin thrombone, and heartfelt crooner, followed by the always enchanting La Poubelle Twins, handsome and patrician Kristian Hoffman with Kira Vollman and the great legend Mink Stole. Crowd pleasers Amanda Barrett of the Ditty Bops with dimunitive cutie pie Michael Lucid and their Pretty Things performance collective & filmworks kept things roused, and everyones favorite dynamic and masculine singer Brian Grillo, accompanied by his sweet former Extra Fancy bandmate had both ladies and gentlemen swooning with busty lust. Velvet Hammer's Michele Carr(the drag daughter of hostess Vaginal Davis) took purging to new heights with a striking performance that featured the shearing of her dark rapunzel like tresses----INCREDIBLE!!!! Taxi Dancing diva Mary, Mary Pagone set the tone for the entire night with her luminesce presence and glittering personality. My Barbarian's youth quakers Malik and Alex were exuberant, Mark Simon and his Boyfriends were dashing,Fishnet Floozy Anna Bells,one of burlesques most voluptuous ingenues, gave it her all, and is ready to be crowned a princess in the neo heritage movement. The buxom Penny Starr Jr. radiated warmth,a good time Sally spirit and superstar appeal. Marquis of Hobo Jazz showed why he is a major new contender on the vaudeville circuit, and sexy slinky minx, Reny Monk the grand-daughter of Thelonius Monk brought Josephine Baker back to life in such a way that mouths were left agape. There is no question about it, Reny IS Josephine Baker!
Abby Travis, complete with classic beauty and rich vocal tones really captured the essence of the jazz age with her haunting presentation. Oh and i can't forget that giant bombshell,the one and only Miss Selene Luna of the Epiladies, with her Amber alert routine-----pure genius is as pure genius does. Isn't that a quote from Gertrude Stein?
The only fitting close to the evening was David Lynch muse Rebekah del Rio singing her signature song with chilling poignancy, underscoring her recent tragedies with elegance and courage.
Special thanks to bar dom Kimberly Kim, the true heart of Bricktops and the regular bartenders Tony aka Squeeky Blonde,and George of the Island of Lesbos, and Joshua Algonquin for DJ-ing. I'm so overcome and overwhelmed, that i want to apologize to anyone I've left out, there are soooo many people responsible for the success of Bricktops. I also want to say sorry to those who weren't able to get inside for the last Bricktops at the Funeral Parlour, it was my hope that all could partake free of charge and drink for FREE all the liquor in the joint. If i owned the space that would have been the case, but alas black drag queens rarely own the clothes on their backs, let alone,their own home, a car or a pub.
I'd like to thank the Parlour owners Lenny and Sguiggy, i mean Andrew,
for allowing me the use of the space for the past three years. Now hopefully they can concentrate on spending more quality, unending time with each other, without the nuisance of a huge, smelly Negro getting in the way. All the best.