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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Had a lovely birthday breakfast with the sweet and juicy young journalist and musician with the hot band Tenderloin, Felix Knoke. Not only is Felix smart but he is deliciously witty and bright with a knowledge of a million subjects and is a lot of fun to hang out with. He works freelance with a lot of different periodical publications in Germany, but writes mainly for Der Spiegel Online and Der Stern. I’ve known Felix since 2005 and I am the better woman having made his hunky acquaintance. After catching up with Felix in the morning I spent the afternoon with Daniel Hendrickson the Jewish Muslim for Christ Jesus at his Neu Koelln compound where we helped me with some pressing issues concerning my commission pieces in the states. Whenever I have trouble deciding anything I always run it by Daniel as he is a pillar of cool calmness and reason, where I tend to be shrill and hysterical. I am always getting offended by someone or something and I tend to lash out immediately especially in written form as my pen sheds a might poisonous venom.
Later I met up with Manuel Schubert of Film Highlights Radio magazine to see the slide talk by Wieland Speck and Andreas Struck at Arsenal that is part of the month long Wieland Speck Retrospectacle. Called a Diashow the slide presentation featured images from 1968 to 1998 and was quite the historical record of Berlin before and after the wall coming down. And it was fab to see images of a young Wieland, Zazie De Paris, Mabel, Andreas Bernhardt, the members of London's Blue Lips and the USA's Hot Peaches, as well as the young handsome Rosa von Praunheim, and a ravishing teenage Marc Brandenburg. It was also lovely hearing the stories of Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus and Kiki Petersen when they were young film curators just starting out in Kreuzberg in the early 1990s. In all it was quite a remarkable intimate evening where fans of Wieland could get up close and personal with the film programming star and legendary Berlin cineaste.
The wonderful avant garde designer Rick Owens sent me a treasure trove of his new designs from Paris for me to wear at my West of Rome/Getty Pacific Standard Time performance piece. Included in the giant package that was fedexed to me was a remarkable pair of Owens wedge heals in his signature geodesic design
I am going to be one insanely stylish hiefer when I host the West of Rome Trespass Party Fundraiser on Oct 3rd at Union Station and in Jan, 2012 for my own piece that closes the Pacific Standard Time Getty event. Thank you ever so Rick Owens for hooking me up--- you are the best pal a gal ever had.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Did a magnificent interview with Dr. Gavin Butt of Goldsmith College for Performance Matters. Dr. Butt flew all the way from London to film the Vagimule Doll. We had a lovely time in the Cheese Endique Trifecta gossiping and cackling like two Sloan Ranger school girls. Later in the early evening I met Daniel Hendrickson the Jewish Muslim for Christ Jesus at the Arsenal for the Wieland Speck Spectacular. What a grand evening it turned out to be. Hanging out with us was Manuel Schubert of Filmhighlights Magazine. His interview with me and Wieland is now up and running and here is the link:
filmhighlights-Spezial - Ein Nachmittag mit Wieland Speck by filmanzeiger

The Arsenal was SRO for that beautiful man known as Wieland Speck. Wieland and sexy chanteuse Zazie De Paris along with Joel Gibb and trombone player Jan Schade sang the song West of the Wall from the Spielfilm WESTLER von Wieland Speck 1985 to get everyone in the mood. A video installation is set up in the foyer of the filmhaus as well as the Rote Foyer and Black Box. After several speeches by Rosa von Praunheim, Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus and Herr Speck himself there was a screening of some lecher short subjects by Wieland and others from the early
80s to early 90s. One of the films featured Debora Iyall of Romeo Void filmed in San Francisco in 1980 and i was shocked to see a young hunky Andreas Bernhaerdt in several of the films. Andreas was once a top make-up artist in Paris in the 1990s whose beauty was captured by Pierre & Gilles. Andreas did my make-up for CHEAP's It Happened to Me and the first CHEAP Silvester Party in 2006 with my art band Ruth Fischer. One early film that Wieland stars in by director Christoph Eichhorn is like a silent and is hilarious. My fav of the short subjects was a party film by Mr. Speck where a bunch of gnarly fags are sitting around eating, drinking and chit chatting while two twinks get down and dirty.
Also seen at the retrospectacle: Joel Gibb, Enrico Dallman, Kiki Peterson, Angela Melitoupoulous, Elsa of Portugal, Angela Anderson, DJane Olga Damnitz, Nanna Heidenreich, John Edward Heys, Johan Hick, Uli Ziemons, Wilhelm Hein, Annette Frick, Ellen von Unwerth, Todd Sekular, and Tobias Rauscher and his hot new honey.
Rosa von Praunheim was looking quite fetching in his hot pink outfit with matching pink leider hat. Rosa introduced me to two strapping young actor/producers Frank Christian Marx who is related to the famous philosopher and Udo Lutz with the company Ente Kross Films whose new production Maenner Zum Knutschen will be released early next year directed by Jurgen Hirsh. The more muscular of the two men had co-starred in the film Don II with Shah Rukh Khan who is the biggest movie star in the known and unknown world who makes little Tom Cruise look like a bit player.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The wonderful young black professor Dr. Tavia Nyong’o who teaches performance studies at NYU and has been living in Berlin on sabbatical took me to dinner at the Kreuzberg Mexican restaurant Santa Maria and interviewed me about my art work and curatorial projects. Like President Obama, Tavia has a Kenyan father and white American mother. Also like President Obama, Tavia has a calm, serene manner bordering on catatonic. He is also well hung. Not that I have seen his penis or the presidents myself, but the Vagimule doll has her Stasi spies who are everywhere feeding her gossip and important up-to-the-minute information. There are those who do not like or appreciate gossip, saying it is boring and useless. Don’t listen to these inane individuals and tepid lost souls. As my late mother would say, “Some of us aren’t able”. Gossip is a necessary part of the human experience, it informs and expands our horizons and is the one true living, thriving and endless archive.
My LA visitors Hector Martinez and his lover Ericla Pierce have continued their holiday on the continent by going to Prague. It was nice hosting them at the Cheese Endique Trifecta. Thank god both of them are only 5 foot nothings or there would be hardly any room in my tiny art studio. After Prague where I am sure Senor Martinez will delight in having an audience with as many Bel Ami models as he can muster the couple will venture to Vienna, Austria for a few days. Back in 2005 when I was invited to the Steirischer Herbst Festival in Graz, Austria I brought back to Hector and Ericla some pumpkin seed oil from Styria which they are now addicted to. I’m sure they will have a few bottles in tow upon returning to Berlin before heading back to Los Ang.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

One Flaming Day in a Rented World eventa at Arsenal was beyond fabulous starting off with a rooftop garden autograph signing and birthday celebration for superstar Mario Montez. Not even the torrential downpour could put a damper on things or dull the taste of a delish birthday cake designed by Susanne Sachsse who also styled the Warhol legend for the festive occasion. La Montez was looking quite fetching and every bit of the underground royal that she is. Seen getting autographs the love sexy Carolla Grauman of Cinematek Asta Nielsen in Frankfurt,Angela Melitopolous, Wilhelm Hein, Annette Frick,Manuel Schubert, Evie Ruesseler who has a new brilliant tome out on bbooks imprint that I can’t wait to read called The Recompensationists, Trixie Cordua, Nanna Heidenreich, Uli Ziemons, Darryl Els, Salome Gersh, Elsa Aleluia, John Edward Heys, Zazie de Paris, Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus,Daniel Hendrickson, the Jewish Muslim for Christ Jesus, Piero Bellomo, Michaela Wunsch of bbooks kollective whose son is now 3 years old, Nazli Kilerci and The Greek, neophyte curator Todd Sekular who some think is a dimunitive doppelganger for Marc Siegel, but now that I have had a good look at him he doesn’t resemble Mr. Siegel at all, and model/musician Charlotte Kemp Muhl and her date Sean Lennon who was taking a signed autograph of Senorita Montez to his mother Yoko Ono for her birthday.
Later the festivities continued with a screening of I Shot Jack Two by Uzi Parnes and Ela Troyana that wowed the crowd and an interview and film clip session with Marc Siegel and Mario Montez that featured a screening of Ron Rice’s avant garde classic Chumlum (1964) Taking in this juicy spectacle: NYU Professor Tavia Nyongo, with young students Sebastian Luhmeier, Brandon Jacob-Jenkins and Australian scholar Damon Young, art shtar Ming Wong.
Scott the personable blondine husband of Uzi Parnes told me he would like to move to Berlin. Mario Montez and his longtime companion Dave will be in Berlin for a month. Mario and film historian Mark Siegel are also working on a book together. Dave told me that his 30 year old son use to be a regular at my 1920s performance art club Bricktops at the Parlour Club in Hollywood. Djane and all around girl who can do anything and everything Olga Damnitz was at the wine reception at the CHEAP Gossip Studio circular bar along with those Turin Film Festival queens,plus Tobias Rauscher of Sissy Magazine, French fashion designer Julien Fournie’, filmmaker Kiki Petersen,with Judy LaBruce producer Jurgen Bruning& Klaus from Wurst Films, filmmaker Matthias Mueller, Senol Senturk my co-director with the X-Schulen piece Tony Montana Riding the Valkyries, Frau Cheetum and writer Manfred Hermes, whose new Fassbinder book just received a glowing review in the German periodical Taz by the great teutonic journalista and scholar Dedrich Dedrichson.
On a sad note just got word that Milly the last remaining member of the musical group The Del Rubio Triplets died. I will never forget when she, and her siblings performed at the Afro Sisters Too Much Make-up Party at the home of Fertile La Toyah Jackson photographer Beulah Love back in the 1980s. That party was a hot sensation that featured stars like Jayne County, Glen Meadmore, Italian designer Marina Spadafora and her then husband Sean Ferrer who is the son of Audrey Hepburn, Interview Magazine photographer Albert Sanchez, Abel Villareal, Ghislain de la Felaise, model Tony Ward,TV commercial stylist Michi,Wanda the Man, Salvador, Juan Fernandez, movie makeup artist Michele Buhler, Jeff Judd, Iris Parker & Valerie of Madame X, actress Amy Wright with dinge queen actor Michael Anthony Hall who was macking on Iris' cute mulatto boyfriend, members of the Ska bands Section Eight and a newly formed No Doubt with a young Gwen Stefani before she and that group made the cross over to the big time, and a social climbing Lypsinka aka: John Epperson who left early because there was no one she thought was famous enough at the party.
FLASH REPORT: Curator and Film Historian Marc Siegel sent me this note with some more names of people that were at One Rented Day at Arsenal Saturday. Enjoyeta!

Thanks for your mail and for your great support during the rented day! I'm happy it went so well. I just talked to daniela and realized in that there were lots of people there I didn't even recognize. So who was there: Filmmaker/artist Matthias Müller, fresh faced from Bielefeld just to get a Mario Montez autograph. Young cute Jewish curator Todd Sekuler, Karola Gramann, in from Frankfurt to lure mario there for a Jack Smith event in 2012. Film festival curators from many diff euro countries, like a lady from the netherlands, a young adorable dyke from the paris lg fest, the italian fags from the turin fest. Swarthy greek filmmaker panna yorgos (or something) who's eager to do a docu on Mario. Kiki, claus and jürgen of wurstfilm fame. Dandy writer manfred hermes beaming with satisfaction about the great reviews his intriguing fassbinder berlin alexanderplatz book has received, Chatty good time sally gesine danckwart in smart new high heels and star brit artist angela bulloch at round bar afterwards Actress and singer supreme Zazie de paris Filmmaker and ny downtown legend and old theater buddy of mario montez, john heys Ballerina trixie Nanna, uli Salome Piero Tavia Queer film curator and filmmaker karin michalski of clip club fame with sweet swiss curator andrea thal Adorable polish activist and newfound MM and jacka smitha fan, asia kubiakowska (fresh from the smith retro in poland) Uzi, ela, scott Nazli, jorgos Great mario supporter and freddy herko researcher, gerard forde Greek filmmaker theorist angela melitopolous Israeli documentarist-humorist avi mograbi I think that's all I can think of for now, my dear... I need to get to bed as I'm beat and we leave in the morn for New York. Hope you enjoy the last days with hector and eric. I really enjoyed meeting and talking to them also. And enjoy the rest of the month. And let's have a lady lunch in sept! I miss you and sept seems so far away but what can you do... Love marcu