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Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Was taken out for a lovely bruncheon to Papaya Thai Restaurant by one of my dear art shtar children Wu Tsang and his hot girlfriend the sizzling performer Tosh aka: Boychild. Wu is in Berlin to mount a big show at the famed Berlin galerie Isabella Bortolozzi. Had a wonderful time catching up with Wu who is just sweetness warmth and light personified. Wu collaborated with me on my 2011 MoCa performance DEJECTA cooking a fab minimalist dinner that was part of this spectacular piece where I worked with a galaxy of guest stars like Glen Meadmore, Jean Spinosa, Jean Kim, Marc Simon & The Boyfriend, a bevy of luscious art school kids from several Southern California Universities & Colleges and my incredible production whiz Jonathan Berger.  Wu’s exhibition opening for A Day in the Life of Bliss is May 2nd from 6-9pm with a performance at 8pm by Wu and Boychild. Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi is located at Schoeneberg Ufer 61 near Potsdamer Platz.
For those of you in New York the lovesexy artist and Art Forum writer Alex Jovanovich will be presenting something special at the Whitney Biennial so check it out below:

Dear Friends:

I am thrilled to announce that I will be showing four of my slideshow works at the Whitney Biennial this year, from May 7 - May 11, on the second floor of the museum in the Kaufman Astoria Studios Film and Video Gallery (

Should you have the time or desire, please come!


Over the centuries It has been a pleasure to be invited to teach workshops and block seminars in England and my students in the UK are always so ultra nate'. Here is a little note from one of them and a list of very interesting performances that take place in Berlin and Merry Ole England:

Passionate Friends, Radicals, Phantoms and Losers,

Make an arrangement and stick to it. With moonshine, star gazes, a kept hearth and the heavy hand of justice, Only ever

Sara Zaltash


We’re going to Berlin to run this auction of live art with Performer Stammtisch on 5th May. I am also performing this for 14 days, and specifically inside an 8ft white cube in Mariannenplatz 1st May and 8th May. It is totally self explanatory. Except of course, you don't know that Sebastian and I agreed in December to find each other in Berlin in May. And I have spoken to him since. And I made an arrangement so I'm sticking to it. Other great things will happen.

Because it’s MPA-B. Expect my soul to shift. SEX – SEX – SEX Friday 16th May 2014 Vogue Fabrics Stoke Newington LONDON.

Sara Zaltash, GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN, Alex Swift, DP, Needless Alley, Jonathan Kemp and the returning FoxyandHusk! All with BRAND NEW work. And TWO other surprise acts showing up on the night. F***. YES.

Doors at 8pm. Performances 9-11. Disco 11-til the end of the road.


Remember when I swam to Bestival while singing a 100-verse ballad in two languages about the impossibility of changing fate? YEAH, ME TOO. Thanks to the inimitable Nick Kilby, I am presenting a paper about Sink or Sing at this academic conference at De Montfort University in Leicester. I’m weary of love, delusional and leaving the country.

See you different.

xxxps: I have a tumblr and sometimes I fill it up with a million things in a matter of seconds and other times I barely even know who we are.

Sara Zaltash is a member of Residence. She is a founder of AUCTION ACHTUNG! She thinks artists should be paid. #illshowyoumine
One of my most talented Bricktops at the Parlourclub kids sent me this little missive that you should also check out:

Hi All,

I hope this message finds you well and happy. As spring warms up my animation studio, I am getting back to work on Seed in the Sand. Please check out my new Zazzle Store at! You are sure to find something you'll love.

Also, you might enjoy this recent clip from Seed in the Sand on Vimeo,

Best Wishes,