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Saturday, September 28, 2013


Camel took me to a goodbye Bristol digestive feast at a cute Latin fusion joint called Las Iguanas on my favourite street White Ladies Road. We were surrounded by lots of booty pies and the restaurants hostess was a young tunte with an enormous Dickensian Fagin chin that would do Witchy poo from HR Puff’n Stuff proud. The food was delicious in a Sid &Marty Kroft anime like fashion. Early in the afternoon we had coffee and cake at the Boston Tea Party and counted ginger haired male beauties that passed our little viewing perch near the window. In the morning we ate at the tiny Havana Café which is ruled by a Jurgen Bruning doppleganger tante who was very inquisitive about both the Camel and I asking us a million questions. Too bad the students eating at the Havana were doughy and ungainly, but we did get to see some juicemongers passing our seats near the picture window. Watched the Australian coming of age drama Puberty Blues at Kino Love Camel before calling it a nite taking a bath in Camel's large Edwardian tub. We were going to go to a gay bar, but when we walked by one there was some binge drinker challenging everyone to fight him and some pepperpot Polish man took him up on his offer and they started to slug it out in the middle of the street Fight Club freestyle. Ta Bristol. I hardly got a chance to know ya!

Friday, September 27, 2013


Last night attended the book launch at the Arnofini Museum of Ron Athey’s artist book launch Pleading in the Blood a detailing of the father figures art and performances.  Very intimate group came to see Ron and special guest star Judy Chelsea Manning LaBruce.  Ron is such a love god and one of the smartest, well-read artists on the international scene who has gone through so much in bringing the world his intense and genius vision.  Ron grew up as a child Pentacostal minister in a dust bowl white family living in an inner city LA neighbourhood. Ron’s family were too poor for white flight to the posh suburbs.  My favourite story of Ron’s childhood was that he use to force his older big dicked retarded brother to fuck him.  People who are developmentally disabled sometimes have humongous penises that they don’t know how to properly use.  Ron’s poor brother didn’t want to have incestual relations with Ron, but Ron being such a brat and a horndoggy tween  didn’t take no for an answer and smacked his older brother into complacency and told him to, “shut up and fuck me.”  Ron’s mother Joyce who is schitzophrenic and has been institutionalized for decades is also quite a hornpig, as the caretakers of her mental asylum are always catching her in compromising positions with young Latino gangbangers.  Joyce is in her 70s and still quite hot-to-trot.  So in the Athey household the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree.  As part of his presentation Ron showed one of his films he collaborated on with Cyril Kuhn that was filmed in my old streamline modern Korea town flat from the early 1920s.  I miss that old apartment.  My scenes in LaBruce’s Hustler White was also filmed in that incredible building.  The celebutants at Ron’s event last night:  Love Camel Andrea Novarin, Mad Alan the lovesexxxy celebrated illustrated man with tattoed eyeballs who is also a Druid high priest who took Ron and Bruce La Bruce to Stonehenge on the Equinox  for a ceremony he presided over, UK treasure Lois Keidan of the Live Art Development Agency, acclaimed scholar Dr. Jennifer Doyle who will be working and writing in London for the remainder of the year on an academic fellowship, Nikolas Kasinos the beautiful Greek performance artist, and Ron’s major Ms. Gorgeous lover Sage Charles who is the sweetest and personable young man I’ve ever had the divine pleasure to meet and is the perfect companion for my Papa Athey who its easy to see is ravenously in love.  Walking back home from the Athey spectacle I was all aglow as Camel and I strolled down this funny street called WhiteLadies Road.  I feel lucky that I have been staying at Camels cozy and comfy flat with so many hunky young college boys running around.  Camel and I had breakfast back at Café Lido and saw the stunning waiter this time with his clothes on, then we went to Castle Park to cruise and oogle juicy male co-eds, stopped by The Reminder Bookstore and i picked up a paperback copy of the Jon Ginoli book DeFlowered-My Life in Pansy Division which was on sale for the New York bargain price of 40p, Bad Reputation, The Unauthorized Biography of Joan Jett and Gavin Lambert’s On Cukor.  We had some cake and coffee at this little café called The Bird Cage, did more eye candy hairy augenballing and treated ourselves to the most delicious milkshakes and malteds at the Gourmet Bourg House on Queen’s Road-how appropriate.  Correction:  Love Camel’s personal film archive is over 5000 film titles not 2000.  The Camel showed me this great film from 1968 called Girl on a Motorcycle starring Marianne Faithful and Alain Delon and a documentary where Marianne Faithful goes in search of the truth about her Austrian mother and Jewish grandmother during the World War II years.  Also saw this twisted flicker starring a long on the tooth Lana Turner and queeny George Chakiris from 1969 called The Big Cube.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


I am in awe of the enormous amount of young beautiful boys in Bristol. I have been doing quite a bit of lighthousing with the Love Camel as we walk the city streets together soaking up the male atmosphere. In the late afternoon we had café und kuchen at this cute little bistro called Lido that is directly across the street from the Camel’s lovely flat. Lido use to be a public bathhouse and has a giant heated outdoor pool that we sat next to gorging on the feast of a humpy young man with one of the most scintillating bodies I have seen in quite some time. He was tall, with dark hair, broad shoulders with muscles on top of muscles and a nice peaches and cream complexion. The man was a KO in no uncertain terms. My John Wayne Gacy glare couldn’t be contained. Watching this hungthrob swim laps was sheer joy. The man was creeped out by us I think because after about an hour he left the pool to get dressed and we discover he is a waiter at the Lido taking a swim before he started his work shift. Camel and I then went to the art house cinema near the university green to see a strange little film called Kelly & Victor set in Liverpool where I will be in November for the Homotopia Festival. The dialect spoken in this film was very hard for an American to understand. The lead actress Antonia-Campbell-Hughes was quite good. She reminded me of the actress who played Salome in the Ken Russell version of Salome’s Last Dance from the late 1980s. I didn’t really like this film as I wasn’t in the mood for something so bleak. Camel and I had dinner at this Asian fusion place called Wagamama that was tasty, then we went back to the flat to peruse Camel’s collection of over 2000 films. We settled on having a mini marathon that included the film Pandora and the Flying Dutchman starring a ravishing Ava Gardner and a young James Mason, followed by Godard’s Breathless and the oddest film I have ever seen in my life called An American Hippie in Israel produced by the former vaudeville star Georgy Jessel from 1972 which the Camel proclaimed as a version of Lord of the Flies as re-imagined by a director possessed by the demon spirit of Ed Wood Jr.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I forgot to mention that Ken Norton the Heavyweight Boxing Champion died recently age 70. I will always remember Mr. Norton as the star of the sexploitation film Mandingo playing the hot sexy lead jubas jubilee who white matinee idol Perry King falls madly in love with and wants to chug-a-lug from his treetrunk penilesaurus.
Just got this emug from sexy American Latino shtar Gio Black Peter:ello friends - I hope you are having a wonderful summer. 
I am currently in Europe performing and exhibiting new artwork and would like to invite you and your friends to come. Below are my tour dates- I hope to see you there :)-also excited to announce that the music video "BOX" directed by yours truly has been accepted into the Pink Screen Film Festival in Brussels (November 2013). The video is a new song which I collaborated on with "Nursing Home" frontman Justin Symbol. You can find it here
Sending you some love x gbp
Sept 22 Belgica Bar DJ SET
Sept 24 New drawings exhibition @ Darakan Bookstore
Sept 28 Jerk Offestival et COCKORICO you can pre order tickets
Oct 2 Chantals House Of Shame
Oct 3 Live @ The BOX
BRUSSELS Pink Screens Film Festival November 7th -16th, at Nova Cinema
Love Camel took me for a mega tasty capaccino at this cutesy lil place in Clifton Village called 194 Fahrenheit and then we had a womanly breakfast at the Boston Tea Shop and then we went to a tiny bookshop and i bought a copy of Ava Gardner’s autobiography Ava-My Story, Ivor Novello-Portrait of a Star by Paul Webb and Chaplin’s Girl-The Life and Loves of Virginia Cherrill by Miranda Seymour. I will have a lot of books to take home as Camel has given me these tomes: Sex Lives of the Hollywood Idols by Nigel Cawthorne, Marlene Dietrich by her daughter Maria Riva and Art Deco Fashions-French Designers 1908-1925.

Walking around Love Camel’s neighbourhood we passed through Princess Victoria Street and a stately long block of row houses that outdid Downey Street, and a few steps up a hill and a park was this beautiful suspension bridge that overlooked the picturesque River Devon. I forgot to tell you that Bristol is also the home of Princess Caraboo the fake East Indies Princess from Coventry England times. Phoebe Cates starred in the wonderful film version of this historic story.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


In Bristol with the famous Love Camel aka: Andrea Novarin. Camel has been living in Bristol for six months working for the Internet Movie Data Base. His flat is gorgeous with fancifull views in the Clifton neighbourhood near the University of Bristol and believe you me everywhere you look there are hot humpy fit young college boys in various stages of undress. Yummy. Its so sweet of the Camel to fly his Vagimule doll here and treat me to a special holiday. My last vacation was in 2010 when Love Camel invited me as his guest for a week-end get-away to Paris. Its so bizarre for me being in a city and not having to be on or perform. I am not use to just relaxing and doing absolutely nothing. The weather is fab, warm with clear skies. Ron Athey will also be in Bristol to do a book presentation at the Arnolfini Gallery Thursday with a special appearance by Judy Chelsea Manning LaBruce and possibly also Dr. Jennifer Doyle so looking forward to that reunion with all my sweet daddy girls.

Upon arriving in Bristol Camel whisked me off to their one Mexican restaurant called Casa Mexicana in the Redland District. The food was de-lovely and de-lish! Walking back to the Camel’s flat he took me past Bristol’s Melrose Place which was a hoot. Camel also gave me a book called The Naked Guide to Bristol which has a chapter on all the Bristol celebutants that include Cary Grant, journalista Julie Burchill, the girl band Bananarama, the graffiti artist Banksy, John Cleese of Monty Python fame, David Prowse of Star Wars, art shtar Damien Hirst, comedy legend Bob Hope, Sir Michael Redgrave father of Vanessa Redgrave, JK Rowling writer of the Harry Potter series, and Hugo Weaving of Priscilla Queen of the Desert and Matrix franchise. This is my first time in Bristol. Was told that it was like the San Francisco of the UK, but I find it more like Vancouver, Canada with its hilly crests and crevices and pretty landscaping. The first time I was aware of the city of Bristol was from the 1972 film A Day in the Death of Joe Egg directed by Peter Medak(The Ruling Class, The Krays) and starring Alan Bates and Janet Suzman.

Had laundry party with Manuel Schubert to wash clothes before running off to Bristol, England. Don’t want to go on vacation wearing smelly chonies. Manuel was giving me his reflections about the recent elections here in Berlin where Mrs. Angela Merkel has won another term as Chancellor of all Germania. Now its official: Germany has officially turned into a completely conservative country. I predict that before the end of this school year Mrs. Merkel will be involved in a scandal concerning her unorthodox private sexual proclivities and it will be revealed that her Phd In Physics was bought through the internet. Mark my words. Friday I had a belated birthday breakfast with one of my fav Berlin ladies Ms. Nanna Heidenreich who is an utter delight. Nanna is not only one of the senior curators with Forum Expanded section of the Berlinale but she is also an in demand theorist and scholar.

Rising Stars, Falling Stars-We Must Have Music was dynamic Sunday evening at Arsenal Institut fur film und Video Kunst with a screening of the most unusual Indian Tamil language avant garde film Donkey in a Brahmin Village by John Abraham from 1978. The movie had everyone shaking their head and talking including Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus who will soon be going into hyperdrive with Forum Expanded for this year’s Berlinale with her hot team of award winning curators, also seen and heard: film historian Marc Siegel with the divine actress Susanne Sachsse, Markus Ruff of Living Archive, Jewish Muslim Daniel Hendrickson, artist Simone Schardt, that dancing duo of Trixie Schonherr aka Beatrice Cordua and Dr. Tanja, the brilliant and charming specialist in Russian/Soviet film Barbara Wurm with a muscular young hungthrob, Sebastian Silva the Chilean born director who lives in New York and Argentine lovesexxy filmmaker Matias Pinero.

Earlier Sunday I had breakfast with handsome Landgraf Jan Klesse of Tenderloin who now lives in Leipzig. I adore Jan who filled me in on gossip about Los Angeles where he was in January visiting his beautiful and talented wife Ms. Glen Meadmore. Jan told me some LA gossip but its too explosive to repeat so i have had to censor it.  Sorry.  Its amazing I was able to introduce a film Sunday nite as Saturday evening I was DJane-ing till 5am the closing night party for the Listen Up-Feminist Music Festival at Sud Block. I had a great time at Listen Up! chanting the mantra of Change the Rules. As we all know the Berlin music scene is very male dominated so having an alternative to that is very much needed. The Listen Up Team consisted of sultry Brooklyn musical transplant Miss Leah King, the girls of Ruby Tuesday, Berlin’s Lady Fest, La Moustache and Jenny Cyber Cashy one of my ueber talented former students from when I taught at Weissensee Art Academy. Friday was a concert at Gretchen that featured Noblesse Oblige, Raeuberhoehle, Turkish/Deutsch rapperin Ebow, DJane Bearcat and Hanin Elias the Syrien co-founder of Atari Teenage Riot. The night I DJaned I saw nuanced performances by Mary und Mandy who are two sweet handicapped musicians who reminded me of a German version of the Roaches, a young girl punk band called The Levitations who really rocked out with their double barrelled cocks out, A Thousand Yellow Daisies featuring the Maria Muldair sounding Annemieke on guitar, and Katja von Helldorft/ Cristian Forte of tango band LeiseyLento. The staff of Sud Block really treated me wonderfully including the super friendly bar manager, hot muscle butch sound lady and juicy lighting designer. Ran into Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras with Felix Knoke and Landgraf Jan Klesse of Tenderloin, filmmakers Benh Zeitlin and Na Wong-Jin of South Korea and Laura Poitras.