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Saturday, August 11, 2012

I am exhausted from the Lou Reed/Voluptuous Horror/Tenderloin after party that was at the Function Room of the Royal Festival Hall.  Everyone was in joyous spirits not just last night but for the entire run of the festival, something that Ron Athey who has gone to all the events has duly noted.  The Vagimule was holding court as usual, sweating up a storm from the heat and humidity.  My make-up artist the gorgeous Miss Lydia from MAC Cosmetics beat me such a wonderful face, I looked like Monica Belluci.  Lydia  and her cute assistant Miss Nikki were also doing the Girls of The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black.  The Divine goddess Lady Kembra and her band were in fine high art form.  Kembra was sprouting Finian Wakeism on stage that had the audience in stitches and her performance was utter genius.  The music and visuals dazzled the Londoners, and it seemed surreal that this was the first time that England was experiencing this kind of alchemy.  Everything that Kembra does is juicy and profound.  It is no wonder she is a religious leader, Cosmotantra, and philosopher Kingdom all to herself.  Special thanks to the brilliance that is Antony Hegerty as curator suprema.  During the photo sessions conducted by the Guardian photographer I loved how Antony art directed everything and of course his choices were spot on.  So wonderful seeing Lilly of the Valley who performs tonight with Kembra in a special event called Kembra Pfahler:  Availabism and Anti-Naturalism + a Conversation with Claywoman at 7pm at the Purcell room at the Queen Elizabeth Hall.
My performance with Tenderloin went really well though i lost my energy half way through the set because of the humidity in the building and the fact that i havent been able to get a good night sleep for the last few days because of nerves.  The Baby Diaper Joel Gibb was really in his element playing not only drums, but guitar, keyboard, singing and masturbating all at the same time.  The fag element in the crowd also loved that Joel went commando on stage letting his giant Canuckian genitals flop in the wind.  Its also so much fun playing with Jan and Felix Knoke. Jan's girlfriend Marie and her young mom also came to the show and were having a lot of fun. Marie's father is a sports journalist so he was in London with his family covering the Olmpics.  Special kudos to Love Camel aka: Andrea Novarin who did a kickass job with the video projections during the Tenderloin set.  I also want to give shout out to the South Banky staff including their fearless leader Jane Beese and Ms. Lori E. Seid, the tech director, who also introduced us on stage, event managers: Jude Bowdler aka:  Jude the Obscure,

Thursday, August 09, 2012


Its so warm in London.  I am sweating like a Mongeary piglet.  Taken to a nice luncheon with Love Camel who made me a t-shirt of the phrase "four drops from the cashew".  The Baby Diaper Joel Gibb has been busy running around town meeting big peniled men and tight tusche twinks but also conducting Hidden Cameras business as well. 
Dinner at the Royal Festival Hall Function Room was a delight.  Had a lot of fun with Meltdown curator extroidinaire Miss Antony, Samoa, Gida Gash, Miss Alice and the entire VHofKB gang, plus Lady Jane, Jude the Obscure, Lori E. Seid, Miss Mel and the SouthBanky's.
Got to see Marc Almond of Soft Cell fame perform Marc & the Mambas' Torment and Toreros.  Very exciting as the last time I saw Mr. Almond live was in LA in 1982 at the Hollywood Palace. At that time one of my galpals Alicia Plaeke jumped on stage and stole a piece of his jewelry that fell off and he yelled at her saying,  "Give me back my bracelet, its the only thing of value i have left!"  Thrilling evening of music and high drama.  Miss Antony even joined Ms. Amond on stage to joyous affect.  Seen in the audience:  Johanna Constantine, Ernesto Tomasina, Orthon and posse.  Went to the after party for one drink and met Lady Jane Beese's handsome hubby.  Together they make a dynamic British power couple.  Left early as I am exhausted from not having slept very well the night before because of nerves and feeling a bit flu-ish.  Too bad i missed CoCoRosie, Planningtorock, Elizabeth Frasier of Cocteau Twins and Joey Arias who i heard was performing fellatio on a man right in front of the entrance of the Citizen M Hotel.  You get your girlish gnut Miss Joey!

I forgot to let you know that British Airways flight to London was almost empty.  Couldn't believe it.  That never happens anymore, so the ride to Meltdown was very comfy for me and Felix Knoke.  Also going through customs was a breeze, and the limo that picked us up at the airport was quick and high falutin.  Our boutique hotel The Citizen M. is brand new and very close to the venue of the Royal Festival Hall.  The pretty front desk girl Ruth was ever so charming in accomodating us and the fabulous Ms. Mel Green of Southbank and New York's downtown lady of  lovesexxxy juicyness Ms. Lori E. Seid were  on hand to make sure everything was going smoothly.  I feel so taken care of, and running into Ms. Kembra of the Divine, Samoa and Miss Alice, the veterana of VHoKB was perfect daytime glamour for an old tranny like myselfsis. 

Wednesday, August 08, 2012


Just two more day before  Tenderloin takes the stage at Antony´s Meltdown Festival, with goddess Kembra Pfahler and the Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black and Future Feminism in London, UK.  Joel Gibb the baby diaper of the Hidden Cameras is already painting the town several shades of heliotrope with Stuart Comer of the Tate Modern and hanging out with legend Buffy Saint Marie as well as recording with the Pet Shop Boys.  Tenderloin is staying at a cute boutique hotel and will be trying their best to keep Dagmar Hofpfisterei from OD-ing before the performance or getting into a cat fight with Tiffany Middlesex.

Very sad that Gore Vidal died.  I met him in the late 90s in Italy with writer David Leavitt and believe you me he was a trip.  He could drink enough liquor to float Fire Island, and had a beautiful young boy adornment who said nothing the entire time i was in his presence.  The kids main purpose was as eye candy and he did his job brilliantly!  Also composer Marvin Hamlische died age 68.  He adapted the music of Scott Joplin for the 1973 film The Sting starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford and won his first of three Oscars that year, and he wasn´t even 30 years old.  Also the film critic Judith Christ died, age 90. I can remember reading her reviews in TV Guide Magazine in the 1970s.